Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 284

Chapter 284 Canghua Reborn

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“I’m also not afraid to tell you that Ye Yuan is a peerless genius that my Tranquil Cloud Sect discovered. He’s my Tranquil Cloud Sect’s future. If something happens to him today, you’re . . . dead for sure!” Luo Qingfeng said fiercely with a stern expression.

Li Zhangyu felt his scalp tingle. He could sense Luo Qingfeng’s fury. These words were absolutely not just to scare him.

“A-Are you mad? To incite a sect war at all cost for such a genius that had yet to mature?”

Li Zhangyu felt that this world was too insane. Luo Qingfeng actually stopped at no expense to become enemies with the Heavenly Sky Sect for a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

Although Li Zhangyu was not the most powerful among the younger generation in the Heavenly Sky Sect, he was someone with extremely huge potential.

Chi Zongtao doted on him very heavily. If he died, Chi Zongtao would definitely not let it go at that.

Although a sect war might affect the situation as a whole, it was possible to erupt because of this!

Li Zhangyu involuntarily looked towards that mass of thick fog. Alarm suddenly showed on his face!

“S-Sect Master Luo, quickly look!” Li Zhangyu pointed in the direction of the essence energy storm and shouted.

Luo Qingfeng’s heart jolted, and he looked over there, only to see that the essence energy storm was currently weakening at a visible rate.

This kind of weakening was not dissipation, but converging towards the eye of the formation.

It looked like it was sucked over by something.

Luo Qingfeng’s expression became intent. His heart was about to jump out of his throat.

Regardless of what situation occurred, at least it showed that Ye Yuan was still alive right now. Otherwise, the essence energy storm should be gradually dispersing and not being sucked over like this.

As long as Ye Yuan did not die, anything was fine!

The group of Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple clearly also noticed this chance. Although they were somewhat uncertain, didn’t it meant that Ye Yuan was at least still alive?

“What happened? Ye Yuan, he did not die yet!”

“Truly inconceivable! He actually lasted such a long time in the substantialized essence energy storm! What in the world did he do?”

“The mystery should be unraveling very soon! You guys, look! That mass of thick fog is starting to dissipate!”

The speed which essence energy was being absorbed was very swift. That mass of thick fog gradually became thin and revealed a blurry silhouette.

Everyone stared fixedly at the eye of the storm. That silhouette became clearer and clearer.

Everybody could see that that was Ye Yuan!

Seeing that Ye Yuan did not die, a wave of shouting and screaming came from the crowd.

Unknowingly, they already took Ye Yuan as their own comrade and took him as the face of the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect was oppressed too heavily these few years. Every disciple felt as though they experienced this aspect themselves!

Now that such a genius character appeared with such difficulty, it would really be too pitiful if he were to die like this.

Just earlier, each one of them felt the Heavenly Sky Sect’s humiliation, but they were helpless!

Touching their own hearts, no matter which of them took Ye Yuan’s place, they were also unable to perform like Ye Yuan.

Even if the Tranquil Cloud Sect found a Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm disciple and placed him beside Li Zhangyu, the final outcome would probably be suffering a defeat when victory was within reach.

Ye Yuan regained face on all of their behalfs!

Not only did Ye Yuan force Li Zhangyu until he had to withdraw with serious injuries with Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation, he even survived completely unscathed!

In their hearts, Ye Yuan had already become the hero of the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect!

“Quickly look! What’s Ye Yuan doing? Isn’t that his spirit artifact? Those essence energies seemed to have been absorbed by this sword!”

“It really looks like it! But . . . how can a spirit artifact absorb so much essence energy? Hang on! Unless . . .”

The two people exchanged a glanced and saw the shock in the other person’s eyes. They said in unison, “Spirit Artifact Sanctification!”

Li Zhangyu similarly showed an astonished expression. He sucked in a cold breath and said, “He actually made use of the Spirit Gathering Formation to sanctify his spirit artifact! Is this boy . . . really just a teenager?”

Luo Qingfeng was also incomparably shocked. He never imagined that Ye Yuan could actually utilize the Spirit Gathering Formation to sanctify the Canghua Sword!

However, when he saw that gaping mouth look of Li Zhangyu, Luo Qingfeng felt pleased in his heart.

Luo Qingfeng was feeling excellent, but his words were nonchalant as he said, “Through and through. Ye Yuan he . . . is still two months short of reaching 16! Congratulations to you. Your small life is secured.”

When he heard these words from Luo Qingfeng, Li Zhangyu had a feeling like a heavy load was lifted. His back was already drenched in sweat.

Before long, the violent essence energy was already pretty much absorbed clean.

Canghua Sword suspended in front of Ye Yuan quietly. But it was currently missing some parts of sharp air and was dimmer than before.

Ye Yuan slowly opened both eyes. Canghua Sword gave off a crisp clang and shot straight for the horizon!

Everybody only saw a streak of flowing light dancing in mid-air, akin to a canary which broke free. That sort of carefree feeling infected everyone.

“32 restrictions spirit artifact! In a twinkle, an 8 restrictions spirit artifact became a 32 restrictions spirit artifact! Ye Yuan, he is really too amazing!”

“Spirit Artifact Sanctification is an incredibly challenging matter. Every additional restriction would be exceedingly difficult! One has to ensure that adding new restrictions will not clash with previous ones and also ensure the increase in power. Ordinary array formation masters would not dare to easily increase restrictions for spirit artifacts!”

“Abnormal cultivation speed, grasped true intent, heard that his Alchemy Dao attainments are also exceedingly high. Now, even his Array Formation Dao attainments are so strong; is he still a human?”

Sensing the power of restrictions coming off from the reborn Canghua Sword, everyone gasped in amazement.

8 restrictions to 32 restrictions. This was an extremely huge jump!

If spirit artifact could cultivate, then 8 restrictions to 32 restrictions would be rising two major realms consecutively!

This kind of enormous crossing would greatly increase the power of a spirit artifact!

One could say that the Canghua Sword had obtained a transformation that cast off its old self and be reborn again. It was no wonder that it was so excited.

Seemingly bored of playing around, Canghua Sword’s luster was restrained, and it landed in Ye Yuan’s hands obediently.

Lightly caressing the sword body, Ye Yuan was also very pleased with his own work.

At his current realm, this was already the limits of what he could accomplish.

The 32 restrictions Canghua Sword was enough to last him all the way to the Sea Transformation Realm.

Ye Yuan’s Array Formation Dao attainments were incredible. Sanctifying a 32 restrictions spirit artifact was not much to him.

It was just that it was quite taxing for him to do it due to limitations in realm.

Li Zhangyu coincidentally came over to cause trouble. Ye Yuan suddenly had a flash of inspiration and laid down this Spirit Gather Formation to sanctify the Canghua Sword.

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Along with Ye Yuan’s comprehension towards the Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Intent getting increasingly deeper, especially when using Thousand Flowing Petals, the 8 restrictions Canghua Sword was already gradually having difficulties coping.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Yuan successfully sanctified it in one go.

Keeping the Canghua Sword, Ye Yuan walked towards Li Zhangyu and greet him. But he smiled at Li Zhangyu and said, “This Senior Apprentice Brother doesn’t seem to be someone from my Tranquil Cloud Sect. But you were also of a huge assistance to me this time. Ye Yuan give thanks here.”

Looking at the grinning Ye Yuan, Li Zhangyu felt even worse than swallowing a fly!

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