Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 300

Chapter 300 Harvesting Flowers

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Chapter 300: Harvesting Flowers

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“Is there anything else, Ye Yuan? The other sects are already long gone!” Mei Zhen reminded.

There were about a hundred people from the Eight Great Sects, neither too many nor too few in this mystic realm. Leaving later would mean having the good stuff taken away by others.

Regarding Ye Yuan, Mei Zhen could not very well issue a command directly. He could only adviced in a roundabout manner.

Ye Yuan said, “Rest assured, Elder Mei. Although there is a lot of good stuff in this mystic realm, it probably won’t be so easy to obtain. Reaching first doesn’t mean definitely obtaining first. Otherwise, the Heavenly Sky Sect would not have spent so much trouble to invite us over. Rather, since the other sects already left now, we can harvest the flowers at ease.”

When Ye Yuan said this, everyone jumped in fright.

The toxicity of this sea of flowers was very strong. Everybody witnessed it with their own eyes just now. Now, Ye Yuan actually wanted to go harvest the flowers?

“Stop kidding, Ye Yuan! That sea of flowers probably has thousands of Orchid Heart Flowers. The strength of the poison is something that even Crystal Formation Realms cannot withstand. You also saw those people earlier yet you still want to harvest the flowers. Isn’t this complaining that your lifespan is too long?” Mei Zhen said.

That scene earlier was truly too shocking, leaving everyone with a lingering fear in their hearts even up till now.

Towards this sea of flowers, everybody’s attitude was in accord; to keep a respectful distance away.

Hence, upon hearing that Ye Yuan wanted to enter the sea of flowers to harvest flowers, Mei Zhen nearly jumped up.

“These flowers are not Orchid Heart Flowers, but Mantu Flowers. This Mantu Flower’s outer appearance is extremely alike the Orchid Heart Flower, but it’s a highly toxic entity. Furthermore, the sea of Mantu Flowers grows together. This will have a superimposing effect on the poison, practically reaching Quasi-Tier 4 level. That’s why those people died upon contact,” Ye Yuan explained.

“Mantu Flower? Really never heard of it before! But since the toxicity is so powerful, then even more so you mustn’t go over!” Mo Yuntian said.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “How can one return empty-handed after entering a treasure mountain?”

“Treasure mountain? What kind of treasure mountain is a bunch of poisonous objects?” Mo Yuntian asked doubtfully.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “You’re uninformed of this Mantu Flower’s origins, that’s why you say so. This Mantu Flower is originally a poisonous item. Furthermore, its appearance also greatly differs from the Orchid Heart Flower. We see that the Mantu Flower looks exactly the same as Orchid Heart Flowers because it was formed through grafting.”

“Grafting?” Everyone said in surprise.

“That’s right. After the Mantu Flower matures, cut off everything above the rhizome completely, then graft the Orchid Heart Flower on it. Then it becomes the current Mantu Flowers. In reality, it should be called Mantu Orchid Heart Flowers,” Ye Yuan explained.

“No way, right? Such a precious Tier 2 medicinal herb like the Orchid Heart Flower was actually used in grafting to become Mantu Flower. Isn’t it too much of a waste of God’s gift? It’s really too bad.” Tian Yu could not help letting out an emotional sigh.

He grew up by Skymaple’s side since young and was much more familiar with all kinds of medicinal herbs compared to other people. The preciousness of Orchid Heart Flowers was such that even the Heavenly Sky Sect would not regard it as unimportant, let alone the Tranquil Cloud Sect which was short on resources to begin with.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Nothing to be sad about. The reason why this was done is naturally that there is a greater justification.”

“What reason? So many Orchid Heart Flowers, if we bring them all back, it’s enough to raise the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists’ strength collectively by a whole stage. But now . . . able to look but unable to eat. Such heartache!” Tian Yu sighed.

“The rank of a medicinal herb is fixed. But under certain special environments, it can advance. No matter how precious the Orchid Heart Flower is, it’s also just a Tier 2 medicinal herb. It has profound meaning to Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists, but to Crystal Formation Realm martial artists, it’s of somewhat little value.”

