Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 298

Chapter 298 Sea Of Flowers

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“Such rich essence energy! If one can cultivate inside here, one will surely yield twice the result with half the effort!”

When Ye Yuan entered the mystic realm, he heard waves of exclamations and astonishment.

This mystic realm’s essence energy thickness was exceptionally high, most likely multiple times of the outside world. Cultivating in here could indeed achieve the effect of twice the result with half the effort.

But the problem was, who dared to cultivate in here?

However, under such rich essence energy, it was also within reason for the mystic realm to produce even more natural treasures.

“Alright, everyone has already entered the mystic realm. Now, let’s all set off on our own. I wish everyone good luck!” Wu Zhao shouted loudly.

Although he said this, he did not have any intention of moving.

Right then, somebody suddenly exclaimed in shock, “Quickly look! There are actually layers upon layers of Orchid Heart Flower! That is an exceedingly rare Tier 2 medicinal herb! There are actually so many here! Quickly go harvest! However many we can get counts!”

Everybody traced the direction his finger pointed at and looked over. Indeed, they saw a large sea of flowers.

“Haha,we’re rich! This mystic realm is indeed extraordinary! There is actually such a large stretch of Orchid Heart Flowers in the outer regions!”

“The Heavenly Sky Sect really didn’t lie! This mystic realm is truly lined with treasures everywhere!”

Obtaining such a great benefit right after entering the mystic realm, everybody’s spirits naturally roused. Many people already started thanking the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Those with quicker reactions already sprinted over there frantically.

Although this Orchid Heart Flower was a Tier 2 medicinal herb, it was exceedingly rare in the outside world, belonging to those incredibly valuable medicinal herbs. They were scarce resources to the various great sects.

Seeing so many Orchid Heart Flowers, the crowd obviously could not resist wanting to harvest more.

Mo Yuntian hastily said to Mei Zhen upon seeing the situation, “Martial Uncle, let’s hurry over too. Otherwise, it will all be snatched finished by them!”

The Eight Great Sects added up to about a hundred people. Though that sea of flowers was large, it could not weather so many people harvesting either.

Mei Zhen nodded and was just about to speak when he was stopped by Ye Yuan. “Don’t be anxious, Senior Apprentice Brother. Let’s wait and see first!”

How could Mo Yuntian not be anxious? He urged, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye! This Orchid Heart Flower is a Tier 2 medicinal herb that the sect is in a huge shortage of! It’s of utmost importance to us! If we don’t move, then it will have nothing to do with us anymore!”

But Ye Yuan smiled leisurely and said, “What’s the hurry for? Take a look, Senior Apprentice Brother, didn’t the Heavenly Sky Sect not move too?”

Mo Yuntian was stunned and looked over at the Heavenly Sky Sect’s side. Indeed, none of them over there moved.

Mo Yuntian’s heart plunged and instinctively sensed that someone bad was about to happen.

“AHHH. . . !”

Right then, a miserable cry sounded.

Immediately following were several more tragic cries!

Everyone was shocked currently, their gazes looking over in the direction of the sea of flowers.

Turns out that there were already several people who ran into the sea of flowers and started harvesting Orchid Heart Flowers.

Except, those earliest few who entered the sea of flowers currently all turned black. It was clearly the look of being inflicted by deadly poison!

Those few people directly collapsed in the sea of flowers and rolled around endlessly, looking very anguished. It was apparent that they could not survive.

The large group who were originally sprinting there frantically were frightened until they hurriedly stopped their footsteps when they saw how hideous those few people looked now.

“This . . . What’s going on?”

“What happened to those people? Isn’t this the Orchid Heart Flower? Why does it seem to contained deadly poison?”

“Luckily I ran a little slower just now. If I were slightly faster, I’d definitely end up like them.”

There were people shocked and people scared. When they crowd watched the few people struggling in the sea of flowers, they all felt a chill down their spines.

