Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 271

Chapter 271 Big Brother Ye Yuan

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“These two people have already been standing on the platform for over two hours. Just who has the advantage right now?”

“I can’t figure it out! Ye Yuan had that lifeless expression from the start and seems to be controlled by Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er. But the victor hasn’t been decided until now. The expression on Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er’s face is very rich and looks like she is expending a great deal of effort. I just can’t figure out what the hell is going on.”

“A match like this is so boring. We can’t even see how they fight. The two of them are just staring at each other, staring for over two hours already.”

“A duel with illusions is sometimes even more perilous than a fight between martial artists! With your paltry strength, once you fall under Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er’s illusion, she can turn you into an idiot with a snap!”

Speaking of which, the highly anticipated battle that everyone was originally looking forward to became utterly boring right now.

The two people only made one move from the start till now, then fell into a situation where they just stared at each other.

It was fine if they just stared at each other. If Ye Yuan was taken down by Tang Yu-er, he should show all sorts of ugly behaviors.

Or if Tang Yu-er’s illusion could not do anything to Ye Yuan and he achieved victory instead. Everyone could accept these two kinds of result.

But the pair just had to be in a stalemate the entire time. Furthermore, the two people’s conditions were very odd, leaving everyone unaware just who held the advantage until now.

Suddenly, Tang Yu-er gave a muffled groan on the platform and flopped weakly onto the ground.

Ye Yuan’s eyes also regained clarity at this time. He clasped his hands at Tang Yu-er and said with a smile, “Yu-er . . . Senior, thank you.”

Ye Yuan deliberately dragged out the intonation in saying Yu-er, making it sound weird when one heard it.

Tang Yu-er’s soul force was overly exhausted currently and no longer had the strength to battle again.

She lifted her head and looked at the grinning Ye Yuan with shame and rage filling her heart. Just now, inside the illusion world, she actually spent a lifetime with Ye Yuan and even helped to propagate his bloodline!

This was simply unprecedented shame and humiliation!

After the shame and anger, the hatred in Tang Yu-er’s heart grew massively, her gaze when looking at Ye Yuan became filled with killing intent!

Even though it was only inside the illusion world, that sort of feeling of her purity being sullied still trailed closely behind like a shadow!

Tang Yu-er never imagined that this lecher also had such high attainments in terms of illusionary arts.

She still could not figure out until now how both parties quietly swapped roles and also how Ye Yuan dragged her inside the board. This kind of method was simply unimaginable!

One had to know that this illusion world was set up by Tang Yu-er! Ye Yuan actually took over the illusionary realm that she set unknowingly and even brought her inside, making her a target that the other party could freely manipulate as he liked!

Tang Yu-er gritted her teeth in hatred and wished that she could grind Ye Yuan’s bones to dust and scatter them to the wind!

“Ye Yuan, I’m warning you! If you dare to speak about the matters inside the illusion world, I’ll make you wish that you were dead!Tang Yu-er transmitted her voice to warn.

Ye Yuan replied,“Haha,I have an illness, which is that I can’t endure being frightened. Once you frighten me, my mouth will start to run and tell the outside world about anything. Yu-er . . . Senior . . . you see . . .”

Tang Yu-er’s face changed. “You dare threaten me?”

“How would I dare to threaten Yu-er . . . Senior, earlier, it was clearly Yu-er . . . Senior who was threatening me.” Ye Yuan deliberately dragged out the intonation of the word Yu-er again.

Tang Yu-er was on the verge of collapse. She said frostily, “Speak! What terms do you want?! I’m warning you, don’t go too overboard! Something like a toad wishing to eat swan meat, don’t even think about it!”

Ye Yuan beamed and said,“Hur hur,I’m not a toad, and you’re also not a swan. However . . . my ears are very soft, why not you call me Big Brother Ye Yuan once and I’ll erase this segment of memories. What do you think?”

Big Brother Ye Yuan was precisely the term that Tang Yu-er used to address Ye Yuan inside the illusion world. At that time, the pair were as inseparable as glue and lacquer, closely attached to each other, and were extremely sticky together.

But asking Tang Yu-er to say it out, in reality, was even worse than killing her.

The first impression that Ye Yuan gave her was a lecher. Now that he also did such obscene things inside the illusion world, Tang Yu-er wished that she could kill him. How could she possibly call out such a mushy form of address?

“You . . . Dream on!”

“Oh,not calling? Then forget it, I couldn’t care less either. Later, I’ll find a few companions to have a conversation with. I believe that many people are dying to know just what happened on the stage today.”

“You! Fine, I . . . I’ll call!”

“En,I’m listening.”

“B-Big . . . b-brother . . . Ye Yuan!”

Although it was a voice transmission, Tang Yu-er’s voice was like a mosquito’s buzz.

“Ah? What did you say? I didn’t hear it!”

Tang Yu-er was so furious that her lovely body started to tremble, but she had no choice but to call out, “Big Brother Ye Yuan!”

The voice this time was loud. Except, it completely did not sound like it.

Ye Yuan grinned and said,“Sigh. . . Completely lacking that sort of feeling already. Listening to it doesn’t give any flavor at all. Consider you pass then. I’ll keep my mouth shut.”

Ye Yuan just had a moment of mischievousness and played a prank on Tang Yu-er. They were in the same sect after all; Ye Yuan could not very well go too far, and so to just let it be at that.

Ye Yuan obviously knew that Tang Yu-er would hate him ever since, but he did not really mind.

To others, Tang Yu-er’s illusions were very powerful. But to Ye Yuan, her illusions did not have any threat at all.

Tang Yu-er struggled to get up but still felt a little weak in her knees.

However, she remained standing there stubbornly and stared at Ye Yuan coldly as she said, “A loss means a loss. What’s there to thank?”

Finishing, Tang Yu-er walked down the platform with some difficulty.

The audience looked at the obstinate Tang Yu-er and looked at Ye Yuan on the platform again. They gaped at each other speechlessly.

Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er who was ever triumphant by relying on illusionary arts actually lost just like this?

It seemed like . . . Ye Yuan was completely fine.

“Hey, Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er’s soul force exhaustion is so great. Why does Ye Yuan look completely fine? Even if he won Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er, it shouldn’t be without expending even a little bit of soul force, right?”

“Yeah, I find it strange too! Ye Yuan clearly fell under the illusion. But other than his eyes becoming vacant during the middle portion, it seems like there was no difference between the start and end at all. Such a situation is seriously too peculiar.”

“Are you daft? I heard that Ye Yuan is even an alchemist! Perhaps his attainments on the divine soul are even more amazing than Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er!”

“You’re the daft one! I’m also not blind and can see the badge Ye Yuan is wearing! It’s just that his badge is only low-rank Alchemy Master. Even if he broke through to middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm, his soul force would only be middle-rank Alchemy Master. Having fought a battle with Senior Apprentice Sister Yu-er, how is it possible to not have any consumption at all?”

“This . . . This Ye Yuan is really leaking with peculiarity!”

Indeed, Ye Yuan continued the momentum of his consecutive victories and once again, caused an ‘upset’ in the status quo, defeating a top three opponent!

Tang Yu-er who had transcendent illusionary arts lost to Ye Yuan inexplicably just like that.

Nobody knew what kind of competition the pair experienced inside the illusion world. Both parties kept their mouth tightly sealed.

On the other platform, Tian Yu and Sui Liang’s match had ended long ago.

Without any surprises, Tian Yu defeated Sui Liang.

The final round: Ye Yuan versus Tian Yu!

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