Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 304

Chapter 304 Goodbye Not Seeing You Out

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Mo Yuntian looked at Ye Yuan with scorching eyes. Only he knew Ye Yuan’s greatest trump card in here!

After Ye Yuan entered the Tranquil Cloud Sect, he had never exposed his strongest trump card before.

Mo Yuntian knew that Ye Yuan was deliberately appearing weak to the enemy in order to win with one blow.

But the problem was, would Wang Fan really stand there honestly and wait for Ye Yuan to release a mighty blow?

That was a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm expert; an existence who could instantly wipe out Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists with a wave of his hands!

Wang Fan was not some rookie martial artist like Yao Qian. His combat strength was more than a level greater than Yao Qian’s.

Where did Ye Yuan’s confidence come from?

But the matter was already done. Thinking too much would not help. If Ye Yuan could not take him down, at the very most, everyone just fought to the death.

“Senior Mountain Shaker, are you ready? I’m attacking!” Ye Yuan purposely shouted.

“Attack then. Why would I need to prepare to deal with you?” Wang Fan scoffed.

“Hur hur,since that’s the case, then I won’t be courteous. Senior Mountain Shaker, please receive this move!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan became solemn. Canghua Sword pointed at Wang Fan. The surrounding heaven and earth essence energy immediately produced a faint fluctuation!

Wang Fan was initially still relaxed with a laid-back appearance. Sensing this sort of situation, his heart involuntarily jolted.

“It’s not so sinister, right? Why would there be heaven and earth essence energy undulations? Could it be this boy’s sword move?” Wang Fan secretly pondered.

Sea Transformation Realm experts’ were much more sensitive to heaven and earth essence energy ripples than those Crystal Formation Realms experts. That was why the other disciples had not reacted yet.

When the High Clarity Sect disciples saw Ye Yuan put on a stance but there was no movement at all, there was another wave of mockery.

“Is this guy a joke sent by monkeys? Putting on a false front to scare a Sea Transformation Realm expert?”

“Haha,Elder Wang is also very happy from playing. This mystic realm is so dangerous; relieving a little is good too.”

“This fellow finally managed to win over the offensive and wasted it like this. Indeed, there are fools every year, but this year is especially plentiful!”

“All shut up for me! The few of you are the fools!” Yu Feng’s heart also kept drumming. He seriously could not listen anymore; hence, he asked them to stop.

Those disciples could not help being befuddled. They could not figure out why Elder Yu looked like he was confronted by a powerful enemy.

But they understood very quickly!

The heaven and earth essence energy undulations became increasingly stronger, gradually forming countless motes of light in midair. They looked like flowers raining down from the skies!

Wang Fan stared until his eyes became wide saucers!

How could such a horrifying sword move appear on a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist?

Also, why could a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist mobilize heaven and earth essence energy? Wasn’t this ability unique to Sea Transformation Realm experts?

Although this move did not finish forming yet, Wang Fan dared to confirm that once this move was completed, it could absolutely cause tremendous injury to him!

A Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists could hurt a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist. What kind of joke was this?

. . . . . .

In the hidden place, when Li-er and Yan-er saw this scene, their faces similarly changed drastically; the astoundment in their hearts could not be any greater!

Except, the reason for their astonishment was completely different from Wang Fan. Others could not see through the realm of this move from Ye Yuan, but Li-er and Yan-er could understand!

“Supreme true intent! Miss, is that . . . is that . . . supreme true intent?”

Yan-er cried out in shock first, then was somewhat uncertain towards the end.

How could something like supreme true intent appear on a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist?

Li-er’s beautiful eyes wandered, shock likewise written all over her face. She only sucked in a deep breath after a long while and replied Yan-er, “It’s indeed the elementary form of supreme true intent! This sword move already took the form of power, showing that his comprehension towards supreme true intent has already taken not a small step! If Mister Ye and that person’s cultivation realm was similar, no, as long as he has late-stage Crystal Formation strength, instantly killing that person is not an issue!”

