Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 310

Chapter 310 One Glance

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Ye Yuan appeared very calm on the surface, and his actions did not seem to have any major changes.

But those familiar with him knew that Ye Yuan’s rage at this moment was getting greater and greater, just like that time when Lu-er was hurt!

Before this mystic realm exploration, Ye Yuan and Pang Wannian were not acquainted. But during this half a month, everyone helped each other through hurdles and made deep friendships.

Although Pang Wannian was somewhat reckless when things cropped up, he had no airs and could click with everyone.

The reason why Ye Yuan put himself in the limelight the entire trip was in order to bring everyone back. But he did not think that such an incident would happen!

He casually fished out a medicinal pill and threw it to Senior Apprentice Brother Du who withdrew said while dealing with the wolf pack, “Quickly feed Senior Apprentice Brother Pang!”

Senior Apprentice Brother Du was called Du Cheng, an elite disciple, same as Pang Wannian.

They were both at the Third Level Crystal Formation Realm, but in terms of true combat strength, the two of them were ranked at the bottom.

Even the First Level Crystal Formation Realm Tian Yu’s combat strength was much stronger than theirs. So the first ones to pull back were them.

Du Cheng did not hesitate much and directly stuffed the medicinal pill into Pang Wannian’s mouth.

When the medicinal pill entered his stomach, Du Cheng discovered that Pang Wannian’s injuries were recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye!

It was even faster than the recovery speed of those Bloodthirsty Skywolfs!

And Pang Wannian’s complexion became a little rosier before long.

Du Cheng was unbelievably dumbfounded in his heart. What medicinal pill is this, to actually have such effects?!

Du Cheng was very clear on what effects the sect’s Tier 3 medicinal pills had.

Comparing to this pill from Ye Yuan, it was simply trash!

Recalling again to the detoxification pills that Ye Yuan took out, the effects were similarly much better than the sect ones.

Could these medicinal pills all be refined by Ye Yuan himself? But he was only at the Spirit Condensation Realm!

For a while, Du Cheng’s mind ran wild.

Right at this time, he heard asplat,interrupting his thoughts.

That sound came from over Ye Yuan’s side!

Du Cheng looked over towards Ye Yuan’s side and saw a headless wolf corpse lying on the ground, while Ye Yuan had already put away Canghua Sword since god knows when.

Right then, another wolf dashed towards Ye Yuan with extreme speed.

Only to see Ye Yuan dodge slightly and lightly tap a finger on the wolf’s head.

Without any unnecessary actions, that Bloodthirsty Skywolf scurried back.

The next instant, Du Cheng’s pupils constricted!

When that Bloodthirsty Skywolf landed on the ground, its head exploded with abang.

Another headless wolf corpse!

Following that, he saw Ye Yuan’s profile shuttling back and forth within the wolf pack like a ghost, landing finger after finger on the Bloodthirsty Skywolves’ heads.

Each finger Ye Yuan unleashed, a Bloodthirsty Skywolf would fall.

In a blink of an eye, there were already over a dozen Bloodthirsty Skywolves that died in Ye Yuan’s hands!

At this moment, it was as if Ye Yuan had become the incarnation of a god that descended upon the world. His might was without equal!

Originally, those frenzied Bloodthirsty Skywolves did not fear death and were completely unaware of what being frightened was.

But now, those Bloodthirsty Skywolves actually took the initiative to back away from the areas that Ye Yuan passed through!

They were scared!

But this sort of avoidance was futile. The areas that Ye Yuan passed through would surely leave behind one or two Bloodthirsty Skywolf carcasses.

“En?What’s going on?”

Mo Yuntian suddenly felt the pressure around him lighten. Initially, the frenzied Bloodthirsty Skywolves that were everywhere pressured him until he felt suffocated. But now, it suddenly lessened by quite a bit.

There were Ti Wujiu and Tian Yu who also had the same feeling. They all noticed that the Bloodthirsty Skywolves seemed to be afraid of something.

