Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 302

Chapter 302 Pushing Too Far

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Wang Fan and Yu Feng brought the High Clarity Sect group out of the dense forest, their faces showing amusement like they had the Tranquil Cloud Sect within their grasp.

“To think that we met so soon! What a coincidence!” Wang Fan said with a cold laugh.

Mei Zhen snorted and said, “Wang Fan, I advise you to better not clash with us. Otherwise, let’s fight to the bitter end! You guys won’t be able to get any benefits either!”

But Wang Fan burst into laughter and said, “Bitter end? With the likes of you? Your Tranquil Cloud Sect even brought a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm disciple out to present a show. Are you even fit to fight to the bitter end with our High Clarity Sect? However . . . although this punk’s realm isn’t high, he is extremely abnormal, to even know about the Seven-Colored Poison Spider! Just a while back, we even lost a Fifth Level Crystal Formation Realm disciple for the sake of harvesting this Vermillion Lotus Iceheart Fruit. But you all are actually completely unscathed up till now!”

Wang Fan took it all into his eyes the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s group’s performance earlier.

If not for Ye Yuan holding back that Senior Apprentice Brother Pang, his outcome now would definitely be the same as that disciple of theirs!

The High Clarity Sect beat the Tranquil Cloud Sect to this place but lost a Fifth Level Crystal Formation Realm disciple. One could call it heavy losses.

They were currently thinking of ways to harvest the Vermillion Lotus Iceheart Flower when they just happened to see the Tranquil Cloud Sect people coming over. Hence, they found a place to hide, wanting to see the Tranquil Cloud Sect suffer a huge loss too.

That Senior Apprentice Brother Pang was about to rush up when he was forcefully held back by Ye Yuan.

These two days, two disciples already died on their side. It could be said to be heavy losses.

In contrast, seeing how the Tranquil Cloud Sect team looked exactly the same as they were when they entered made Wang Fan inadvertently furious.

This sort of contrast between expectations and reality made Wang Fan even more displeased when looking at Ye Yuan!

Looking at the situation earlier, this boy truly had many abnormal areas.

“Humph!After entering this mystic realm, life and death are up to fate! Your disciples died, but you can’t put this blame on our heads, right?” Mei Zhen snorted icily.

“So what if we lay it on you? When we just entered the mystic realm, if this punk just gave a light reminder, we wouldn’t have lost a disciple in vain too! Do you feel whether we should put this score on your heads or not?”

Mei Zhen involuntarily choked up, but Ye Yuan said, “What duty do I have to remind you? Even if I reminded you, will you be grateful to me? Will you not find trouble with me now?”

Having experienced several interactions, Ye Yuan had long seen through this Wang Fan’s character. He was simply some loose-principle person without any bottom line.

Even if he reminded the High Clarity Sect when he entered the mystic realm, it would also be the same situation right now.

This type of people basically did not know what was called gratitude!

“Hahaha. . . I said before, you, boy, your bones are very tough! Previously outside the mystic realm, I let you escape a calamity. Now, no one is going to step forward to mediate, right?” Wang Fan laughed maniacally.

Mei Zhen’s expression turned grave, and he said somberly, “Wang Fan! Don’t push us too far!”

But Wang Fan paid no attention. He said to Mei Zhen, “Mei Zhen, I give you all a chance. Hand over that boy, and I’ll let you leave. Otherwise . . . none of you shall escape!”

In Wang Fan’s view, they had two Sea Transformation Realm experts over on their side while the other party only had Mei Zhen alone. The disparity between both party’s strength was too great!

The Tranquil Cloud Sect simply stood no chance at all!

Mei Zhen’s realm was similar to his, both Third Level Sea Transformation Realm.

As long as he delayed Mei Zhen, Yu Feng could freely reap the rest!

Under such an enormous difference in strength, the Tranquil Cloud Sect team could only hand over Ye Yuan if they wanted to live.

. . . . . .

Wang Fan did not know that the target they previously robbed was currently observing everything not far off.

If Ye Yuan were here, he probably would not be able to recognize that these two women with unparalleled looks were the two people he saved!

How did the current Li-er and Yan-er still had any hint of ugliness right now?

Ignoring Li-er, even Yan-er who was a servant was soul-stirringly beautiful.

As for Li-er, it was simply impossible to find words to describe.

If one had to describe it, they could only say ‘such beauty should only belong to the heavens and not the mortal realm’?

But currently, Ye Yuan was completely oblivious to this.

“Miss, it seems like they are going to fight over there. Should we help save Mister Ye?” Yan-er transmitted.

Li-er shook her head and said, “Watch a while more.”

“Still watching? Mister Ye is only at the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Once they fight, he will be instantly killed in a single move!”

Ye Yuan gave the divine soul mystic art and Tier 8 medicinal pill to Li-er with any hesitation. This improved Yan-er’s impression towards Ye Yuan tremendously and genuinely treating him as a savior.

So when she saw that Ye Yuan was in danger, she could not wait to lend a helping hand.

In truth, with the pair’s strength, they did not need Ye Yuan’s saving at all. On the contrary, Ye Yuan’s appearance saved Wang Fan and his group instead.

If Ye Yuan did not show up at that time, this group from the High Clarity Sect would most likely already end up as a feast in the stomachs of the Cloud Dream Mountain Range right now.

Li-er and Yan-er did not wish to reveal their strength. That was why they purposely pretended to be Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

Even the Sea Transformation Realm Wang Fan and Mei Zhen were unable to see through Li-er and Yan-er’s strength. One could see just how powerful they were.

So when Ye Yuan saved them both, master and servant, Li-er was still alright, but Yan-er did not welcome it at all.

One had to say that she was even more curious that a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist actually rescued them master and servant without any traces from a bunch of Sea Transformation Realm and Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

But after Ye Yuan perceived Li-er’s ailment, Yan-er’s thoughts were completely turned around.

“It’s fine. If Mister Ye is really in danger, I’ll make a move in time. Our identities are special. We mustn’t make a move easily unless there are no other alternatives. Moreover, I also really want to see just where Mister Ye’s limit lies,” Li-er said composedly.

But Yan-er was not very supportive as she said, “I know that Mister Ye is kind of special, but what kind of limits can a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist reach even if he’s strong?”

Li-er broke into a smile, her beauty unequaled. “That might not be so! I keep feeling that he’s extraordinary!”

“Alright, alright! Ever since that person left, it’s rare to see Miss pay so much attention to something. Do whatever that makes you happy then!”

Yan-er realized that she misspoke after she finished talking and involuntarily stuck her tongue out playfully, appearing embarrassed.

A hint of sorrow flickered across Li-er’s beautiful eyes. She shot Yan-er a fierce glare and no longer bothered with her.

. . . . . .

Mei Zhen gave Ye Yuan a glance and gritted his teeth as he said to Wang Fan, “Since that’s the case, then let’s fight to the bitter end!”

Wang Fan was confused and even thought that he heard wrongly.

He looked at Mei Zhen and the other Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples and saw that their faces actually revealed resolved looks!

Mei Zhen actually wanted to turn violent without even thinking?

One had to know that even though their High Clarity Sect lost two Crystal Formation Realm disciples, the power of Sea Transformation Realm was not something that Crystal Formation Realm martial artists could resist!

Were this group of people from the Tranquil Cloud Sect daft? Everyone did not want their lives anymore for a Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm?

Wang Fan was completely ignorant of Ye Yuan’s significance to the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

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