Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 320

Chapter 320 Moving In And Out Freely

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Shutting his eyes, the surrounding happenings were imprinted within Ye Yuan’s divine soul as extremely fine details appeared!

The orbit of the 18 sword puppets, Mei Zhen, Mo Yuntian, Ti Wujiu, Tian Yu, Pang Wannian . . .

All of this and everything were so clear!

The originally uncapturable traces looked so clear right now. It was just like the entire world slowed down.

Unknowingly, Ye Yuan’s Heart Like Still Water Realm heightened again!

One breath, two breaths, three breaths . . .

Time trickled away. Only without Ye Yuan’s tying down did Mei Zhen feel the incredible pressure on him!

His nerves were wounded tightly to the limits, and he did not dare to slack off in the slightest. Because any easing up could cost a disciple’s life!

Every breath, Mei Zhen felt like it was as drawn out as a century.

Every breath, Mei Zhen was exhausted from running around. Saving this person the previous second, but the next second, dashing to another person’s side!

Every breath was likewise felt endless to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s soul force spread out, capturing every movement of the 18 sword puppets.

A sword attacked from behind. It was as if Ye Yuan grew eyes at the back, dodging easily with a slight tilt of his body.

It was as if these 18 sword puppets formed an all-encompassing net within this area.

What Ye Yuan wanted to do was to unravel this inescapable net!

In a twinkle, eight breaths of time had passed. But Mei Zhen had already reached his limits in this short eight breaths of time.


Mei Zhen helped Du Cheng deflect a sword, but his nerves suddenly tightened. Because another sword had already arrived in front of the one-armed Pang Wannian!

This Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation was unbelievably profound. Mei Zhen being able to sustain for eight breaths of time was already the limits. He was truly helpless against this sword.

In Pang Wannian’s eyes, that sword enlarged continually. He used all the strength in his body to try to evade this sword, but it was already too late.

“Am I still going to die here after all . . .” Pang Wannian closed his eyes in despair.


A crisp sound sounded. The sword puppet’s sword was pushed aside.

Pang Wannian was stunned. He opened his eyes to take a look. Turns out that it was Ye Yuan who charged out from the side and helped him deflect this sword!

Ye Yuan saved his life again!

“Three steps to the left, five steps forward! Follow me! Don’t walk incorrectly!”

Pang Wannian did not have time to give thanks yet when Ye Yuan’s voice sounded beside his ears.

No time to think too much, Pang Wannian instinctively followed Ye Yuan’s footsteps and walked.

Three steps to the left and five steps forward. A total distance of merely eight steps, but the two of them suffered the attacks of over a dozen swords!

During this process, Ye Yuan helped Pang Wannian resolve several incidences of danger again.

After eight steps, Ye Yuan said again, “Move two steps back, three steps to the right!”

Pang Wannian did not dare to delay. He continued following Ye Yuan.

Just like that, after Pang Wannian twirled around with Ye Yuan six times, only to see his eyes blur. There was actually no more sword puppets around him!

The two of them exited the sword formation just like that!

“Go to one side and rest, Senior Apprentice Brother Pang. I’ll go and bring the other seniors out!”

Ye Yuan did not wait for Pang Wannian’s reply. With a flash, he entered the formation again.

With a few leaps and bounds, Ye Yuan arrived at Du Cheng’s side. Currently, Du Cheng’s body was full of sword wounds. If not for Mei Zhen protecting him fervently this whole time, he would probably be a dead soul claimed by a sword already.

“Follow my footsteps, Senior Apprentice Brother Du! Take care not to get lost!” Ye Yuan said.

Du Cheng gritted his teeth and said, “Okay!”

Ye Yuan brought Du Cheng and arrived beside Tian Yu in two or three steps. Then, he brought Tian Yu and arrived at Ti Wujiu’s side.

Just like that, Ye Yuan finally gathered all the seniors together.

“Seniors, follow me out of the formation first. Leave the rest to me!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan brought everyone to break out of the encirclement by following a set pattern.

Fortunately, these sword puppets were lifeless objects and did not have their own will. Otherwise, it would not be so easy either for Ye Yuan to want to bring everyone out so smoothly.

When Ye Yuan brought everybody out of the formation, the 18 sword puppets focused all of their attacks on Mei Zhen.

Mei Zhen’s exhaustion earlier was also enormous. When everybody went out, he immediately felt the pressure rise significantly.

“Seniors, go rest first, I’ll go and swap Elder Mei out!” Ye Yuan was about to enter the formation after he finished talking.

“Hang on! Ye Yuan, you want to crack the formation alone? Even Elder Mei can’t handle these puppets, can you do it alone?” Mo Yuntian asked in surprise.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “Not crack the formation. You’ll know in a while.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan leaped and clashed together with those sword puppets once more.

“Elder Mei, you exit the formation first! Leave this place to me!” Ye Yuan shouted.

“En?You alone?” Mei Zhen was flabbergasted when he heard that.

“Don’t ask so much anymore! Follow my instructions and take your steps! Six steps to the right, one step back!” Ye Yuan said.

Mei Zhen’s trust in Ye Yuan had already reached an unconditional extent. He immediately hesitated no more and moved his feet according to Ye Yuan’s instructions.

With Mei Zhen’s Third Level Sea Transformation Realm strength, wanting to charge outside was not hard as long as he knew the secret of leaving the formation.

Indeed, under Ye Yuan’s directions, Mei Zhen’s eyes blurred, and he left the array formation.

Now, there was only Ye Yuan alone left within the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!

Ye Yuan looked at those expressionless sword puppets and said with a cold smile, “Lu Linfeng, you miser! Today, I’m going to take in all of these sword puppets of yours. Consider it collecting some interest first! And also this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, I won’t be courteous!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan shut his eyes once more and entered Heart Like Still Water State!

Without the impediment from his seniors, Ye Yuan could experience this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation to his heart’s content.

He only used eight breaths of time just now and barely managed to find the way out of the formation. But he was still far off from wanting to completely crack this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!

Mei Zhen and the rest already witnessed the power of this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation but did not know how powerful this array formation was.

But Ye Yuan knew that inside Lu Linfeng’s Formations Path Nine Scripts, there was an array formation called Greater Nine Revolutions Profound Heaven Interlocking Formation. It was evolved from this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.

The power of the Great Nine Revolutions Profound Heaven Interlocking Formation was enough to slaughter over a dozen ordinary Divine Kings!

Even when compared to the Spirit Bristle Divine King’s Nine Suns Burning Heaven, it was not any weaker!

This array formation before their eyes was only a dead object. Ye Yuan knew that if Lu Linfeng were here presiding over it, their party would simply have no chance to escape.

Forget about Sea Transformation Realm experts. Even Soul Sea Realm powerhouses might not be able to escape!

That was the true strength of the Divine Realm’s Ten Great Divine Kings!

And the current Ye Yuan was actually challenging the Grand Yan Divine King, Lu Linfeng, when he was young.

If Ye Yuan’s conjectures were correct, this array formation in front of him should have been created when Lu Linfeng was at the Sea Transformation Realm or Soul Sea Realm. Otherwise, these sword puppets would definitely not be limited to this power.

Very evidently, the Lu Linfeng back then was not mature enough yet. The might of this Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation also did not reach a heaven-defying degree.

But even so, it was also an existence far beyond the reach of the vast majority of people.

What Ye Yuan wanted to do now was to completely comprehend this array formation and control these 18 sword puppets!

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