Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 323

Chapter 323 Who Is Going To Die Horribly?

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“Young friend?Hehe,if you knew that it’s me who comprehended your Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, I wonder what kind of expression you’ll have!” Ye Yuan snickered to himself.

Actually, calculating it, it was justifiable for the Grand Yan Divine King to call Ye Yuan young friend. Because he was several thousand years older than Ye Yuan.

But in his previous life, Ji Qingyun’s Alchemy Path strength surpassed all others. He naturally had the qualifications to talk as equals with Lu Linfeng.

But in this lifetime, Ji Qingyun had already changed his looks and face. Even if he stood in front of Lu Linfeng, he probably would not be able to recognize him.

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan could not help overflowing with a surge of mischievousness.

If Ye Yuan really went to acknowledge master when the time came, who knew if that fellow would really pass the Formations Path Nine Scripts to him?

But Ye Yuan was rather surprised. Lu Linfeng actually left behind these 18 sword puppets in order to seek out a successor.

It was also uncertain whether it was a spur of the moment or deliberate.

Back then when Lu Linfeng ascended, he probably did not think that he could attain such heights in the Divine Realm either, right?

Ye Yuan’s divine sense moved, the 18 sword puppets stirred once again, making Mei Zhen who was by the side jump in fright as he hurriedly raised his sword to welcome the enemy.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “No need to get nervous, Elder Mei. These sword puppets won’t attack you.”

Mei Zhen was stupefied. He understood very quickly and said in surprise, “Is it possible that . . . you were manipulating these puppets just now?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “I’ve already fully comprehended this array formation. Now, these sword puppets have already acknowledged me as master.”

“What? You only used four hours and already fully comprehended this array formations set?” Mei Zhen was terribly frightened by Ye Yuan’s words.

In truth, Ye Yuan comprehending a set of array formations would not astound Mei Zhen to such an extent. But through comparison, he knew just how perverse this set of array formation was!

The Absolute Blaze Barrier outside was a high Tier 4 grand array. Its might was unrivaled. Ye Yuan walked around inside such an array formation like it was flat ground.

But Ye Yuan did not even have the confidence to crack the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation previously. One could imagine just how intricate this set of array formation was.

Such a perverse array formation and Ye Yuan actually used only four hours to fully comprehend it. Wasn’t this sort of deduction ability overly perverse as well?

One had to know that for an array master to want to comprehend a set of array formation, they would easily require several years’ time!

Furthermore, the higher the array formation’s tier, the more time needed to perceive it.

Using four hours to perceive a set of array formation even more complicated than a high Tier 4 grand array, this was simply not something that humans should be able to do!

The others had also pretty much recovered at this time. Seeing Ye Yuan actually collect these sword puppets directly, they could not help being overjoyed.

This was equivalent to their side having an additional Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse!

Everyone was just about to move a level down when a hubbub of voices sounded from outside the main hall.

Mei Zhen involuntarily knitted his brows. “To think that they really walked out!”

But Ye Yuan beamed and said, “They did come out. But I’m afraid that the price isn’t small either.”

Just as he was speaking, a large group of people poured into the main hall. The one leading was precisely Wu Zhao.

Behind Wu Zhao, the other Heavenly Sky Sect’s elder was supporting Zhao Yuyang. Zhao Yuyang actually fainted already.

Looking at this scene, it seemed that he already completely exhausted his mind in order to calculate the Absolute Blaze Barrie Grand Array.

The moment Wu Zhao entered the main hall, he saw Ye Yuan currently sizing up their bunch composedly. The flames of fury in his heart immediately welled up.

“Hehe,punk, you probably never imagined either that we could walk out alive from the grand array, right?” Wu Zhao laughed coldly as he said to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “Not really. I just didn’t think that that elder from your family still has some capabilities, to be able to exit so quickly.”

Wu Zhao’s face fell. “Since we walked out of the grand array, today will be the day you die! Not only you have to die, but the rest of the people from your Tranquil Cloud Sect all also have to accompany you in death! Mei Zhen, if you want to blame, then blame Ye Yuan!”

Finished talking, Wu Zhao turned again to the other six sects and said, “Ye Yuan gave us the slip and nearly caused you all to perish and your Dao to dissipate! Attack for me and kill these damnable guys from the Tranquil Cloud Sect! Our Heavenly Sky Sect doesn’t want a single item on their bodies!”

However . . . nobody answered him at all.

Ye Yuan laughed when he saw the situation and said, “Looks like you did something that infuriates both God and men in order to pass through the grand array! Now, your Heavenly Sky Sect lost all favor and still hope for them to help you?”

Ye Yuan simply swept a glance over these group of people and knew what happened inside the Absolute Blaze Barrier Grand array.

With Zhao Yuyang’s standards, wanting to find the exit so quickly was impossible. Unless he used human flesh to scout ahead.

The numbers in the six sects were a bit lesser than before. This naturally affirmed Ye Yuan’s guesses.

Wu Zhao’s expression was very ugly. He was so angry that his complexion turned green.

He knew that he offended the other sects while he was inside the grand array. That was why he said that they did not want any of the items.

But he clearly underestimated the severity of his actions. Not a single person actually responded.

“Harrumph!So what? To deal with a bunch of dregs like you guys, my Heavenly Sky Sect this one sect is enough! Heavenly Sky Sect disciples listen up, follow me to kill all of the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples! Spare no one!”

Presently, the Heavenly Sky Sect had the fewest losses apart from the Tranquil Cloud Sect. They still had 15 to 16 people now. The headcount was twice of the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

Two versus one. The Heavenly Sky Sect wanting to utterly annihilate the Tranquil Cloud Sect did not seem to be something challenging either.


Each and every one of the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples was rolling up their sleeves for battle. Especially Li Zhangyu. He had wanted to exterminate Ye Yuan long ago!

At this time, he took the initiative to request, “Elder Wu, leave this Ye Yuan to me!”

Wu Zhao shot him a glance and nodded, saying, “Take good care of this punk. Otherwise, it will be hard to dispel the hatred in my heart!”

“Hehe,rest assured, Elder Wu. I’ll make him live to regret it!” Li Zhangyu looked at Ye Yuan and said with a cold sneer.

Wu Zhao knew that Li Zhangyu had suffered a loss in Ye Yuan’s hands before. He naturally would not go easy.

Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm against Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. No matter how one looked at it, it was completely the precursor to thrashing Ye Yuan!

Although Wu Zhao had many complaints about Li Zhangyu, he knew that Li Zhangyu had real ability. His true combat strength was not inferior to late-stage Crystal Formation Realms!

If not for this case, he would also not have been taken in as a disciple by Chi Zongtao.

Among the junior generation, Li Zhangyu’s strength was absolutely extremely powerful!

Except, their conversation sounded freaking hilarious to the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples. Many of them showed odd facial expressions.

Finally, it was still Pang Wanniang who could not resist divulging it. “That guy over there, don’t blame me for not warning you, I advise that you better not provoke Ye Yuan anymore. Otherwise, you’ll die very horribly.”

Li Zhangyu snickered coldly and said, “Alright! I want to see just how he’s going to make me die horribly! I admit that he has some unorthodox ways, but as a martial artist, unorthodox paths will die very horribly sooner or later one day! Ye Yuan, I’m going to let you see what is called true strength today!”

Ye Yuan was immediately ecstatic once he heard that. He said with a smile, “Alright. As it happens, I just acquired an unorthodox path toy. I’ll use you to test it out. I wonder if I’ll die horribly or not!”

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