Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 316

Chapter 316 Entering The Formation

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This Wu Zhao was apparently a cautious person too, making the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples and the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples enter the grand array in turns. Even if Ye Yuan wanted to play any tricks, it was also impossible to bring everyone away.

Sparing the rat to save the dishes. This was taking the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples as hostages.

Everyone understood the prowess of the formation. As long as they took a single wrong step, they could be burnt to ashes.

If Ye Yuan really played some tricks, the Heavenly Sky Sect could fling the fire on the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples too.

Mei Zhen was just thinking of refuting when Ye Yuan’s voice transmitted into his mind.

“Elder Mei, just do as they say. Otherwise, they won’t set their mind at ease to follow me.”

Regarding Ye Yuan, Mei Zhen already unconditionally trusted him. He just responded coolly with two words, “Got it.”

Then, he said to Mo Yuntian as if nothing had happened, “Just do as Elder Wu says. Otherwise, he would probably feel uneasy even when eating and sleeping! Yuntian, you follow Elder Zhao then. The rest all follow.”

Wu Zhao was also disinclined to haggle over the sarcasm in Mei Zhen’s words. He still had to do this kind of necessary precaution. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be counting money for others after being sold?

Him being able to lower his stance to invite Ye Yuan to make a move did not represent that he could trust Ye Yuan.

Let alone that the Heavenly Sky Sect and Tranquil Cloud Sect’s relation was far from amicable.

But he already made the decision in his heart. He must find an opportunity to finish Ye Yuan off!

Letting this boy continue developing, the future would definitely be the Heavenly Sky Sect’s nightmare!

After the Heavenly Sky Sect’s side finished preparing, Ye Yuan lead the way in. His figure entered the Absolute Blaze Barrier once again and vanished from sight.

Zhao Yuyan did not dare delay and followed closely behind, also disappearing in front of everyone.

Next was Mo Yuntian, the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples and Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples. Just like this, they entered the grand array one after another.

The other sect disciples exchanged glances and also followed in after the two sects entered.

They already had no other choices. They could only brave the jeopardies and the large formation!

In front was the Absolute Blaze Barrier. Behind was the boundless Confounding Mist Forest.

With Zhao Yuyan leading, there was simply no way for these people to walk out of the Confounding Mist Forest, let alone leaving the mystic realm!

They could only follow Ye Yuan if they wanted to strive for this slim chance of survival!

Yu Feng’s expression was very ugly. He had similarly fallen into a very awkward situation now.

Seeing as the people became increasingly lesser, if everybody went in and he did not, then he could only wait to die here. Because they had no way of catching up to the footsteps of the person in front.

Finally, Yu Feng gritted his teeth and said to the disciples, “Go!”

. . . . . .

Zhao Yuyang followed Ye Yuan closely and did not dare to even take a single wrong step.

As a formation master, he could better understand the dangers of this large formation!

As he followed Ye Yuan, he also studied this large formation.

As a formation master, his infatuation with array formations was not beneath alchemists.

And whether he could understand this grand array or not involved whether the Heavenly Sky Sect could leave this grand array safely or not. This also made Zhao Yuyang feel gravely responsible.

Study it, just to understand and not crack the grand array!

Zhao Yuyang had to follow according to the route Ye Yuan walked to deduce this grand array’s escape route!

The reason why Wu Zhao made him follow Ye Yuan, the goal laid here.

Ye Yuan obviously would not explain to him the mysteries of this grand array. He could only rely on himself.

As Zhao Yuyang followed Ye Yuan’s footsteps tightly, the calculations in his brain were also operating at his limits!

High Tier 4 grand array, it was simply impossible for him to understand if he did not risk his life.

If he was outside the array formation, even if he was given three or five years, he might not be able to understand this grand array either.

But now that Ye Yuan was leading the way in front, it was different.

What Ye Yuan walked was indeed the life-gate. Zhao Yuyang could see this point when he entered the grand array.

Hence, the process of Ye Yuan walking was also saving a portion of this grand array’s iceberg for Zhao Yuyang!

Cracking the entire grand array, unless Zhao Yuyang could advance to become a Tier 4 formation master, otherwise, it was essentially impossible.

But if it were just finding the life-gate, the difficulty would drop drastically.

Of course, if Ye Yuan were not leading the way ahead, this would be an impossible task for Zhao Yuyang!

Furthermore, this mission of following Ye Yuan to seek out the grand array’s life-gate, it also had tremendous benefits to Zhao Yuyang once he could complete it.

Rays of light filled the skies of the grand array. Iridescent colors circulated, looking exquisitely beautiful.

Ye Yuan strolled leisurely like in a courtyard, as if walking out of this grand array was a piece of cake to him.

In truth, it was indeed a very simple matter.

In his previous life, Ji Qingyun was a Tier 9 formation master. Although it was only auxiliary, Tier 4 formations truly did not pose much difficulty to him.

This Absolute Blaze Barrier might be extremely powerful in the Endless World’s Southern Domain. But placed in the Divine Realm, it was nothing.

Tier 4 formation masters in the Divine Realm, one grab and there would be a large bunch. If Ye Yuan could not even crack this kind of array formations, then he might as well find a piece of tofu to commit suicide with.

Zhao Yuyang followed Ye Yuan at every step but did not notice that Ye Yuan’s footsteps were becoming progressively faster.

His entire mind was placed on the Absolute Blaze Barrier, and he simply did not have spare time to consider other things. But the computing in his brain was clearly unable to keep up.

Zhao Yuyang did not feel it, but the people behind clearly detected it!

“Ye Yuan, why are you walking faster and faster?! Slow down!” Wu Zhao shouted at the top of his voice.

Wu Zhao was shouting, but he had no choice but to increase his pace to catch up. If he got lost, then he could only wait to die.

But Ye Yuan ignored him and walked faster and faster. After entering the Absolute Blaze Barrier, it was not up to Wu Zhao anymore.

Zhao Yuyang had already entered an infatuated state currently and did not hear even Wu Zhao’s shouting.

All the way until Ye Yuan vanished at the next node and Zhao Yuyang stepped on the footprint Ye Yuan left behind prior to this was he shocked awake!

“En?What’s going on? Where’s Ye Yuan?” Zhao Yuyang looked left and right but could not find Ye Yuan’s silhouette anymore.

Wu Zhao gnashed his teeth in hatred and said to Mei Zhen with a cold sneer,“Heh heh,that boy abandoned you all and escaped alone! Elder Mei, you all taught a fine disciple!”

But Mei Zhen said composedly, “I think you can also tell that there’s no harm even if all of us die here. As long as Ye Yuan can exit alive, why would my Tranquil Cloud Sect need to fear your Heavenly Sky Sect in the future?”

Evidently, Mei Zhen did not have much hope either.

This was a Tier 4 array formation. It was already very impressive that Ye Yuan could. Trying to rescue everyone from the Tranquil Cloud Sect under the double-teaming from the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples was something virtually impossible!

Wu Zhao’s expression involuntarily choked. His beard billowed as he glared and said,“Harrumph!Do you think that Sect Master will wait for the day that your Tranquil Cloud Sect rises? However, I’ll eradicate you all first before talking! With Yuyang here, we might not be unable to walk out of this grand array!”

When Wu Zhao said this, every sect’s disciples were inwardly alarmed.

Could this Heavenly Sky Sect be conniving something?

Wu Zhao was just about to make a move when he noticed a blur in front of him. Mei Zhen’s figure actually vanished before his eyes just like that!

Same as Mei Zhen, every single onf of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples vanished into thin air just like that!

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