Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 278

Chapter 278 The Rock That Fell

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When he saw this final attack from Ye Yuan, a feeling of unable to overcome with force welled up in Tian Yu’s heart!

Tian Yu planned to use the last bit of essence energy to continue to clash with Ye Yuan. But when he saw this move, he backed out right away.

He used the last scrap of essence energy to push his movement martial technique, performing a dodging action with extreme speed!


The sword light was impossibly swift. Tian Yu’s decision took only an instant.

Just as Tian Yu’s body left the original spot, the sword light grazed past his ear and left behind a lock of hair.

A second slower and this pinnacle genius who had just comprehended the elementary form of a true intent would have had his head separated from his body!

Talking about it was slow, but all of this actually happened in an instant.

In that instant earlier, everyone broke out in goosebumps and just felt a chill down their backs. Many people clenched their fists, and even their breathing became disorderly.

This sword was too powerful!

It would be certain death if forcefully receiving it head-on!

When they saw Tian Yu dodge this sword, everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

Tian Yu also breathed a sigh in relief. But when he reacted to it, he discovered that his back was already drenched.

It was fortunate that his mind was sufficiently clear earlier. If he forcefully took this blow, he would be severely injured if not dead!

But with this easing up, Tian Yu discovered that he did not even have the strength to lift his arms anymore. He plopped his bottom on the ground and panted heavily unceasingly.

“Huu. . .Huu. . . You won, Ye Yuan!” Tian Yu said wheezily.

His forehead was currently matted with sweat and his head propped on the sword hilt, simply unable to look up.

It was just that there was no response for some time after he spoke and he could not help becoming puzzled.

Straining to lift his head up, he discovered that Ye Yuan was currently sitting cross-legged. He actually entered a meditative state!

Did this fellow comprehend something else?

Ye Yuan’s condition earlier was clearly even worse than his, but he released that unfathomable sword just for this comprehension?

At this present moment, Tian Yu’s tiny bit of self-delight from comprehending the elementary form of a true intent already became non-existent.

In front of Ye Yuan’s perception, he willingly acknowledged defeat!

Just by looking at the power of that final sword and he knew that Ye Yuan comprehended something remarkable!


Right then, a huge sound came from behind Tian Yu!

Everyone turned their eyes over but were shocked until they were staring with their mouths agape.

The rocky outcrop on Victory Peak not far behind Tian Yu was incomparably tough. At present, a huge chunk of rock actually slid down slowly!



That enormous mass of rock finally detached from Victory Peak and fell into the 100 thousand foot abyss behind the peak!

After detaching, a bald patch was left on the main body. The cut was incredibly smooth.

“This . . . This was left by Ye Yuan’s sword earlier?”

“Ye Yuan’s sword just now actually sliced off this hunk of rock? That piece of rock that fell down just now was probably several thousand pounds in weight! It’s impossible, even for the average Crystal Formation Realm experts to slice it off with one swing, right?”

“I thought that the slash released by Ye Yuan earlier was swallowed up by the mountain. Who knew that it actually left behind such a divine vestige!”

The mountainous body which had a huge chunk shaved off looked especially glaring currently.

Tian Yu stared at that level cut and his scalp involuntarily tingled! If he were impetuous just now and clashed with Ye Yuan’s move, would he still be standing here well and proper right now?

Thinking up to here, Tian Yu’s cold sweat which had just stopped drenched his back once more.

Not just Tian Yu, Luo Qingfeng and Xiao Jian were also stunned speechless for a long time when they saw this scene.

When they recovered, they shuddered unceasingly after the event.

If Tian Yu did not evade that attack at the last moment just now, what would be the outcome?

Luo Qingfeng thought about it. Most likely, the best outcome was heavily injured or crippled. Furthermore, the chances of such an outcome occurring were exceedingly small.

The greatest possibility was Tian Yu dropping dead!

That way, they would really have rejoiced too soon. Furthermore, the troubles after the incident would be sufficient to give them a headache for a long time.

“Ye Yuan is going to breakthrough again!” Luo Qingfeng was the first to recover. He looked at Ye Yuan who was sitting cross-legged far away and said.

Except, he did not notice that his voice when speaking carried some trembling.

Hearing Luo Qingfeng said so, Xiao Jian finally came around. He asked puzzledly, “He just broke through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm not long ago. Is he going to break through again?”

Luo Qingfeng had a solemn face as he said, “He was already a spent force earlier, yet he released such a powerful attack. It’s evident that he comprehended something at the final juncture! Although Ye Yuan had not broken through to the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm for long, his realm is already very solid. Breaking through again is of no issue at all!”

Xiao Jian’s mouth opened, but he did not know what to say.

This Ye Yuan had truly surpassed the limits of his imaginations already.

There were a good several hundred people spectating this final match. Currently, all eyes were focused on that slightly skinny figure in the center of the ruined platform.

Indeed, before long, essence energy tempests howled on the initially calm and tranquil Victory Peak.

“Essence energy storm! Ye Yuan, he . . . broke through!”

“Turns out that breaking through realms can be so easy? I heard that when he just entered the sect, he was only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm. How long has it been only? He’s breaking through again!”

“No, wait! This essence energy tempest is becoming bigger and bigger! Looks like it’s not just breaking through to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!”

“Previously, he broke through two minor realms simultaneously, breaking through to the middle-stage Spirit Condensation Realm directly. Can he also be breaking through two realms concurrently this time?”

“Two realms? You got to be kidding! Look at this essence energy tempest! It’s even enough to break through to the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, right? What is this fellow trying to do?”

Every time he broke through, Ye Yuan’s activities were much greater compared to others. Because the essence energy required for his breakthroughs were seriously too much.

Activities that Ye Yuan felt were very normal appeared abnormally horrifying in other people’s eyes.

The essence energy storm that he gathered was plenty to stuff a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm to death several times over!

Before long, the essence energy that Ye Yuan had previously expended was already fully replenished, and he broke through smoothly to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

This to him was merely the lowest requirement. But to others, it was not the case.

“En?Broke through to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm so quickly? Why do I feel like he completely doesn’t have the feeling of breaking through a bottleneck?”

“. . . Just based on that sword earlier, breaking through to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm is just like a canal forming when water flows, right? Something like bottleneck is only used to encumber us. To geniuses like Ye Yuan, bottlenecks are simply just ornaments!”

“True! Forget about Ye Yuan, even Senior Apprentice Brother Tian Yu and the rest would have likely broken through to the Crystal Formation Realm already if not for comprehending concepts, right?”

“That’s true! Comprehending concepts is laying a foundation. After comprehending concepts, breaking through realms will become much easier. Ye Yuan has already grasped true intent, so breaking through to the Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm is indeed nothing much to him.”

Under everyone’s eyes, Ye Yuan started advancing towards the Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

After an hour, Ye Yuan broke through to the Sixth Level Spirit Condensation Realm successfully. This was also within everyone’s expectations.

However . . . it was not over yet!

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