Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 293

Chapter 293 Two Types Of Spirit Physique

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When he saw Li-er’s slender and exquisite arm, Ye Yuan could not help being stunned.

Her arm was glossy and clear, akin to fine white tallow jade as if it did not belong in the mortal realm.

This arm could virtually be described using the word perfect.

Looking at Li-er’s appalling looks again, Ye Yuan felt extremely strong contrast!

Ye Yuan felt very suspicious. How could two of such extremes appear on a girl at the same time?

“Mister Ye?” Li-er voiced out a reminder.

Ye Yuan only recovered then and laughed awkwardly. “Apologies. I lost focus.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan shut his eyes and purged distracting thoughts. He began diagnosing Li-er.

Ye Yuan’s eyebrow gradually knitted together, becoming increasingly creased and deep.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s appearance, Li-er asked, “Did Mister Ye make out something?”

At this time, Ye Yuan let go of Li-er’s wrist. That creamy feel at his fingertips unwittingly made his mind wander.

That sort of touching sensation actually led people to reminiscence endlessly!

Ye Yuan could not help sighing inwardly. How could such a girl have a face like this? What a shame!

Yan-er saw Ye Yuan’s reminiscing look and knew that his thoughts were running wild.

Towards her own family’s miss’s charm, she knew deeply from experience.

Seeing Ye Yuan keeping silent, Yan-er could not resist speaking first. “Can’t say it, right? I knew it. A puny little low-rank Alchemy Master imitating other great masters to read the pulse. Many divine doctors have taken a look at my family’s miss’s sickness and have no inkling at all. I really don’t know where your courage came from! I also don’t know how you duped us with those words earlier!”

Ye Yuan did not bother with her. Instead, he asked Li-er, “Have Miss Li-er cultivated ocular arts before?”

Li-er originally also thought that Ye Yuan was somebody with superficial knowledge. When she heard this, she involuntarily became alert and said with a nod, “That’s right. Li-er has cultivated ocular arts since young.”

Ye Yuan nodded and continued probing. “If my conjectures are correct, Miss Li-er must have advanced at a tremendous pace when cultivating ocular arts, right?”

“That’s right. Mister Ye can actually even tell this? Could it be that . . . this strange illness of mine is related to cultivating ocular arts?” Li-er asked in puzzlement.

Ye Yuan was only reading her pulse. Under the situation where Li-er did not take the initiative to release her ocular powers, Ye Yuan would simply be unable to detect it.

In the past, those alchemists who diagnosed her all knew that she trained in ocular arts. But Ye Yuan was unaware.

He actually discovered that she had cultivated ocular arts before just based on reading her pulse! He was clearly extraordinary!

Moreover, hearing the meaning behind Ye Yuan’s words, it seemed like her illness had a strong correlation to cultivating ocular arts!

Ye Yuan did not answer Li-er’s question but continued asking, “Does Miss Li-er feel dispirited every few months and become completely listless whenever you’re doing anything?”

At this time, Li-er had already completely put away any form of underestimation and said solemnly, “That’s right! In the past, this sort of situation would happen every few months. It would last three to five days each time. But recently, the time between this symptom is becoming increasingly shorter, but the time it persists is getting progressively longer. My father had invited innumerable famed doctors because of this, but nobody could diagnose this illness! I didn’t think that Mister Ye actually has such capabilities at this young age!”

By the side, where was there still any hint of despise from Yan-er? She had long perked her ears up to listen intently.

She was right beside when those so-called famous doctors diagnosed Miss. But nobody could explain why.

But this boy only diagnosed slightly and could actually perceive so many things!

Compared to this Ye Yuan, those so-called famous doctors were truly beneath even trash!

This period of time, watching Miss being tormented by her ailment, Yan-er also felt like she was experiencing it herself.

But her concern was just concern. She was at a complete loss on what to do!

Even Old Master was helpless, what could she do?

Hearing Li-er’s praise, there was no pleased expression on Ye Yuan’s face. He shook his head and smiled bitterly, saying, “Miss Li-er is really a person riddled with paradoxes!”

Li-er was dumbstruck. She asked, “What does Mister Ye mean?”

Ye Yuan cupped his fists and said, “Forgive Ye Yuan for being brusque. I’ve observed that Miss Li has ice skin and jade bones, a sign of extreme nobility. Yet, your looks don’t match. I discern that Miss Li-er has Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique, advancing at a tremendous pace when cultivating ocular arts. Yet, it just had to be the Innate Battle Soul Physique too.”

Li-er and Yan-er had blank looks on their faces. They clearly know nothing about this Innate Battle Soul Physique.

“Mister Ye, what kind of spirit physique is this Innate Battle Soul Physique? Li-er has never heard of it before. Mister Ye, please enlighten us,” Li-er opened her mouth to ask.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “In this age, when martial artists cultivate, they first accumulate essence, then cultivate the soul, and then gain enlightenment on Dao. This is associated with the Upper Three Realms, Middle Three Realms, and Lower Three Realms. This kind of cultivation system is already very complete. The vast majority of martial artists in the world would take this path.”

Ye Yuan rattled on. Li-er and Yan-er were all secretly astounded.

They did not think that within a tiny little Southern Domain sect, there was actually somebody who could enumerate the Upper, Middle, and Lower three realm cultivation system like his family’s own inheritance.

“But then, it was said that 100 thousand years ago, there was once a peerless powerhouse who possessed the Innate Battle Soul Physique. He walked the cultivation path of merging spirit and body and finally stepped into the Deity Realm! It was said that people who possessed this type of spirit physique, their bodies, and divine soul would gradually amalgamate, attaining the unparalleled Great Dao from there!” Ye Yuan continued.

Li-er was unbelievably baffled when she heard this. She had never heard of such a horrifying spirit physique before. And she herself was actually the owner of this kind of spirit physique!

“Your meaning is . . .” Li-er was nimble-minded. She had evidently already guessed what Ye Yuan was going to say.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right. The Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique is likewise a Deity Realm Physique. Furthermore, the cultivation of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique similarly requires the support of soul force! That’s also to say, this two types of spirit physiques are tearing your divine soul at the same time! All the way until one day, they will split your divine soul into two! Also, your current symptoms are not very obvious yet. You just feel dizzy and lethargic. Subsequently, the pain of your divine soul will become progressively stronger. That kind of ripping sensation will make you wish that you were dead!”

When Ye Yuan was breaking through to the Spirit Condensation Realm, he personally had a taste of that sort of divine soul tearing agony. That kind of feeling of dying being better than living was still fresh in his mind right now.

If a person suffered such torment every day, even a man of iron would collapse too, let alone a little girl.

And Ye Yuan knew that even if one were a Divine King Realm powerhouse, under such torment, there would only be death in the end!

Any one of these two types of spirit physiques would be incredibly terrifying. But gathering onto a person at the same time was lethal.

When Yan-er listened to Ye Yuan’s words, her tears immediately flowed. “Nonsense! You’re definitely talking rubbish! This Innate Battle Soul Physique is simply unheard of. How do you know?”

Ye Yuan let out a sigh and said, “I also didn’t imagine that I could chance upon such a spirit physique. But through Miss Li-er’s pulse earlier, I could indistinctly sense the strength of the ripping and the absorption her body has on the divine soul. Such a state is exactly the same as the Innate Battle Soul Physique!”

Ye Yuan was extremely sensitive towards soul force. Although the absorbing force in Li-er’s body was very minute, he could still detect it.

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