Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 296

Chapter 296 Senior Mountain Shaker

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The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s men knew the truth, but other sects’ members did not know the truth.

Hearing Wang Fan said so, many people revealed wariness.

This thieving technique, when cultivated to an extremely high realm, was similarly very terrifying. Crossing realm to steal other people’s belongings was not something challenging.

“You! This is slander!” Mei Zhen was so enraged that he was shaking.

Being incited by Wang Fan like this, Tranquil Cloud Sect might end up becoming a target for public censure. The risks of this trip would increase dramatically.

“Slander? Then you explain to me, where did this Spirit Condensation Realm disciple of yours go to before this? When we bumped into each other earlier, he was still on your team. But after we arrived here, we didn’t see him the entire time!” Wang Fan snickered coldly.

“He . . . he went to attend to some matters.” Mei Zhen faltered, but still tried to defend it.

“Attend to matters? Attend to what matters? Stealing things?” Wang Fan continued on the offensive.

Mei Zhen was an experienced and prudent person, but he did not have the gift of gab.

Being forced by Wang Fan at this time, but stammering and unable to say anything that appearance appeared even more like a guilty conscience.

At this time, Ye Yuan came forward and clasped his hands at Wang Fang, saying, “May I ask this senior if the primary cultivation method in your High Clarity Sect is the Mountain Shaking Divine Skill?”

Wang Fan was stunned. He immediately said disdainfully, “Ignorant! In this Southern Domain, who doesn’t know that my High Clarity Sect’s primary cultivation method is the High Clarity Imperial Reverence Law?”

Ye Yuan had a regretful look as he said, “Like thishuh,then that’s really a pity. Senior’s skin can even shake this Cloud Dream Mountain Range, yet such a divine skill actually isn’t your High Clarity Sect’s primary cultivation method?”

“Hahaha. . .”

When Ye Yuan’s words came out, everyone hugged their bellies and roared with laughter.

Just now, Wang Fan said that Ye Yuan cultivated thieving skills. This time, Ye Yuan retorted that the High Clarity Sect’s skin was thick. This retaliation was really sharp.

Everybody actually had some idea about the High Clarity Sect’s conduct. They were people who bullied the kind and feared the wicked ones.

Bluntly saying, it was just shameless.

This description of Ye Yuan’s was seriously too apt.

Wang Fan’s face became as black as the bottom of a pot. He said in a low voice, “Brat, are you courting death? To actually dare defame my High Clarity Sect?”

“Defame? As one of the Eight Great Sects, you guys actually committed highway robbery against two weak girls. That is already shameless enough. But you seemed to have failed in the end, or maybe you succeeded and want to reap more benefits. Regardless of what situation it is, your Mountain Shaking Divine Skill is indeed cultivated powerful enough. After entering the mystic realm, you got to hold it back a little. Don’t collapse the mystic realm too,” Ye Yuan said leisurely.

The other six great sects were currently looking over here. Hearing Ye Yuan said this, many people broke into a snigger.

These elders and disciples were all astute people. Ye Yuan’s essence energy was profound and unadulterated. He was completely not somebody who walked an unorthodox path.

Rather, it was the High Clarity Sect whose reputation had never been good. Who was right and who was wrong, everyone had a guess in their hearts.

Wang Fan flew into a great rage when he heard that and said, “Good! Truly excellent! A tough bone came out from the Tranquil Cloud Sect! Today, I’ll help you loosen up your tendons and bones!”

“Halt!” Wang Fan was just about to make his move when a voice transmitted over icily.

Everyone turned around to look. Turned out that the Heavenly Sky Sect’s people came.

The Heavenly Sky Sect was indeed deserving of the Southern Domain’s number one great faction. They sent nearly 20 people on this trip. Just the Sea Transformation Realm elders were as many as three!

Such a lineup could be called extravagant on this occasion today!

Li Zhangyu who went to the Tranquil Cloud Sect as an envoy previously was shockingly present in the Heavenly Sky Sect team.

Li Zhangyu saw Ye Yuan who was currently facing off with Wang Fan right away and killing intent involuntarily surged.