This poison was too horrifying. Those few people were all Crystal Formation Realm martial artist, but they got poisoned before they could even react.

The struggles of those few in the sea of flowers gradually grew weaker. Finally, there was no more sound. Everyone’s comments also gradually died down.

They only realized now that this mystic realm was not as simple as they imagined!

Many people were only shocked awake now why the Heavenly Sky Sect wanted to find them to explore the mystic realm together!

If this mystic realm was filled with treasures everywhere, would they still get to come and explore?

When the group saw such a large sea of flowers earlier, they immediately tossed danger to the back of their minds and nearly perished.

Greed was human nature. Plus, they did not have sufficient understanding of this mystic realm’s dangers, which was why they made such a low-level mistake!

Over on this side, the Tranquil Cloud Sect people were also shaking in fear after the event when they saw this situation.

If it were not for Ye Yuan just now, they would probably have rushed over thoughtlessly.

This poison was clearly very powerful. Those few were all Crystal Formation Realm martial artist but died in a few breaths of time. Even if Mei Zhen was inflicted, he might not be able to retreat unscathed.

“Ye Yuan, fortunately, there was you just now holding us back. Otherwise, we would likely have fallen victim to it too!” Mo Yuntian said with lingering fear.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I saw that nobody from the Heavenly Sky Sect moved and guessed that there was some problem, that’s why I made you guys wait and see first. I didn’t think that a problem would really occur.”

Mo Yuntian silently felt ashamed. As everyone’s senior brother but without half of Ye Yuan’s focus, it was seriously quite shameful.

Actually, Mo Yuntian was over thinking. Facing such a large stretch of Orchid Heart Flowers Sea, not many could keep their cool. Or else, they would not have dashed forward just now without anyone paying attention to Heavenly Sky Sect’s side.

Moreover, the reason why the Heavenly Sky Sect did not move was clearly that they also suffered a loss before.

Even if the Heavenly Sky Sect had many Crystal Formation Realm and Sea Transformation Realm experts, it was impossible for them not to be moved by a scarce medicinal herb like the Orchid Heart Flower.

As for Ye Yuan, he saw that sea of flowers right after entering. Even if he did not see the Heavenly Sky Sect’s movements, he would not let his seniors go and pick those flowers either.

Ye Yuan did not even need to move closer to observe, just by sniffing the scent in the air, he already knew that this sea of flowers was simply not Orchid Heart Flowers!

Those flowers in the sea of flowers were the Mantu Flower which was extremely similar to the Orchid Heart Flower!

The Mantu Flower was virtually the same as the Orchid Heart Flower. Furthermore, the fragrance it gave off was practically the same, but Ye Yuan could differentiate the minute differences within.

The flower scent given off by the Mantu Flower had an extremely faint blood stench. It was just that the flower fragrance was enchanting. Ordinary people found it very hard to tell this sort of extremely minute differences.

But in reality, the Mantu Flower used precisely this kind of method to attract humans to harvest it, poisoning them from there!

Once humans succumbed to the poison and died, they would become the Mantu Flower’s fertilizer, nourishing the Mantu Flower!

But most likely nobody here recognized the Mantu Flower. These people died bizarrely too, and no one knew what happened.

Ye Yuan naturally did not wish to be eye-catching, so he did not explain much. He just used the Heavenly Sky Sect as a shield.

Mei Zhen gritted his teeth and said, “Those fellows definitely knew that there was something shady but did not make a sound. They were waiting for people to be poisoned! Earlier, the few great sects practically all had somebody who succumbed to it. This fulfilled their wishes!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Didn’t the Heavenly Sky Sect get the other seven great sects to come for the purpose of finding more cannon fodders?”

The other great sects’ elders only came around now. They ran in front of Wu Zhao and admonished, “Elder Wu, why didn’t anyone from your Heavenly Sky Sect move? Were you all already aware that these Orchid Heart Flowers have some problem?”

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