Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 282

Chapter 282 Im Very Willful

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Under Li Zhangyu’s pillaging, Ye Yuan’s essence energy storm became smaller and smaller.

When the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples saw this scene, they unwittingly had the feeling of the fox mourning the death of a hare.

This was the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s, no, the Southern Domain’s number one genius!

Was he going to fail like this?

Although they were unresigned to this, they also knew that this was not that their combat power was weak.

It was the opponent who was too strong. No matter how much of a genius Ye Yuan was, he was only a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, while his opponent was a genius martial artist from the Southern Domain’s number one great sect!

Perhaps in terms of potential, Ye Yuan tossed Li Zhangyu several streets behind. But presently, Li Zhangyu was a whole major realm higher than Ye Yuan!

If it were others, they did not even have the qualifications to force Li Zhangyu to use his full strength and would just directly lay down their arms and surrender.

But Ye Yuan, a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, forced out the other party’s full strength!

Originally, Li Zhangyu had a relaxed look even when breaking through. But now, his entire body was tensed. He was clearly straining himself a lot more.

Although Ye Yuan’s Spirit Gathering Seal was only a very low-level seal, Ye Yuan’s attainments were extremely profound. How could it be so easy to seize essence energy from him?

Facing this situation, Ye Yuan had a composed face as if it had nothing to do with him at all.

It was only to see him took out several essence crystals calmly and casually struck them out. They transformed into several rays of light that flew in multiple directions.

Essence crystals were crystalline bodies formed from heaven and earth essence energy. There was powerful yet pure essence energy contained within. Sect disciples mostly used essence crystals when cultivating.

In the martial arts world, essence crystals were also used as currency.

Essence crystals were very precious. Even core disciples did not have the right to use them. Only elite disciples would have an extremely small number of low-grade essence crystals every month.

Of course, Ye Yuan was also allotted some low-grade essence crystals every month with his nominal elder status.

The few essence crystals that Ye Yuan just casually fired out were middle-grade essence crystals. This was given to him by Skymaple after completing the Level Nine mission previously.

Nonchalantly firing out so many middle-grade essence crystals made everyone’s eyes pop out.

This was really quite extravagant!

“What’s Ye Yuan trying to do? Those seem to be middle-grade essence crystals earlier, right? Wasn’t he still core disciple status before this? Where did it come from?”

“Who cares where it came from?! The Heavenly Sky Sect already bullied to our doorstep to smack our faces, and you’re still in the mood to mind this?”

“Cough, cough,isn’t it because of momentary excitement? I say, what’s Ye Yuan doing here? Could it be that he still has a chance to turn the tide?”

“Ye Yuan’s methods are inexhaustible. There might really be a chance to turn defeat into victory! Using so many middle-grade essence crystals at once, Ye Yuan can’t be throwing stones to play, right?”

“En?What’s going on? Why do I feel like the surrounding essence energy seems to be drained?”

Li Zhangyu currently had his full focus on seizing Ye Yuan’s essence energy and breaking through. He did not see Ye Yuan’s actions.

But at this time, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. The surrounding essence energy suddenly became much thicker, and there were increasingly more currents!

Opening his eyes to take a look, Li Zhangyu immediately jumped in fright.

As the few light spots around Ye Yuan sparkled, the surrounding essence energy became increasingly wild.

“Spirit Gathering Formation! Are you mad, punk? Your Dantian will be stuffed until it explodes!” Li Zhangyu exclaimed.

Ye Yuan turned to look at him and said with a faint smile, “No problem. Isn’t there you to be buried with me?”

Li Zhangyu cried out weirdly, “Madman! You’re really a madman! Quickly stop!”

Ye Yuan made use of middle-grade essence crystals as the eye of the formation to set up a Tier 3 Spirit Gathering Formation.

Originally, with Ye Yuan’s Spirit Condensation Realm strength, it was impossible to set up a Tier 3 Spirit Gathering Formation.

But he borrowed Li Zhangyu’s essence energy storm ingeniously, leading the big with small, overcoming a greater force with only a small amount of strength, and successfully set up such an array formation.

The formation had already activated. The essence energy in the surrounding dozen of mile radius was siphoned clean by the Spirit Gathering Formation.

Such power, forget about Li Zhangyu, a puny little Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm, even if a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm were here, they would also not dare to borrow such an essence energy storm to breakthrough!

No matter how one looked at it, Ye Yuan doing this was a way of perishing together. If the two of them continued to breakthrough here, the outcome would only be being stuffed to death by essence energy.

Such a level of essence energy storm had clearly already exceeded the limits that Li Zhangyu could withstand.

“Doesn’t this Senior Apprentice Brother like to join in the fun? I created even more fun for you; why aren’t you joining in now?” Ye Yuan still smiled faintly as he said.

How could Li Zhangyu bother to bicker with Ye Yuan at this time? If this continued, his Dantian was going to explode from being bloated!

“Let’s keep calm and talk. Just now, it was me who was rash. Remove your formation first then talk!” Li Zhangyu already had some hint of yielding in his words.

Li Zhangyu was also like an arrow notched on the bow right now; it must fly.

If he gave up on breaking through, he would definitely receive a backlash and affect his breakthrough after today. If he continued breaking through, how could he withstand such an essence energy storm?

He was originally thinking of putting the Tranquil Cloud Sect on the spot, but now, it was hard to dismount the tiger.

But Ye Yuan laughed and said, “I’m very willful. If others find me to play, I’ll definitely play to the end! You can choose to withdraw if you’re not playing.”

“You! Fine, I want to see just how you play yourself to death in a while!” Li Zhangyu gnashed his teeth and said.

“That’s none of your concern,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Li Zhangyu already decided not to play anymore. He wanted to stop the breakthrough and withdraw out of the essence energy storm.

The timing Li Zhangyu that retreated was perfect. The essence energy storm gathered by the Spirit Gathering Formation had already formed. Even if he pulled back right now, it was already too late for Ye Yuan to want to dismiss it.

Li Zhangyu did not believe that Ye Yuan really dared to break through realms in this place!

Li Zhangyu forcefully terminated his breakthrough and immediately suffered a backlash. He only felt a metallic taste in his throat, and a mouthful of blood was about to spew out but was forcibly held back by him.

He leaped with all his might and actually withstood the violent essence energy tempest and charged out of it.

The essence energy storm was currently already virtually materialized, visible with the naked eye; just like a tornado.

Li Zhangyu being able to withdraw leisurely also sufficiently showed that his strength was very great.

After exiting, Li Zhangyu no longer had that arrogance from before. The Heavenly Sky Sect uniform on him was already torn into tattered rags by the essence energy storm.

After leaving the essence energy storm, Li Zhangyu could not hold back any longer and spewed out a large mouthful of blood.

He devoted all his power just now to break through but was forcefully stopped by him again. He clearly sustained extremely strong backlash and already suffered very severe internal injuries.

Failing the breakthrough this time, the next time Li Zhangyu wanted to break through to the Fifth Level Crystal Formation Realm again, it would most likely not be so easy anymore.

Of course, with Li Zhangyu’s talent, breaking through was inevitable. But this would surely delay him a very large amount of time!

Thinking up to here, Li Zhangyu felt very depressed. This time, he really tried to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice.

But looking at Ye Yuan who was still in the heart of the essence energy storm, a trace of delight flashed across Li Zhangyu’s heart.

“Hahaha,this punk is indeed willful! So willful until he played himself to death! With such a violent essence energy storm, I want to see just how you can break through! I really want to see right now just what kind of appearance you’ll have when your body explodes, and you die!” Li Zhangyu turned over and said manically.

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