Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 288

Chapter 288 Sending Off

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The might of alchemists laid here!

Back then, the reason Ouyang Tuotian could let the Tranquil Cloud Sect flourish at the top for a time was due to this.

As long as they had ample resources, alchemists could forcibly use medicinal pills to pile up a bunch of powerhouses!

Three Soul Sea Realm powerhouses. Even if they were only three First Level Soul Sea Realm, they would also absolutely be a force that most could not overlook in the Southern Domain.

“En?Ye Yuan, you already broke through to the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm. This . . . Isn’t this cultivation speed seriously a little too fast?” Skymaple suddenly noticed Ye Yuan’s change and exclaimed in surprise.

Towards Ye Yuan’s cultivation speed, he had long heard about it too. These words were more of worrying that Ye Yuan’s foundation would be shaky.

Ye Yuan detected Skymaple’s concern and said smilingly, “Disciple had some comprehensions when taking part in the sect grand competition a few days back, so I borrowed the momentum to break through.”

Skymaple nodded and said, “Then that’s good; that’s fine! With your talent, staying in my Tranquil Cloud Sect is kind of wasted. But don’t you worry, the sect will definitely support you with all our might!”

Skymaple deeply sensed that the Tranquil Cloud Sect really did not have too great of an allure to Ye Yuan. He could only show his support on such a matter.

Ye Yuan hurriedly said, “Where did this come from, Grand Elder? Walking all the way until here, I’ve received much grace from the sect. No matter where I walk to, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would be my root.”

Ye Yuan’s words had two layers of meaning. One was to express that he would not forget the Tranquil Cloud Sect. The second was to give Skymaple an immunization jab that he would definitely leave the Tranquil Cloud Sect in the future.

Having witnessed Ye Yuan’s talent and means, Skymaple obviously would not be nave enough to think that a tiny little Tranquil Cloud Sect could hold Ye Yuan.

But this sentence from Ye Yuan was enough!

“Good, good. It’s good that you have this heart. You all take your leave first. This seat will rest for a few days before summoning you all again,” Skymaple said.

Luo Qingfeng suddenly voiced out at this time, “Martial Uncle, since you’ve already exited seclusion, Martial Nephew just happens to have something to discuss with you here.”

“Oh?Let’s hear it.”

Skymaple knew that Luo Qingfeng was not someone weak and spineless. Since he wanted to discuss something with him at this time, it was surely something major.

Luo Qingfeng recounted the matter of the Heavenly Sky Sect inviting the seven sects to explore the mystic realm together to Skymaple in detail and also talked about the few people’s deductions.

Skymaple shot Ye Yuan a surprised look. He nodded and said, “Ye Yuan’s analysis is very logical. This trip, we certainly must go! This mystic realm is bound to be extraordinary. We can’t let go of this chance! I think that you guys have already made a decision?”

Luo Qingfeng also gave Ye Yuan a glance and said, “Yes, Martial Uncle. I’ve decided to let Yuntian lead the team and also select several personal disciples and elite disciples to go there. It’s just that Ye Yuan, he . . . wants to tag along too.”

Skymaple flung his hand when he heard that and said totally unconcernedly, “If he wants to go, then let him go! How can young people grow without experiencing hardship?”

“But . . .” Luo Qingfeng did not imagine that Skymaple’s attitude was actually like this. He could not help saying anxiously.

But Skymaple waved his hands to stop him and said, “Alright. This matter is set like this. I have to enter a retreat.”

Seeing Skymaple’s insistence, Luo Qingfeng could only drop it.

“Blockhead! Why did Ye Yuan’s master leave him unattended? Isn’t it to let him experience trials alone? You treat him like treasure and hide him within the sect; how can Ye Yuan possibly agree to it? Furthermore, even if you forbid him from descending the mountain, would he listen obediently and not go down the mountain?”

