Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 294

Chapter 294 Divine Soul Mystic Art And Tier 8 Pill Formula

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Yan-er suddenly wiped her tears and said, “I know! You’re definitely hankering after my family’s miss’s beauty, that’s why you’re deliberately saying so! Yes? No? I’m telling you, give up on this idea! My family’s miss already likes someone else!”

When Yan-er’s words came out, Li-er’s expression dimmed instead. Her eyes revealed a woeful look.

Ye Yuan was stupefied. He looked at Li-er’s face but did not say anything.

Towards this face, Ye Yuan was not disgusted by it, but it was not to an extent where he was coveting her beauty, right?

What did that have to do with this?!

This Miss Yan-er was really packed with confidence in her family’s miss!

Forget about Li-er, even Yan-er herself had no relation to the word ‘beauty,’ right?

“Yan-er, stop talking nonsense. This appearance of mine, it’s already extremely hard to come by that Mister Ye is not repulsed by me. What beauty is there?” Li-er glared at Yan-er and said crossly.

“But Miss, you didn’t see that lecherous look of his just now!” Yan-er refused to give in.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said helplessly, “Since Miss Yan-er suspects my motives, then just take it as if I didn’t say it. My seniors are still waiting for me. Farewell, ladies!”

Ye Yuan not arguing did not mean that he really had no temper.

This Yan-er is really too self-absorbed.Even if I have never met women before, it’s not to the extent where I will immediately be moved when I see a face like this, right?

If he continued talking, wouldn’t he saving people out of goodwill become ulterior motives?

“Wait a minute, Mister Ye! Keep your mouth shut for me, Yan-er!” Just as Ye Yuan turned around to leave, Li-er hurriedly stopped him.

“Miss Li-er, this Ye was just shooting my mouth. Just take it as if you didn’t hear it,” Ye Yuan said.

Li-er shook her head and said, “Yan-er is insensible. Although mister’s realm is not high, the level of your medicinal skills is seldom seen in Li-er’s lifetime! Li-er boldly asks Mister, does this spirit physique problem of mine has a solution?”

Ye Yuan mused for a moment and said, “You really want to hear?”

Li-er nodded and said, “This matter concerns life and death. I naturally want to listen.”

“But we’re barely acquaintances. Can you really trust me?”

“Mister Ye is chivalrous. Li-er already cannot thank you enough in my heart, how can I not trust mister? If others see this face of mine, they would surely keep a respectful distance away. But Mister Ye risked death to come back alone and save me. It can be seen that Mister is righteous; somebody who can be trusted!” Li-er said.

If it were some other youth, they would surely get carried away with pride upon hearing such praise. But Ye Yuan was very composed.

When he did things, he only sought to be able to live with himself. As for whether Li-er, the master and servant pair were grateful, he did not really mind.

Except, forget that Yan-er was ungrateful, she even made baseless conjectures about him. This inevitably infuriated him.

But Li-er’s words had a kind of spring breeze and rain magic. It felt very pleasing to Ye Yuan’s ears when listening. That bit of displeasure from earlier also dissipated like a cloud.

This made Ye Yuan sigh with admiration once again. It seemed like apart from her face was a little ugly, this Miss Li-er could be said to be perfect in other areas!

Ye Yuan sighed and said, “Alright then. Since Miss Li-er trusts me, I’ll talk about it.”

Li-er gave a beautiful bow and said with a gentle smile, “Li-er thanks Mister Ye.”

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, “Don’t be in such a rush to give thanks. Honestly speaking, a rarely seen dual spirit physique like yours is really very troublesome! The importance of the divine soul to a person need not be explained. If your divine soul is completely torn into two parts, what awaits can only be death!”

Talking about life and death, Li-er was not really visibly moved. She asked calmly, “Then in mister’s opinion, how long more can Li-er still live?”

Ye Yuan assessed for a moment and said, “This would have to depend on the awakening speed of your Innate Battle Soul Physique. If it’s fast, then three to five years. If slow, then around ten years or so.”

Li-er was dazed. “Awakening?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right. The time that this symptom of yours appeared should be these past few years, right?”

Li-er nodded and said, “Yes. Roughly around three years’ time.”

“Then that’s right! This Innate Battle Soul Physique is not immediately obtained right after birth, but awakens through post-natal triggers! Once it awakens, this kind of spirit physique will automatically start fusing the divine soul, all the way until the spirit and flesh becomes one! This spirit physique is extremely heaven-defying. During the process of spirit and flesh merging, the cultivation speed of the person possessing the spirit physique will become increasingly faster and will not have any bottlenecks all the way until prior to breaking through to the Deity Realm!” Ye Yuan explained.

Li-er sucked in a deep breath and said, “That’s also to say, even if I stop cultivating right now, this Innate Battle Soul Physique will still rip my divine soul?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “If you’re not of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique but of some other spirit physiques, this sort of spirit and flesh union will not have a big impact on you. But the cultivation of the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique requires the aid of soul force at the same time. You’ve already been through so many years of cultivation. Your soul force is already fully acclimatized to the Moonlight Heavenly Eye Physique. Hence . . .”

Li-er gave a bitter smile when she heard this and said, “To think that such a thing would actually happen to me. Then Mister Ye . . . can I still be saved?”

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “I have a method which might be able to resolve Miss Li-er’s danger. But honestly, there’s not much difference between saying it or not, because I can’t help you now.”

Li-er’s eyes dimmed, but she still said, “Mister Ye, please enlighten!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “I know a type of divine soul mystic art when supplemented by a type of Tier 8 medicinal pill, can split the divine soul into two for individual cultivation! As long as Miss Li-ern can divide the divine soul into two and integrate a part of the divine soul into both eyes, the crisis of the spirit and flesh will naturally be easily resolved.”

Yan-er’s eyes lit up when she heard this. “Since that’s the case, can’t you just teach us the divine soul mystic art and pill formula?”

Li-er’s eyes glared and finally said subtle anger, “Yan-er!”

No matter whether it was the divine soul mystic art or the Tier 8 medicinal pill’s formula, they were exceedingly precious items. Yan-er asking for it like this was clearly committing a taboo.

This sort of matter, even people on close terms would find it hard to ask, let alone that they were strangers.

Yan-er’s tears splashed on the ground, and she actually kneeled in front of Ye Yuan with a loud smack, crying, “Mister Ye, Yan-er apologizes to you! Yan-er knows that this sort of request is very abrupt, but Miss is also someone with a bitter life! Yan-er really doesn’t wish to see her pass away like this! I beg you, show some pity and save her!”

Seeing Yan-er like so, Li-er’s tears also involuntarily fell.

Ye Yuan sighed and supported Yan-er up, saying, “Miss Yan-er need not do this. Towards saving people, I, Ye Yuan, would never decline. There’s no harm in passing you the divine soul mystic art and Tier 8 pill formula. It’s just that I’m afraid that even if I hand them to you, you girls won’t be able to refine the medicinal pill either. And without the medicinal pill, cultivating this sort of divine soul mystic art is overly dangerous.”

“How so? As long as we have the pill formula, can’t we refine the medicinal pill?” Yan-er thought that Ye Yuan was finding an excuse and was unwilling to surrender the divine soul mystic art and pill formula.

Ye Yuan hesitated for a while, but finally still said, “Alright then. Since Miss Yan-er doesn’t believe me, then I’ll hand the divine soul mystic art and pill formula to you guys. But Miss Li-er, you must keep in mind, you absolutely cannot cultivate the divine soul mystic art if you can’t refine the pill!”

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