Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 322

Chapter 322 Remnant Thought Message

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Regarding array formations, fully comprehending it and cracking it were two entirely different concepts. The degree of difficulty was not even on the same order of magnitude.

Cracking was knowing the hows. Comprehending was knowing the hows and the whys.

Just like humans knew that it was going to rain right from the start. But understanding the reason wasted far too much time.

One had to acknowledge that Lu Linfeng’s array formation was seriously incomparably profound.

Even if it was an array formation that he created thousands of years ago, wanting to comprehend it was also so hard.

Ye Yuan used Heart Like Still Water State and completely drained his soul force, but he still could not find that ‘rope head.’

Where is it? Where the hell is it?!Ye Yuan screamed inwardly.

Following his soul force’s rapid consumption, Ye Yuan’s consciousness became increasingly blurry. All of his dodgings were now completely reliant on his body’s instinctive reactions.

Ye Yuan felt anguished in his heart.Could this be it? Lu Linfeng, on the array formations path, I really still can’t beat you!

Just as Ye Yuan’s soul force was about to be completely depleted, a golden text character suddenly lit up within Ye Yuan’s divine soul.

It was as if Ye Yuan’s divine soul was being stabbed by a needle and he abruptly woke with a start.

Then, Ye Yuan discovered to his delight that his divine soul was in the midst of recovering rapidly!

At this precise moment, Ye Yuan noticed that Mei Zhen was just about to dash into the formation to save him. That was why he hurried said, “I’m fine! Don’t come over!”

That golden word was the simplest character in the Medicine God’s Soul Canon. For the past few months, Ye Yuan had always been contemplating this character. He only vaguely grasped some things which could not be explained clearly.

Ye Yuan frequently felt like he had grasped something. But in the end, discovered that he did not capture anything at all.

He did not think that the character would actually give rise to such a miraculous effect at this time!

After several breaths, Ye Yuan discovered that his divine soul had never been so full before. It had actually reached the perfect state of Alchemy Master!

Introspecting his own divine soul, Ye Yuan could not help being unbelievably astonished. Because his divine soul was even more perfect than his previous life’s Alchemy Master time, and even more condensed and pure!

At this time, Ye Yuan unwittingly recalled the words his father, Ji Zhengyang, said before he left.Could this be the situation that Father experienced before his death?

“Turns out that the divine soul of Alchemy Masters can still go a step further. Although my current divine soul’s strength is still inferior to early-stage Alchemy Grandmasters, it’s like the impurities were completely removed; being reborn anew! This is the true Alchemy Master perfection! In my previous life, I cultivated to the Alchemy Emperor realm and did not even know that the divine soul of Alchemy Masters can actually reach this step!” Ye Yuan sighed emotionally.

“Heh,Lu Linfeng, I won’t be courteous with your sword puppets! I’ll take them all!”

After breaking through, Ye Yuan entered Heart Like Still Water State once again. And with the support of a perfect grade divine soul, Ye Yuan’s perception became even more acute this time.

Sword shadows crisscrossed. Ye Yuan continuously stripped them, analyzed, and finally found some clues!

“Turns out it’s like this! No wonder Lu Linfeng can affirm his Dao as the Grand Yan Divine King. Indeed, incomparable from normal people.”

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up, his figure pouncing towards one of the sword puppets like lightning.

This sword puppet was precisely where the crux of the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation lied!

With Ye Yuan’s formation path cultivation, he could discover the principle behind this array formation set very quickly. But finding this node expended far too much time.

From a macroscopic view, this sword puppet was no different from other sword puppets.

Sword art, moves, even the speed of unleashing its sword was exactly the same!

But Ye Yuan discovered that when each round ended, the frequency pf which this sword puppet unleashed its sword would produce a trace of extremely minute fluctuation!

It was precisely this hint of fluctuation that perfectly wrapped up the previous round of attacks and kick-started the next round of attacks.

It looked simple, but wanting to find this hint of fluctuation within the limitless sword shadows was undoubtedly fishing for a needle in the ocean.

Ye Yuan’s deduction abilities and perception strength was god know how many times stronger than Zhao Yuyang’s. But he nearly exhausted his soul force fully without finding this trace of fluctuation. One could tell how challenging that was.

Ye Yuan dashed in front of that sword puppet very quickly, but that sword puppet did not detect it at all. It still brandished the long sword in its hands according to the routine.

A series of overwhelmingly powerful attacks landed like raindrops where Ye Yuan stood but was dodged niftily by Ye Yuan.

Right at this moment, that trace of fluctuation occurred once again.

This was the time!

Ye Yuan did not hesitate at all. Canghua Sword stabbed towards the sword puppet like lightning!

This strike was fast and accurate. But the goal was not the sword puppet’s main body, but the long sword in its hands.

Only to hear aclank,the sword puppet’s long sword was sent flying by Ye Yuan’s sword!

The other sword puppets were brewing the next round of ferocious attacks. At this time, all of their movements stopped abruptly, pausing in mid-air.

“Huuu . . .”Ye Yuan put away Canghua Sword and let out a long breath.

“What happened? Could it be that these sword puppets exhausted all of their essence energy and can’t move anymore?” Tian Yu asked in bafflement.

“Wrong! Ye Yuan made a move earlier. That was his first time making a move. Is it possible that . . . this was caused by him?” Mo Yuntian said.

“No way, right? The only time he attacked, and he made all of the puppets stop and cease movement?”

“This . . . I don’t know either. Maybe he cracked this formation?”

Mei Zhen was also very bewildered. He cautiously made his way across those sword puppets rooted to the ground like wooden chickens and arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

“Ye Yuan, are you alright?” Mei Zhen asked concernedly.

“Still alright. Nearly bit off more than I can chew,haha.”Ye Yuan laughed wryly.

Ye Yuan was also holding a grudge and wanted to pit against Lu Linfeng, but nearly bit off more than he could chew.

But looking at it now, taking this risk was still worth it. Not only did Ye Yuan control these sword puppets fully, but he also fully comprehended the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation.

With these sword puppets, even if Ye Yuan faced Sea Transformation Realm experts, he would also have no fear.

Mei Zhen also heaved a sigh in relief and said, “It’s good that you’re okay, it’s good that you’re okay.Oh,right, what did you do earlier? What’s with these puppets?”

Seeing Mei Zhen enquiring, Ye Yuan did not answer right away. Instead, he smiled and went in front of that sword puppet earlier and inserted his soul force inside.

Although Lu Linfeng did not give Ye Yuan sword puppets, there was no shortage of bragging about it in front of him. Ye Yuan’s understanding towards sword puppets was also considerable.

Controlling sword puppets was a task that exhausted the divine soul. Ye Yuan just had to leave his divine soul imprint inside the sword puppets to be able to control these sword puppets.

But when Ye Yuan plunged his divine soul into the sword puppet’s sea of consciousness, his expression turned peculiar.

A young apparition image appeared in front of Ye Yuan. Who could it be but Lu Linfeng that fellow?

This virtual image was not Lu Linfeng’s divine soul imprint. It was only a remnant thought message that he left behind.

It was very clear that Lu Linfeng wanted to tell his successor something through this remnant thought message.

It was just that even if Lu Linfeng divined all of the heavens, he most likely could not have calculated that this successor would actually be the reincarnated Ji Qingyun!

“Young friend, for you to be able to see me means that you have already acquired the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation’s true meaning and can be considered my legacy successor. If you can shatter the void and head to the Divine Realm in the future, you can come and find me to enter my tutelage. Remember, I’m Sage Grand Yan.”

Just a short message. After it finished talking, that virtual image dissipated into nothing.

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