Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 318

Chapter 318 Sword Puppets

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A desolate main hall, dim lighting, serene emptiness, and pressing cold air.

“Sss. . . This grim place makes my hair stand on its ends!” Tian Yu spoke.

A gust of icy wind blew over, making him shudder.

“This main hall has array formations surrounding it. Although it’s deserted for a long time, it’s untouched by any specks of dust. I think that this sect had extraordinary foundations back then in the array formations path.”

From the inside to the outside of the entire mystic realm, there were virtually large formations guarding. Especially that Heavenly Thunder Gold Lock Formation. It was also an extremely powerful existence among Tier 5 grand arrays.

“The Southern Domain is withered and decayed in terms of array formations path. Only a large sect like the Heavenly Sky Sect can nurture Tier 4 formation masters! But their Tier 4 formation masters are seriously too weak when compared to this sect.” Mei Zhen sighed with admiration.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Everyone, be more careful. Maybe some kind of danger also exists in this main hall.”

Actually, without needing Ye Yuan’s reminder, how could the others dare to lower their guard after experiencing so much in the mystic realm?

“Ye Yuan, look over there! There’s a painting!” Tian Yu suddenly shouted.

Ye Yuan nodded. He saw the painting too. On the outside, he was expressionless, but on the inside, a myriad of profanities coursed through his mind!

He was all too familiar with the person in the painting!

The person in the painting had a sage-like demeanor and was elegant and suave. It was just that the young man’s face had some discrepancies with the person Ye Yuan knew.

However, Ye Yuan recognized him at a single glance. The person in the painting was precisely the younger version of the Tier 9 Formations Emperor, Lu Linfeng!

And Lu Linfeng also had another title, which was one of the Divine Realm’s Ten Great Divine Kings: Grand Yan Divine King!

The Ten Great Divine Kings were people who all developed their respective domains to the limits.

Although each of their developmental directions was different, they had a common point, which was transcendent strength!

Lu Linfeng could rely on the formations path to occupy a position in the Ten Great Divine Kings. One could see just how high his attainments in Array Dao was!

“F*ck his grandmother! No wonder I had a familiar feeling when I entered the mystic realm! After screwing around for so long, this sect is actually the Dao teachings that Lu Linfeng that loser left behind! It’s just that he probably never imagined that his Dao teachings had already been eradicated for god knows how many years. Unexpected,oh,how unexpected. That loser actually came from the Endless World, while I reincarnated in his native land!”

For a moment, Ye Yuan was filled with endless emotions in his heart.

After causing a disturbance in this mystic realm for quite some time, turned out that this was the Dao teachings left behind by an old acquaintance!

Such a pity. Your disciples and followers are no longer around. Otherwise, I’ll definitely discipline them properly on your behalf to vent this frustration in my chest.Ye Yuan thought to himself gloomily.

The martial arts world never used age to determine seniority but used strength to rank seniority.

Back then, Ji Qingyun was the youngest among the Divine Realm’s Divine King powerhouses. But his Alchemy Dao strength reigned supreme in that era!

Only his father Ji Zhengyang and one or two of those old fellows from the Alchemist Association could suppress him by a head!

Hence, Ye Yuan had always interacted with the Ten Great Divine Kings as the same generation.

But this Grand Yan Divine King, Lu Linfeng was an old demon that had already lived for several thousand years.

Speaking of it, Ye Yuan and Lu Linfeng even had a not too minor grudge!

That old punk used his Formations Path Nine Scripts as a bet back then to goad Ye Yuan into competing in the Formations Path with him. The result was that Ye Yuan suffered a crushing defeat and obediently refined three Tier 9 medicinal pills for him!

Three high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills!

Ye Yuan refined until he was on the verge of vomiting blood back then before he managed to refine three high-grade Tier 9 medicinal pills!

In the end, that fellow sent over a sentence,“Haha,let’s bet again next time if we have the opportunity!”

At that time, Ji Qingyun nearly spewed out a mouthful of old blood.

Although Ji Qingyun was also a Tier 9 formation master, compared to the Grand Yan Divine King, the gap was naturally not an ordinary kind of big.

But Ye Yuan remembered this unprecedented shame until now.

Now, he actually accidentally stumbled into Lu Linfeng’s old nest but had no way of bullying his disciples and followers; this made Ye Yuan very depressed.

“Ye Yuan, Ye Yuan! What’s with you? Is it possible that you recognize the person in that painting?” Pang Wannian’s words interrupted Ye Yuan’s thoughts.

Ye Yuan came around and coughed dryly, saying, “That fellow looks so ugly. Why would I know him?”

Pang Wannian looked at the painting and was somewhat puzzled.

The person in the painting looked elegant and suave, how was this ugly?

But he looked at Ye Yuan again.Hmm, seems like his looks was indeed slightly worse compared to Ye Yuan’s.

Pretty boys all had such confidence!

“This old punk, wait until I storm back to the Divine Realm, I’ll definitely find you to avenge my previous disgrace!” Ye Yuan said hatefully in his heart.

But before he finished venting in his heart, he heard a creak. Du Cheng actually stepped on a stone board!

That stone board sunk slightly. Everyone’s heart also sunk down!

No one had yet to react when the 18 statues originally in the corners of the main hall actually moved at the same time!

This time, the basket was really poked hard!

Every person all saw these 18 statues right after entering the gate. They even thought that they were only stone sculptures.

But currently, the outer appearances of those 18 statues actually all fell off, revealing brown skin.

Apart from the skin being different from humans, these 18 statues were actually indistinguishable from humans!

Ye Yuan initially also thought that these were ordinary statues. But at this present moment, another myriad of profanities coursed through his mind again!

Sword puppets!

18 sword puppets!

Lu Linfeng that old punk loved to fiddle with such toys!

When he saw these sword puppets, Ye Yuan knew that this was definitely left behind before that old punk ascended!

The so-called sword puppets were actually doll puppets that used essence crystals to activate.

Fortunately, these sword puppets should be the works from Lu Linfeng’s early years, only having Tier 3 strength.

If it were the toys from after he had ascended, then it would be the end today. Everyone would have to die here!

Ye Yuan had seen before some Tier 9 sword puppets at Lu Linfeng’s place. They were powerful!

Furthermore, what Lu Linfeng was strongest in array formations. He could match Divine King powerhouses by using sword puppets to set up a sword formation!

Ye Yuan even wanted to ask for a few to play with back then. But that old punk was stingy as hell and was unwilling to give even one.

“Lu Linfeng, our grudge is growing bigger and bigger! You wait for me to head back to the Divine Realm to take care of you!” Ye Yuan was so furious that his face was contorted.

The 18 sword puppets were swift in action and surrounded Ye Yuan’s group of eight together very quickly.

Though these sword puppets only had Tier 3 strength, Ye Yuan knew that these 18 sword puppets definitely would not fight separately. Wanting to break them one by one was impossible!

Want to destroy these sword puppets? The only way was to crack the formation!

“Elder Mei, seniors, don’t move randomly. In a while when we fight, you all listen to my command. Please do not make your own decisions!” Ye Yuan said.

Hearing Ye Yuan being so solemn, everyone also felt secretly alarmed.

They originally thought that with Mei Zhen and Mo Yuntian around, these Tier 3 puppets were not much of a threat.

But looking at it now, it seemed like that was not the case!

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