“Ye Yuan, you mean to say . . . the reason for grafting this Mantu Flower is to let the Orchid Heart Flower evolve?” Mo Yuntian’s eyes became wide saucers as he asked in disbelief.

Ye Yuan nodded and said with a smile, “That’s right! The Orchid Heart Flower is an extremely pure and nourishing medicinal herb. Even if a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist swallowed an Orchid Heart Flower raw, it would have huge benefits towards cultivation. But to nurture Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers, it has to be in a highly toxic environment instead! After the Mantu Flower is grafted over by the Orchid Heart Flower, it converts the Orchid Heart Flower into an entity with even deadlier poison. But this toxicity can spur the true Orchid Heart Flower’s evolution!”

Tian Yu asked in surprise when he heard this, “There’s actually such a miraculous technique in this world?”

This grafting technique was not considered miraculous in the Divine Realm. Each major faction would have some of their own unique breeding methods.

But in the Endless World, this was an extremely phenomenal technique.

In Tian Yu’s mind, the ranks of medicinal herbs were all fixed. He had never heard of being able to evolve.

Ye Yuan said, “Doesn’t count as miraculous. It’s just a problem of knowing it or not.”

“Then doesn’t that mean that there are Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers in this sea of flowers?” Mei Zhen said.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s why I said that we can harvest flowers in peace after they left.”

“But this sea of flowers is so huge. Moreover, it’s all highly toxic, dying upon contact. How should we harvest?” Mei Zhen said with a frown.

Even if they knew that there were treasures in the sea of flowers, it was futile if they could not go in!

They had already witnessed the prowess of the Mantu Flower poison. They did not wish to risk their lives.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Very simple, just burn them all with fire!”

“B-burn them? But the Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers are inside too. What if the fire burns them all down? Furthermore . . . how to burn them? Ordinary fires cannot destroy Tier 2 medicinal herbs by burning,” Mei Zhen said.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Everyone, follow me!”

As he spoke, Ye Yuan headed straight for the sea of flowers. Everybody held suspicions in their hearts but still followed.

Ye Yuan came to the borders of the sea of flowers, and with a flick of his hand, a pale yellow flame appeared.

“Hiss . . . Essence fire! That . . . Is that Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame? H-How is that possible? You’re only at the Spirit Condensation Realm, how can you have a Tier 4 essence fire?” Mei Zhen cried out in shock.

Ye Yuan gave a simple explanation, leaving the group of Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples unbelievably envious.

Tian Yu looked at the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame dancing in Ye Yuan’s palm and only knew now that Ye Yuan did not even go all out during the grand competition!

If the Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame were unleashed, without needing to unleash its full power, he would not be able to escape death too.

Only to see Ye Yuan lightly thrust his palm forward. The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame vanished with a swoosh.

Immediately after, they saw the sea of flowers igniting area by area.

“Ye Yuan, this . . . this is a Tier 4 essence fire! Wouldn’t the Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers be burned down with you burning like this?” Mei Zhen asked with a frown.

“Rest assured, Elder Mei Zhen. Just look on, and you’ll see. This sea of flowers have roughly three thousand plus Mantu Flowers, and nurturing one Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flower requires the expenditure of 100 Mantu Flowers. That’s also to say that there are roughly more than 30 Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers in this sea of flowers. We won’t bring even one less away!” Ye Yuan said assuredly.

Mei Zhen was half-believing, half-doubting. But he still waited patiently.

The Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame was extremely powerful. It quickly burnt this sea of flowers into nothing, not even leaving residue behind!

When everyone focused their eyes over there, they indeed saw that there were a sparse number of plants left in the sea of flowers!

Ye Yuan went forward and directly harvested five Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers. He turned around and said to Mei Zhen, “These Tier 3 Orchid Heart Flowers are useful to me, so I’ll take five. Elder Mei, please take the rest back to the sect.”

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