Now that their pressure reduced right now, they had spare energy to observe the other areas.

It was alright if they did not look. But one look and they jumped in fright.

The areas that Ye Yuan passed through left behind wolf carcasses everywhere!

The Eight Gates Gold Lock Formation had already automatically dissolved following Ye Yuan’s departure.

And each of Ye Yuan’s steps was heading over in the Bloodthirsty Wolf King’s direction!

Those Bloodthirsty Skywolves no longer dared to go forward to provoke Ye Yuan anymore. But even so, their companions still died one after another.

The Bloodthirsty Wolf King had already forced Mei Zhen into a desperate situation over on this side. Mei Zhen was covered in injuries right now, looking rather ghastly.

Right then, the Bloodthirsty Wolf King seemed to have detected a thick animosity, and its movements also became sluggish.

Seeing Ye Yuan who was walking towards it composedly, the Bloodthirsty Wolf King’s pupils shrunk. Forcing Mei Zhen back with one claw, it turned towards the direction where Ye Yuan was currently approaching him in.

As Ye Yuan walked, he slaughtered the wolf king’s progenies.

The originally wild and fearless Bloodthirsty Skywolves were like paper paste in Ye Yuan’s hands!

The Bloodthirsty Wolf King’s eyes became blood-red when it saw its clansmen being massacred. An incomparably powerful aura surged towards Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan continued walking step by step towards it as if he could not feel it.

The Wolf King actually had yet to enter the frenzied state from battling Mei Zhen until now!

Mei Zhen was very fretful seeing the situation and shouted loudly, “Ye Yuan, quickly move aside! The Wolf King is entering frenzied state!”

But it was like Ye Yuan did not hear it. He moved closer and closer to the Wolf King.

Everybody’s hearts leaped to their throats. The Wolf King’s aura was too horrendous.

The Wolf King without entering frenzied state could force Mei Zhen until he did not have the strength to retaliate. His strength after the frenzy transformation was totally not what the people present could withstand!

But just as Ye Yuan was around ten steps from the Wolf King, a scene that nobody dared to believe occurred.

That Bloodthirsty Wolf King actually took a step back!

Ye Yuan casually finished off a Bloodthirsty Skywolves and took another step forward.

The Wolf King backed up another step again!

The Wolf King was actually afraid!

Ye Yuan currently had a composed look without joy nor sorrow, looking just like a person who was harmless to humans and animals.

But the incomparably powerful Wolf King was actually fearful of him!

Ye Yuan advanced. The Wolf King retreated again!

The Wolf King’s eyes stared fixedly at Ye Yuan. Even humans could see the fury within it. But he just did not dare to attack,

Ye Yuan advanced. The Wolf King retreated once more!

This time, Ye Yuan did not move. He just met eyes with the Wolf King like this, his expression calm and collected.

The Wolf King only faced off with Ye Yuan for several breaths of time. Finally, it could not endure it and let out a long howl, then turned around and ran.

With the Wolf King’s departure, the remaining Bloodthirsty Skywolfs naturally would not stay on anymore. They left the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples behind and also fleed.

In a twinkle of an eye, the Bloodthirsty Skywolves that originally had powerful auras vanished to the ends of the grass plains.

The Purple Mansion Sect disciples looked at the corpse-strewn ground and looked at Ye Yuan again, their eyes showing fear.

This person clearly only had Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation, but even the Bloodthirsty Wolf King did not dare to clash with him!

He forced the Bloodthirsty Wolf King back with one glance!

Such a battle result was too inconceivable!

“Ye Yuan, you’re really amazing! How did you do it?” Tian Yu asked Ye Yuan excitedly.

But Ye Yuan did not reply him.

Mo Yuntian suddenly noticed that something was not quite right. He walked up and patted Ye Yuan’s shoulder, asking, “You alright, Ye Yuan?”

But what he did not expect was that Ye Yuan fell stiffly backward just like that.

Mo Yuntian was alarmed and hurriedly went to support Ye Yuan.

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