Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 276

Chapter 276 Opportunity

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Ye Yuan’s current soul force could no longer be compared to the past. It could already sustain the Sword Driving Technique for some time.

It was just that the requirement the Sword Driving Technique had towards soul force was too high. He could not keep it up for too long either.

Furthermore, while the Sword Driving Technique was strong, when facing a half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert like Tian Yu, it was still unable to gain any advantages.

After over a dozen rounds, Ye Yuan withdrew his soul force and brought the Canghua Sword back.

This time, Tian Yu did not seize the opportunity to pursue. He understood that the same method was already useless towards Ye Yuan!

Tian Yu looked at Ye Yuan with eyes like burning torches, appearing very excited.

It was apparent that the battle earlier was to his heart’s content.

“Looks like you had some kind of breakthrough during the exchange just now. Otherwise, it’s impossible to escape from my attack range!” Tian Yu said.

Ye Yuan reached out to receive the Canghua Sword and nodded as he said, “Actually, I primarily cultivate a fire-attribute cultivation method. But, I keep being unable to learn the rudiments of the concept of fire. Just now, under your enormous pressure, I actually had some gains.”

Ye Yuan could not help sighing when he talked about.

In fact, compared to sword intent, Ye Yuan’s first breakthrough should be the concept of fire. After all, he basically had contact with fire the whole of his previous life and was all too familiar with it.

But the previous life’s Ji Qingyun was simply uninterested in cultivation and never comprehended the concept of fire.

In this life, he stepped onto the Nine Heavens Road by chance. Ye Yuan relied on his own perception to directly fuse together the sword intents, forming the elementary form of a supreme true intent.

During this period of time, Ye Yuan naturally placed his emphasis on comprehending sword intent and also created two extremely powerful sword moves: the Nine Swords Stance and Thousand Flowing Petals.

But he cultivated in the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art for such a long time and did not even comprehend a single type of fire attribute true intent.

One must know that the Spirit Bristle Divine King relied on this one cultivation method to comprehend several types of supreme true intent!

The might of this cultivation method was clear at a glance!

But comprehending true intent required opportunities and needed fortuitous encounters. Ye Yuan was unable to find this opportunity and lucky chance this whole time.

But today, Tian Yu used the Tier 3 fire attribute martial technique, Firecloud Finger, to push him into a desperate situation, and finally unlocked this opportunity!

In reality, the Firecloud Finger and Ye Yuan’s Essence Energy Ignition had the same profundities of achieving the same results with different means. They both augmented the power of the martial technique through igniting the essence energy within the body.

They encompassed a type of auxiliary concept of fire attribute concepts: Transmission True Intent!

This was actually a kind of very obscure concept. Exceedingly few people would go and comprehend it.

Fire had no constant form but was an existence that could transform its own energy into other forms.

Such as boiling water where fire could transfer energy into the pot and water. This was actually a kind of energy transfer to the pot and water.

In life, such examples were prevalent. The ignition of essence energy had the same principle.

However, compared to a purely auxiliary martial technique like Essence Energy Ignition, there was still an offensive concept contained within the Firecloud Finger. That was why its power was so great.

Although Tian Yu’s Firecloud Finger was not on par with the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, his comprehension of fire attribute concepts was above Ye Yuan!

From this aspect, Tian Yu’s talent was indeed startling!

And under the pressure from Tian Yu, Ye Yuan actually produced some sort of resonance with Tian Yu’s Firecloud Finger!

It was precisely this sort of resonance that let Ye Yuan’s comprehension towards transmission true intent become even deeper. Essence Energy Ignition, this auxiliary martial technique instantly broke through its bottleneck and achieved the Great Circle Realm!

When Essence Energy Ignition reached the Great Circle Rank, the essence energy that Essence Energy Ignition burned became very little, but the power increased dramatically!

This was also why it was like Ye Yuan became another person; his movement speed becoming extremely quick.