There was an extremely huge gap between Crystal Formation Realm and Sea Transformation Realm. One could see how high Li-er’s appraisal of Ye Yuan was.

“But, Mister Ye is only at the Crystal Formation Realm. How can he grasp supreme true intent?” Yan-er still felt that she did not dare quite believe it.

Li-er sighed and said, “I guessed that Mister Ye surely had some trump card, but I didn’t think that his trump card was actually a supreme true intent! This trump card is too unexpected! Mister Ye, he . . . will definitely be a figure who shakes the Divine Realm in the future!”

In the era where Divine Dao dwindled to zero, supreme true intent was the paramount profound meaning!

The earlier one grasped supreme true intent, the more supreme true intents one could grasp. The greater the accomplishments of the martial artist as well.

But even among the Divine Realm’s major factions, it was already pretty impressive for those peerless geniuses to be able to comprehend the elementary form of supreme true intent in the Sea Transformation Realm. It was unheard of for Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists to be able to comprehend the elementary form of supreme true intent!

. . . . . .

The spots of light filling the skies caused everyone’s hearts to palpitate, especially those from the High Clarity Sect.

They only knew now that they were the clowns!

Just this move was sufficient to instantly kill any one beneath Sea Transformation Realm!

“Azure Dipper Floating Zero Sword Art, Thousand Flowing Petals, attack!”

With a light cry from Ye Yuan, countless petals swept over towards Wang Fan.

How could Wang Fan bother with whatever conduct of an expert right now? The petals-filled skies sealed all of his escape routes shut. If he still did not make a move, it would at the very least be the outcome of heavily wounded.

10% strength? Screw his mother’s 10% strength!

Wang Fan used his fingers as a sword, activating the High Clarity Imperial Reverence Law. He bellowed, “Five Lighting Dipper Law! Break for me!”

Only to see electric arcs pervading around Wang Fan. The aura belonging to a Sea Transformation Realm was exhibited beyond doubt!

When the floating petals touched those electric arcs, they vanished abruptly with any traces. It actually could not approach his body.

Wang Fan sneered and said, “Boy, you really have some capabilities! If your realm is similar to mine, this move is sufficient to instantly kill me. But sadly, I won’t give you this chance!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed drastically when he saw the situation, and he rebuked furiously, “You deceitful person! You said that you would only use 10% strength in front of so many people earlier. Now, you actually reneged!”

Wang Fan roared with laughter and said, “Young man, you’re too nave! In the martial arts world, the victor becomes king and the loser a bandit. Only the victor can laugh to the very end! So . . . go and die! Five Lightning Dipper Law, go!”

Wang Fan tapped with his sword finger. An extremely horrifying flow of electric current directly tore through the air and attacked Ye Yuan.

But just when everyone thought that Ye Yuan was dead for sure, the wind and clouds suddenly changed!

It was originally a stretch of cloudless blue skies within the mystic realm. Presently, a stretch of dark clouds suddenly gathered on top of Wang Fan.

And that electric arc he fired out dissipated into nothing just like that halfway through!

Virtually in the same instant that the dark clouds amassed, an exceedingly terrifying pressure came from the skies. Even as a Sea Transformation Realm expert, Wang Fan felt asphyxiated too!

“W-What’s going on? What happened? Why . . . Why did my attack vanish?”

Not knowingly why, a foreboding premonition suddenly birthed in Wang Fan’s heart, resulting in him stammering even when talking.

By the side, when Yu Feng saw that bundle of dark clouds, his expression changed even more. “H-Heavenly tribulation? Why did heavenly tribulation appear? Sh*t! Senior Apprentice Brother Wang, quickly dodge!”

Ye Yuan looked at Wang Fan who was opposite and said with a slight smile, “Senior Mountain Shaker, goodbye! Ye Yuan won’t be seeing you out!”

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