Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 307

Chapter 307 Bringing Disaster To The Fish In The Moat

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After several days, seven to eight people walked out of a dense forest. Ahead was a large stretch of grass plain.

The few people’s conditions were not very good. Many still had injuries on them. They had clearly just gone through a major battle.

This group of people was precisely the Tranquil Cloud Sect team.

“Elder Mei, that Tier 3 Nine Serene Ice Lion just now was rather powerful. We only barely managed to fight it to a draw after combining eight people’s strength! Why are the Tier 3 demonic beasts’ strength so high in this mystic realm?”

From Tian Yu’s expression, one could see that he still had some lingering fear from that great battle earlier.

Mei Zhen said, “The mystic realm doesn’t permit for existences above Tier 3. So these demonic beasts all suppressed their realms and not break through, putting all of their efforts on comprehending concepts. That’s why while they may only be Tier 3 demonic beasts, in terms of concept comprehension, they are much stronger than even me!”

“Demonic beasts’ talent in comprehending concepts cannot compare to humans, but their advantage lies in that their lifespan is long. Accumulating bit by bit also becomes pretty impressive,” Ye Yuan added on.

In this mystic realm, there were surely many demonic beasts that attempted to break through to Tier 4 and were killed by the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array.

With things persisting that way, the demonic beasts naturally gave up on breaking through and placed all of their energy onto comprehending concepts.

“Looks like this mystic realm is filled with dangers everywhere. Nobody knows what we’ll bump into in the future!” Tian Yu said rather worriedly.

“This mystic realm is not that simple. It will probably be even more dangerous towards the back. Everyone, be more careful,” Mei Zhen said.

Ye Yuan did not speak, but in truth, he also had a forewarning.

Ye Yuan could skate around dangers related to natural treasures. But he was ultimately mortal and not a god. He had no way of grasping some unknown threats.

Not knowing why, Ye Yuan kept having a feeling that he was being monitored.

But no matter how he observed, he could not find any inkling of it. This sort of feeling like having a prickle on his back made him feel very uneasy.

“Hehe,I wonder if Junior Apprentice Brother Ye can break through to the Crystal Formation Realm inside this mystic realm. If he can break through to the Crystal Formation Realm, our Tranquil Cloud Sect ‘s strength will soar dramatically!” Tian Yu suddenly said with a laugh.

“Yeah. Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s cultivation speed is too freakish. He had just broken through three realms in the sect grand competition. It’s only been a dozen days or so, and he broke through again to the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!”

“If he can break through to the Crystal Formation Realm, with the suppression of realms inside this mystic realm, even if he confronted a Sea Transformation Realm expert, he would have no fear.”

The essence energy inside this mystic realm was abundant. Ye Yuan originally reached the Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm bottleneck already. After a few days of fighting and absorbing essence energy, he finally took advantage of an opportunity yesterday and broke through to the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

This was naturally good news to the Tranquil Cloud Sect group.

Ye Yuan’s greatest shortfall was his realm. Once his realm could rise up, the Tranquil Cloud Sect would become much more confident.

They chatted and laughed and were just about to head into the deep regions of the grass plain when alarm bells started going off.

Their field of vision was suddenly filled with a dark mass as it surged over here.

“W-What’s that?”

In a blink of an eye, that dark mass showed itself in front of everybody. The Tranquil Cloud Sect group finally made out what those were.

“Bloodthirsty Skywolf! It’s Bloodthirsty Skywolf! My god, there are so many Bloodthirsty Skywolves!” Somebody cried out.

Mei Zhen evidently recognized them too as he said in a grave voice, “The Bloodthirsty Skywolf’s personality is extremely savage. Once tangled with them, it will be to the death! Our headcount is too little, best to not face them head-on. Quickly withdraw!”

They were just about to turn around when they heard a holler, “Is that friends from the Tranquil Cloud Sect over there? I beg you all to lend us a hand! The Purple Mansion Sect will be indebted forever!”


At virtually the same time, a disciple who lagged behind the Purple Mansion Sect was caught up by the wolf pack which chomped on his leg as he cried out miserably.

The wolf pack completely did not give him any chance to retaliate. Several more Bloodthirsty Skywolves bit down on his four limbs. He could not shake them off no matter how he tried.

In just a few short breaths of time, that Purple Mansion Sect disciple was torn into ribbons, alarming the Tranquil Cloud Sect group who was watching greatly.

The group only saw clearly now that turns out this group of Bloodthirsty Skywolves was tracking down the Purple Mansion Sect people over here.

Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “Too late, can’t leave anymore!”

The Tranquil Cloud Sect people were stunned. Only now did they discover that many Bloodthirsty Skywolfs appeared all around from god knows where. They actually surrounded them!

And at this time, the Purple Mansion Sect disciples had already converged with the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple. The two teams were encircled like prey by over a hundred Bloodthirsty Skywolfs.

Mei Zhen shot a glare at the person who shouted out just now. If not for his yell, the wolf pack would not have completed the encirclement, and the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples would not have gotten caught in danger.

The person who yelled out was a young man, Eighth Level Crystal Formation Realm cultivation, even higher than Mo Yuntian.

Seemingly detecting Mei Zhen’s unfriendly eyes, he was fully apologetic as he said, “Elder Mei, this Junior is also at the end of my ropes; that’s why I did that! My Purple Mansion Sect had over ten people, but now, there are only these four or five people left. Even Elder Xu also died under heavenly tribulation. As long as Elder Mei can rescue us, we’ll definitely compensate you heavily! If we’re fortunate enough to escape this mystic realm, Junior Lin Chao will definitely report truthfully to Sect Master. I believe that Sect Master will express gratitude to the Tranquil Cloud Sect!”

Mei Zhen’s face was dark as he snorted coldly and said, “It already came to this, do we still have a way out? Eliminate these Bloodthirsty Skywolves first then talk!”

Lin Chao was overjoyed when he heard this. “Many thanks to Elder Mei for saving us! Junior is eternally grateful! But later on, when Elder Mei is attacking, you must not use Sea Transformation Realm strength. Otherwise, it will bring down heavenly tribulation!”

Mei Zhen nodded slightly and said, “Of course, I know that! Tranquil Cloud Sect disciple listen up! Set up the Eight Gates Gold Lock Formation. You all each guard one area. Take heed not to let the wolf pack break in. As for the Purple Mansion Sect people, you guys enter the formation first and rest a while, then come and assist us.”

Mei Zhen could tell at a glance that these remaining disciples from the Purple Mansion Sect were already a spent force and was unable to sustain much longer.

Rather than letting them join the battle, might as well rest a while then join in.

The Eight Gates Gold Lock Formation was only an ordinary joint attack formation. Most great sect disciples knew it.

Although this formation’s strength was not great, it was very practical in such a messy fight so as to not get taken down one by one by the wolf pack.

Of course, how long it could defend for was another question.

After all, these Bloodthirsty Skywolves were all at the early-stage Tier 3 realm!

A hundred early-stage Tier 3 Bloodthirsty Skywolfs was absolutely a nightmare-like existence. Otherwise, these Purple Mansion Sect disciples would not have fled so miserably.

With Mei Zhen’s command, the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples each laid out the formation to welcome the enemy.

They also knew that this was an extremely dangerous juncture and must not be careless.

But Ye Yuan’s attention was placed on that Lin Chao the entire time.

Though it was only a few words from start to finish, Ye Yuan could sense that he was a guy with extremely deep schemes.

From when the wolf pack showed up to now, it seemed very coincidental, but Ye Yuan had a feeling that this was all deliberately done with Lin Chao!

No other reason. Just because that yell earlier was too coincidental.

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