But the eight sects were gathered right now. This was precisely the time for the Heavenly Sky Sect to demonstrate the grace of a great sect. It was obviously not a good opportunity to make his move.

Once he entered the mystic realm, he definitely had to kill Ye Yuan!

After the incident previously, Ye Yuan had already become Li Zhangyu’s heartdemon!

Once a heartdemon was born, it would have a tremendous impact on a martial artist’s cultivation.

Although Li Zhangyu’s strength already recovered to its original standards after a period of recuperation, the difficulty of breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm rose dramatically.

Of course, Li Zhangyu’s talent was outstanding. Fifth Level Crystal Formation Realm could not stump him. But the problem was that Li Zhangyu’s goal was the Soul Sea Realm!

If he did not eliminate Ye Yuan and uproot this heartdemon, when he broke through to the Soul Sea Realm in the future, he would simply be unable to cross the heavenly tribulation!

So no matter what, Ye Yuan had to die!

The Heavenly Sky Sect group arrived in front of everyone in a mighty formation. One of the elders came forward and said, “Your two sects came to the Cloud Dream Mountain Range to explore the mystic realm. Now, you’re exhausting each other before entering the mystic realm. This doesn’t seem to be very good, right? Give this old man face, regardless of what grudges the High Clarity Sect and Tranquil Cloud Sect have, wait until after this.”

This person was the Heavenly Sky Sect’s elder with the highest seniority on this trip. His name was Wu Zhao. That ‘halt’ earlier was him yelling.

Not that he wished to meddle in other people’s business, but because he did not want to see internal frictions before entering the mystic realm.

Finding so many other sects’ elites over was to get cannon fodders. If there were deaths and casualties outside, wouldn’t there be fewer cannon fodders?

That way, the dangers their sect disciples faced would increase drastically.

Among the younger generation, the Heavenly Sky Sect’s disciples’ strength and potential were absolutely the greatest. As long as there were these cannon fodders, their Heavenly Sky Sect could obtain the greatest benefits in the mystic realm. How could they be allowed to have internal conflicts?

When Wang Fan saw Wu Zhao, he instantly changed face and said with a radiant smile, “So, this trip for the Heavenly Sky Sect is under Brother Wu’s charge. Brother Wu’s face must obviously be given!”

As he spoke, Wang Fan turned to Ye Yuan again and snorted coldly, saying, “Consider yourself lucky, punk! After we come out of the mystic realm, watch if I don’t shred that mouth of yours!En. . . but you’ll have to come out from inside first!”

Ye Yuan cupped his fists and said with a smile, “Then I have to thank Senior Mountain Shaker very much for showing mercy! I don’t know whether I can exit or not, but . . . Senior really might not make it out.”

Wang Fan did not take it seriously. He guffawed, “I wonder when such a razor tongue boy appeared in your Tranquil Cloud Sect! I rather hope that you can come out; otherwise, who do I find to vent this anger?”

Wu Zhao looked at the unfathomable smile of Ye Yuan’s and was involuntarily shocked inwardly. Was it possible that this brat knew something?

“Zhangyu, when you went to the Tranquil Cloud Sect, you didn’t say anything superfluous, right? Why do I feel like this boy seems to know something?” Wu Zhao transmitted his voice to Li Zhangyu.

Li Zhangyu replied, “How is that possible? I followed Sect Master’s words to the letter in the Tranquil Cloud Sect!”

“En,maybe I’m too sensitive!” Wu Zhao responded.

This mystic realm did not permit the existence of power exceeding the Crystal Formation Realm. This was also a secret that the Heavenly Sky Sect only became informed of by sacrificing an elder. How could the other sects possibly know?

The Heavenly Sky Sect sacrificed a Sea Transformation Realm elder but did not wish for the other sects to have an easy time either. Hence, they concealed this information and induced the other sects to send out Sea Transformation Realm elders to follow.

As long as these Sea Transformation Realm elders used strength exceeding Crystal Formation Realm inside, they would die without a burial ground!

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