Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 283

Chapter 283 Luo Qingfengs Fang

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Ye Yuan was in the eye of the storm, his clothes fluttering.

Currently, the ferocity of the essence energy around him was practically suffocating.

And Ye Yuan’s breakthrough also entered the critical juncture at this time already.

Such violent essence energy, ordinary people could not even refine it; let alone say breaking through realms.

But the essence energy flowing within Ye Yuan’s body outside of his body produced an intense contrast.

Once the violent and condensed essence energy entered Ye Yuan’s body, it immediately became unbelievably docile.

In front of the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, this level of essence energy was seriously not worth mentioning.

However, the essence energy was overly abundant currently. Ye Yuan refined non-stop and reached the critical point of the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm very soon.

“About to break through! Just a little bit more! I hope that nothing happens to Ye Yuan!”

“Why would something happen now? It’s the most dangerous after breaking through. Breaching the bottleneck requires large amounts of essence energy, just like flood water bursting open the water gate. But once this floodgate is opened, wanting to shut it would not be so easy!”

“Yeah! Normally, when we break through, we would gather an essence energy storm matching our realm so that we can control it. But this essence energy storm has already greatly surpassed the limits that Ye Yuan can withstand. Once the floodgate opens, I’m afraid . . . it will collapse!”

Seeing that Ye Yuan was on the verge of breaking through, the heavily injured Li Zhangyu said gloatingly, “A puny little Spirit Condensation Realm actually dares to break through within such a violent essence energy tempest. You truly don’t know how the word death is written! In a while, when they see you being blown to pieces, I wonder what kind of expression your Tranquil Cloud Sect people will have.Hehe.”

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s aura swelled abruptly and became much stronger than before.

It was very clear that he burst past the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm bottleneck in one go!

Everyone’s hearts leaped to their throats. Many people even involuntarily shut their eyes. They did not wish to see the scene of Ye Yuan exploding.

At the same time, the essence energy around Ye Yuan that became even more tempestuous had already transformed into a bundle of mist-like state. From this, it could be seen just how thick the essence energy in the center of the storm was!

The thick fog covered up Ye Yuan’s figure. The outside could no longer see what was happening inside. But everyone knew that Ye Yuan was currently wrestling with the flood like essence energy.

“Dead for sure! He’s definitely dead! This brat is also a talent, to actually set up such an incredible Tier 3 Spirit Gathering Formation. The essence energy in the eye of the formation practically became liquid state already. Even if I were the one breaking through in the eye of the formation, I probably would have exploded by now already, much less a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm.” Li Zhangyu directly sentenced Ye Yuan to death.

“Sect Master, Ye Yuan, he . . .” the disciple who received Li Zhangyu previously said anxiously.

Luo Qingfeng sucked in a deep breath and sighed, “At this time, only Ye Yuan alone can help himself. Pray that he can come out alive.”

These words sounded that bit unconfident no matter how one heard it. Under such a situation, the possibility of escaping with his life was too minuscule!

. . . . . .

As time slowly ticked away, there was still no activity in the eye of the formation. Everyone’s hope evaporated bit by bit.

If Ye Yuan could leave, he would have left long ago. Now, under such circumstances, most likely . . . it was more ominous than propitious.

At present, Li Zhangyu consumed medicinal pills that controlled internal injuries and returned to Luo Qingfeng’s side.

“Sect Master Luo, I think there’s no need to wait anymore. There’s no activity after such a long time, that boy most likely already exploded into a lump of meat by now,” Li Zhangyu said delightedly.

Hearing these words, Luo Qingfeng’s entire person became icy. Li Zhangyu immediately felt a powerful pressure crushing forth.

“I exercised forbearance in every way possible on accounts of your master’s face. Do you think that my Tranquil Cloud Sect can be kneaded as you like? If your master were here, I’d still have some fear. You, a Crystal Formation Realm, reaching out for a yard after taking an inch, do you really take me to be made of clay?”

Luo Qingfeng carried the powerful awe of a half-step Soul Sea Realm, crushing Li Zhangyu until he could not breathe.

Li Zhangyu’s incessant provocation finally angered this master of a sect!

To be able to become the master of a sect, Luo Qingfeng was absolutely not some goody two-shoes that could be sliced up anyhow. The reason why he accommodated for the general interest was only to hide one’s capability and bid one’s time, to strive for time to let the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s junior generation grow up.

But now that Ye Yuan’s life or death was uncertain and the sect’s greatest hope about to be extinguished, this also made Luo Qingfeng lose his last trace of patience!

Once a ferocious tiger bared its fangs, someone who assumed the majesty of the tiger like Li Zhangyu did not have much living space anymore!

Luo Qingfeng released his aura fully. Li Zhangyu only felt like he was being crushed by a humongous mountain. Even his teeth were chattering.

Li Zhangyu only understood at this moment that this seemingly weak and incompetent Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Sect Master actually had such formidable strength!

Such a powerful pressure, Li Zhangyu only felt this from his own master before!

Could it be that Luo Qingfeng’s strength was no longer beneath Master’s?

How was this possible?

“You . . . You dare to touch me? I-I’m the . . . Heavenly Sky Sect’s envoy! A-aren’t you scared of launching a sect war?” Li Zhangyu gritted his teeth and said.

Luo Qingfeng sneered coldly and said, “You’d best pray that Ye Yuan’s fine. Otherwise, I’ll use you as a sacrificial item today! Sect war? Do you think that you can trigger a sect war with the likes of you? You’re overestimating yourself too much! If the Heavenly Sky Sect could eradicate my Tranquil Cloud Sect so easily, why would they wait until now?”

It dawned onto Li Zhangyu when he heard it, and the color of his face turned deathly-white. He flopped weakly onto the ground.

“The eight great sects each have their own forte, yet also restrain each other. My Tranquil Cloud Sect is not as powerful as your Heavenly Sky Sect, but a sect war will cause a domino effect. Isn’t your sect master scared of the other seven sects joining hands? After all, our today is their future! All of the sect masters are not dumb. How could they not understand this logic?”

Luo Qingfeng’s words struck the core one by one, speaking until Li Zhangyu’s complexion became increasingly paler.

Heavenly Sky Sect disciples were used to being arrogant while the Tranquil Cloud Sect was always very low profile, resulting in Li Zhangyu thinking that the Tranquil Cloud Sect was only a rotten persimmon, able to knead the latter as he wished and had no respect even for Luo Qingfeng.

Looking at it now, he was only a clown. He was not even a fart in front of Luo Qingfeng.

With the strength of Sea Transformation Realm, one simply had no say in the interactions between sects.

Who could have thought that the Luo Qingfeng who had always been famously weak would also have such a ferocious side!

Looking at that mass of thick fog, Li Zhangyu suddenly discovered that he made a fatal error today: he touched Luo Qingfeng’s reverse scale!

And this brat called Ye Yuan was Luo Qingfeng’s reverse scale!

How could Li Zhangyu know what Luo Qingfeng was thinking?

Luo Qingfeng was currently thinking of how to give an account to that mysterious master of Ye Yuan!

Once that unimaginably powerful existence came to ask for him, what awaited his Tranquil Cloud Sect was also an utter calamity!

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If Ye Yuan really died, why would he still fear a sect war?

Compared to that mysterious expert, the Heavenly Sky Sect was nothing!

At that time, the ones getting destroyed was likely not just his Tranquil Cloud Sect alone. The Heavenly Sky Sect likewise could not escape responsibility!

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