Ye Yuan had close contact with fire all his life and was extremely sensitive to fire from the start. He just lacked an opportunity.

Now that this gate opened up, Ye Yuan would become completely unstoppable!

Ye Yuan was presently also in a very excited state. Having Tian Yu who trained in fire attribute martial techniques was the most ideal opponent for Ye Yuan!

He needed Tian Yu’s help to comprehend this true intent in one stroke!

“Haha,excellent! Just now during this battle, I also had some gains and was just about to find you to test them out!” Tian Yu suddenly said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, and he was clearly surprised. He could not help asking, “Then do we continue?”

Tian Yu nodded but said, “Just a moment.”

When he finished talking, Tian Yu slowly walked towards the sword that he threw away earlier.

“En?What’s Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu doing? Why did he go over to pick up the sword?”

“He’s not planning on continuing to compete in the sword with Ye Yuan, right?”

“Are you kidding? Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu even used Luminous Moon High Above just now and it was completely useless against Ye Yuan! Isn’t competing using swords with Ye Yuan is looking for a brutal beating?”

Under everyone’s stupefied eyes, Tian Yu picked up the sword on the ground and gave a light swing. He turned to Ye Yuan and said, “Let’s continue!”

With a sword in his hands, Tian Yu’s entire aura transformed.

Ye Yuan could clearly sense that the current Tian Yu was already completely different from the Tian Yu who was wielding the sword at the very beginning!

When Tian Yu unleashed Luminous Moon High Above as his first move, he had no confidence at all back then. But now, Ye Yuan could sense Tian Yu’s powerful confidence!

Could it be . . .

The corner of Ye Yuan’s mouth curled slightly as he said with a smile, “Congratulations, Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu! You seemed to have really found your own path!”

Tian Yu was also rejoicing currently. He smiled and said, “I still have to thank Junior Apprentice Brother Ye! Without you, perhaps I may never stride out this step! In order to express my gratitude . . . I’ll personally defeat you!”

“Haha,come on!” Ye Yuan said.

Tian Yu did not use Luminous Moon High Above again. It was a plain and simple straight stab without any showy manner!

But Ye Yuan felt an extremely strong pressure coming from the front of this simple stab!

This strike, Tian Yu’s sword actually suffused with traces of red light.

When Xiao Jian saw this scene, his pupils constricted!

“Elementary form of true intent! Tian Yu, he . . . comprehended the elementary form of a true intent!”

Luo Qingfeng was also quite flustered right now. “How many years has it been?! How many years has it been since a powerhouse who possesses true intent has appeared in our Tranquil Cloud Sect?! Looks like heaven is really protecting my Tranquil Cloud Sect! First, there’s Ye Yuan. Now, there Tian Yu! There’s hope for the resurgence of my Tranquil Cloud Sect!”

They were still currently unaware that the Long Tang who entered the sect together with Ye Yuan also comprehended the elementary form of a true intent too.

Luo Qingfeng was quite unsettled currently. When he knew that Ye Yuan had grasped true intent, although he was happy, he was not as agitated as right now.

Because he knew that Ye Yuan’s monstrousness had already surpassed the boundaries of the Tranquil Cloud Sect. He definitely would not stay in the Tranquil Cloud Sect contently in the future!

There would come a day where Ye Yuan would leave the Tranquil Cloud Sect! And this day might not be too far away!

Ye Yuan’s growth was too rapid, so quick that the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect could not keep up with his footsteps!

But the significance of Tian Yu comprehending the elementary form of true intent was different!

Tian Yu was Grand Elder Skymaple’s grandson. He was born in the Tranquil Cloud Sect and grew up in the Tranquil Cloud Sect. His root lied with the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

As long as Tian Yu matures, he would absolutely lead the Tranquil Cloud Sect towards power!

Moreover, different from Ye Yuan, Tian Yu’s road to maturity was still long.

He had just comprehended the elementary form of true intent. There was still at least one to two hundred years to become a top powerhouse of the Endless World!

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