When Luo Qingfeng walked to the entrance, Skymaple’s voice transmission suddenly reached. He came to a realization why Skymaple insisted on letting Ye Yuan go.

Rather than protecting Ye Yuan cautiously, it would be better to let him run himself amuck.

What Ye Yuan’s master wanted to see was the ascension of a powerhouse and not a flower in a greenhouse.

This point, Skymaple saw it much clearer than him.

“Thank you for Martial Uncle’s guidance,” Luo Qingfeng replied and withdrew.

. . . . . .

The following few days, Ye Yuan remained in seclusion without leaving to make ample preparations for this journey.

This trip was beset with danger. Even if Ye Yuan had the intention to brave it, he also needed to make ample preparations.

Luo Qingfeng picked seven disciples this time. Among them, the most powerful one was personal disciple Mo Yuntian.

Apart from Mo Yuntian and Ye Yuan, Ti Wujiu and Tian Yu were surprisingly among them. Among the other three people, there was an elder’s personal disciple as well as two elite disciples.

Tian Yu entered seclusion to breakthrough to the Crystal Formation Realm after the grand competition. He was already a First Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist. His strength went up a level.

Now, Ye Yuan, Tian Yu, and Tang Yu-er’s identities were already elite disciples.

After the grand competition, Cheng Wu and another elite disciple directly forsake the match when they saw Tian Yu and Ye Yuan’s fight, while Tang Yu-er defeated her opponent in the final match and got promoted to elite disciple too.

Apart from this, Luo Qingfeng even appointed a Sea Transformation Realm elder to hold the line and lead these people forth.

In the territories of the Heavenly Sky Sect, it could hardly be justified without a Sea Transformation Realm expert holding the line.

But Luo Qingfeng also warned him in advance to not enter the mystic realm.

In the entire team, there was only Ye Yuan this one Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. But fellow sect members who saw his grand competition obviously would not treat him as an ordinary Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

At the very least, the Ye Yuan after breaking through three minor realms successively definitely had a strength above Tian Yu!

The power of that final sword, even the Tian Yu after breaking through probably did not dare to receive it head-on either.

Everything was set. Skymaple exited seclusion to personally see these eight people off.

After Li Zhangyu got an answer, he already returned to his sect first. He did not wish to stay in this Tranquil Cloud Sect for another moment longer.

“Mei Zhen, this journey is very perilous. Your number one priority is to bring them back wholly intact, understood?” Skymaple exhorted.

The elder leading the team was called Mei Zhen, a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artist. He was a prudent person. Luo Qingfeng chose him because he liked this point.

Mei Zhen said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Grand Elder, Mei Zhen definitely won’t fail this assignment! These few people are my Tranquil Cloud Sect’s future. Even if I have to risk this old life, I’ll also bring them back safely.”

Honestly speaking, Mei Zhen himself did not really have much confidence in retreating unscathed. But at this moment, he could only say so.

Skymaple nodded, and it was considered to have tacitly acknowledged Mei Zhen’s promise.

He also knew that there would most likely be some losses on this trip. But what needed to be faced had to be faced eventually.

While this trip was dangerous, it might be Mei Zhen’s and the team’s lucky chance!

For geniuses who wished to grow up and become a genuine powerhouse, it was impossible to not face death. This point, Skymaple was crystal clear.

Skymaple exhorted Mei Zhen again, and then he went in front of Ye Yuan.

“Ye Yuan, I won’t say anything unnecessary. I wish you a safe return! My Tranquil Cloud Sect’s rise and fall all lie on you alone!” Skymaple said.

If Skymaple said these words in the past, everyone would surely scoff at it. But now, nobody objected. This was an indisputable truth!

Ye Yuan’s talent was already exaggerated to the extent that it was unimaginable. His significance to the sect was naturally different too.

Ye Yuan gave a bow and said respectfully, “Rest assured, Grand Elder, it’s just exploring a mystic realm. Ye Yuan definitely will not return empty handed!”

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