Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 277

Chapter 277 Let It Seethe

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Due to the loss of cultivation methods, Tranquil Cloud Sect members found it challenging to even break through to the Soul Sea Realm. Their situation even deteriorated these few years steadily.

If Tian Yu could rely on the true intent that he perceived himself to breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm and even higher realms, the significance would be too great to the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

Luo Qingfeng’s gaze suddenly turned towards Ye Yuan, and he said with a marveling sigh, “Xiao Jian, did you notice that ever since Ye Yuan entered the sect, there have been many changes happening silently in the sect?”

Xiao Jian was stunned and could not help recalling the incidents that happened around Ye Yuan during this period of time.

“Uh,it’s true. If Sect Master didn’t say, I wouldn’t even think of it! Martial Uncle Skymaple entering closed-seclusion, problems that troubled the various Pill Hall elders all resolved one after another, and now, Tian Yu actually comprehended the elementary form of a true intent! Thinking how it has been only slightly more than a month’s time since Ye Yuan entered the sect, so many changes actually happened in the sect!”

Xiao Jian tallied the changes that Ye Yuan brought to the sect in detail and could not help being shocked.

Luo Qingfeng nodded and said, “Someone like Ye Yuan can no longer be described with genius! He’s a person with a great destiny. The people around him can obtain enormous benefits! His master is surely an earthshaking figure who will also give off extraordinary splendor when he enters the Divine Realm in the future. And for my Tranquil Cloud Sect to be able to take in Ye Yuan is also a turning point to change the sect’s destiny! Xiao Jian, you have the greatest contributions to have brought Ye Yuan into the sect! If Ye Yuan and the Tranquil Cloud Sect fell out because of Yao Qian, it would definitely be a catastrophic disaster in the future!”

Xiao Jian was stricken with terror when he heard that!

Back then, he had no understanding of Ye Yuan at all. It was only due to Lu Yan that he garnered interest.

Even when Ye Yuan cleared the Nine Heavens Road at the Essence Qi Realm, he only felt that Ye Yuan had a lot of potentials and nothing more.

Who would have thought that Ye Yuan could actually have the power to transform the entire sect!

Thinking about it now, he felt unbelievably blessed.

. . . . . .

On the platform, facing this sword from Tian Yu, Ye Yuan did not dare to slight him. Essence Energy Ignition was released fully.

“Nine Swords Stance! Nine Swords as One!”

Nine Swords as One was Ye Yuan’s strongest attack apart from Thousand Flowing Petals. Facing this astonishing attack from Tian Yu, Ye Yuan had to give it his all!

Only to see a blinding yellow sword light and a fire-red sword light clash together!


A violent explosion sound echoed out. An extremely powerful blast spread out.

“Quickly dodge! The platform is about to give way!” someone suddenly cried out from the crowd.

Actually, other people already spread out on their own accord without needing him to call out. A large stretch of no-man’s-land appeared around the platform.

There were array formations protecting the surroundings of the platform which could defend against the full power attack of a middle-stage Crystal Formation Realm martial artist!

The strongest among the core disciples was only half-step Crystal Formation Realm. This defensive formation was already more than enough.

But these two people’s powerful attacks had already far surpassed this scope. The platform’s defensive formation was currently cracking apart inch by inch and was finally blasted open by the force!

Ye Yuan could already wound Yuan Fei when using the Nine Swords Stance at the Essence Qi Realm. Now that he was already at middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm, the power of the Nine Swords Stance increased by more than a level.

But the power of Tian Yu’s sword who had comprehended the elementary form of a true intent was not worse off. When these two attacks collided together, how could a mere middle-rank Tier 3 defensive formation defend against it?

Two silhouettes flew out backward, crashing heavily onto the ground.

But the pair crawled up at the same time. Wiping the blood traces at the corner of their lips, they spoke unanimously, “Again!”

As they said, the two people attacked each other with the same move once more without another word!

“These two people have gone mad! Quickly dodge! Move further away!”

“The defensive formation is already broken. We have to move further away to watch the battle, or else we’ll be the collateral damage!”

A commotion immediately stirred from the crowd, but Ye Yuan and Tian Yu stood there like there was nobody around.

Everyone had just evacuated a distance away when two attacks clashed together again!

The two people no longer used any flashy martial techniques right now. It was purely the competition of sword intent, the clashing of strength in a barbaric manner!

The sword intent that Tian Yu comprehended was naturally not as profound as Ye Yuan’s, but his cultivation realm was much higher than Ye Yuan’s.

Supplementing each other, the power of the two people’s sword moves were actually equally-matched!

Another rumble, a blast billowed out again!

Even when everyone had retreated far away, they also felt that formidable force gushing face-front.

The two people flew backward again and crawled up together once more.

“Hahaha!Invigorating! Again!” Tian Yu said gallantly.

“I’ll accompany to the end!”

Ye Yuan encountered a hard to come by opponent who was well-matched with him. This battle was also fought to his heart’s content.

Most importantly, Ye Yuan already pushed Essence Energy Ignition to the limits. He had a feeling that comprehending the transmission true intent was not far away anymore!

Battle was undoubtedly the best way to comprehend true intent.




Each time they clashed, the two people were blasted far apart, but they immediately crawled up stubbornly and faced-off again!

“Are these two crazy? Their tank is already exhausted, and they’re still fighting!”

“Yeah! Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu’s half-step Crystal Formation Realm strength also pretty much have very little essence energy left currently. I really don’t know Ye Yuan lasted until now!”

“What’s even more maddening is that they already fought to such an extent and their attacks are still so fierce! The blasts produced from each clash is not a bit lesser than the previous clashes. How do they do it?”

“Two demon-like existences. They seriously cannot be gauged using common sense!”

The two people’s clashes shocked everyone until they were staring with mouths agape. Such a level of major battle was seldom seen in the sect.

Even a showdown between two Crystal Formation Realm martial artists would not be so ferocious!

Tian Yu could hang on until now purely by relying on his immense essence energy.

But what Ye Yuan relied on to sustain until now was his comprehension towards true intent!

Don’t look at how his attack power virtually did not drop, his essence energy consumption became lesser and lesser.

Just a teensy bit more and he could comprehend another type of true intent!

Ye Yuan was about to lose even the strength to lift his sword currently. He looked at Tian Yu who was on the other side wearily. He was not much better off than him.

This was the last trace of essence energy in his Dantian!

Just a little bit more! A little bit! I can’t lose! I still have to charge back to the Divine Realm, how can I lose here?

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and squeezed out that last trace of essence energy.

“Essence Energy Ignition! Let it seethe!”

That final modicum of essence energy started rising like boiling water!

This time, Ye Yuan did not feel any stagnation when revolving essence energy!

That essence energy that was combusted away transformed into a waft of pure sword intent, entering the meridians from the Dantian, then from the meridians into the Canghua Sword!

This instant, Ye Yuan felt unprecedentedly powerful!

In the past, when using this Essence Energy Ignition, there would always be some diminution in essence energy which would be lost.

What Ye Yuan pursued all this while was to convert this kind of essence energy, preserving it 100%, and releasing it using the Canghua Sword!

But how could doing it 100% be easy?

Each time he clashed with Tian Yu, Ye Yuan had been fumbling over how to reduce this sort of exhaustion to the minimum!

Now, he finally did it!

“Nine Swords Stance! Go for me!”

Nine streaks of sword light combined into one. Those brilliant sword lights blinded everyone’s eyes!

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