Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 324

Chapter 324 Shocking Change

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While Ye Yuan was talking, disdain was written all over Li Zhangyu’s face.

But in the next instant, his eyes blurred. 18 sword puppets appeared out of thin air in front of him.

The expression on Li Zhangyu’s face became very interesting. That disdainful look became astonishment. Then, he noticed that his face was burning hot.

Without looking, his face was surely red like an apple now.

What did he say earlier?

Unorthodox paths could not make the cut? Ask Ye Yuan to take a look at his strength?

There were 18 puppets before his eyes. Each one of the puppets had the strength not beneath his!

Dealing with these puppets, one or two was still fine. 18 all at once would definitely pummel him into a pig’s head!

It was very clear that these sword puppets belonged to an unorthodox path. But this unorthodox path was much stronger than him!

The words that Li Zhangyu said to Ye Yuan earlier sounded like he was smacking his own face right now.

When the others saw the 18 sword puppets, they were also immensely shocked!

18 late-stage Crystal Formation Realm puppets. This was absolutely an extremely powerful force. The Heavenly Sky Sect initially had the upper-hand in terms of numbers. But now, the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s numbers surpassed the Heavenly Sky Sect by as many as 10 in an instant!

Seeing these sword puppets, Wu Zhao’s expression was also very ugly.

Ye Yuan this brat’s means were truly inexhaustible, to actually take out so many late-stage Crystal Formation Realm puppets in an instant.

Right at this time, Zhao Yuyang who had been unconscious the entire time gradually woke up. Seeing the Heavenly Sky Sect and Tranquil Cloud Sect’s swords drawn, and bows stretched, he could not help being very baffled.

He even thought that the Tranquil Cloud Sect people already headed up long ago, but did not think that they were still at the first level after so long.

But when his gaze landed on the 18 sword puppets, he was filled with shock and fear!

He was a formation master. He naturally saw these sword puppets’ distinctness at a glance.

Struggling over to Wu Zhao’s side, Zhao Yuyang said softly, “These puppets are most likely not ordinary puppets, but puppets that can execute array formations. Their combat strength most likely isn’t weak!”

With Zhao Yuyang saying this, Wu Zhao’s expression became even uglier.

But then, Zhao Yuyang’s face changed, and he said again, “Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, I can’t sense the grand array’s aura in this great hall! If my guesses are correct, you should be able to use Sea Transformation Realm strength now!”

Along the way, Zhao Yuyang saw the scenes of other sects’ elders being smitten to death by the Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array. Only then did he sense that this mystic realm was shrouded by a mysterious grand array!

This grand array was very covert. If not triggered, martial artists practically could not detect it!

But Zhao Yuyang was an array master after all. As long as he sensed carefully, he could still feel a hint of array formation undulations.

“For real?” Wu Zhao was overjoyed upon hearing that.

Zhao Yuyang was not quite certain. He closed his eyes and felt again. Only then did he nod his head affirmatively and said, “I’m 80% sure!”

Wu Zhao was wildly ecstatic as he said,“Haha. . . Who knows where you got a bunch of junk puppets from. Do you really think that you’re impressive? I’m going to smash those puppets of yours into smithereens today!”

Towards Zhao Yuyang, his junior, Wu Zhao still had a lot of faith in him.

To be able to bring them out of the Absolute Blaze Barrier, Zhao Yuyang’s standards could be seen at a glance.

Finished talking, Wu Zhao released his aura. The might of Sea Transformation Realm was displayed fully!

“Haha,this place really doesn’t restrict cultivation realms anymore! Ye Yuan, receive death!”

Wu Zhao’s figure flashed and clashed together with the 18 sword puppets.

When the other Heavenly Sky Sect disciple saw Wu Zhao attack, they obviously would not remain idle either. They charged over to the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side in unison.

Wu Zhao’s aura was originally surging. He wanted to rely on his Sea Transformation Realm strength to directly blast these sword puppets into residues.

But the moment he exchanged blows with these sword puppets, he was involuntarily dumbfounded!

With his peak Third Level Sea Transformation Realm strength, he actually did not gain the slightest bit of advantage over these sword puppets!

“Do these puppets really only have late-stage Crystal Formation Realm strength? This . . . How is this possible?” The more Wu Zhao fought, the more alarmed he got.

The astonished ones were not just Wu Zhao. Apart from the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples, everyone present here was speechless with shock!

“No way! What am I seeing? 18 late-stage Crystal Formation Realm puppets fought to a draw with a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm expert?”

“This is simply incredulous! I even thought that the Tranquil Cloud Sect people were dead for sure just now. I didn’t imagine that they actually had such an incredible way out!”

“Look, you guys, the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples are all faced up against these puppets! The number of these puppets are almost the same as the Heavenly Sky Sect’s headcount. Furthermore, the Heavenly Sky Sect even has a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm. Both sides actually fought until they are evenly matched in strength! Is there a mistake?”

Zhao Yuyang stared unblinkingly at the 18 sword puppets. His face turned increasingly solemn!

“Senior Apprentice Brother Zhu, these puppets formed an extremely powerful array formation! You don’t bother with me anymore; quickly go help Senior Apprentice Brother Wu! Circle around from the sides. Be sure not to enter the array formation. As long as Ye Yuan is killed, these puppets will naturally become useless!”

Because the other Sea Transformation Realm elder from the Heavenly Sky Sect needed to take care of Zhao Yuyang, he had not moved the entire time.

Originally, they all thought that Wu Zhao alone attacking was ample. They did not think that such a situation would actually occur.

Even if Elder Zhu was completely ignorant about array formations, he also knew the extraordinariness of these sword puppets.

He nodded slightly and made use of the sword puppets and Heavenly Sky Sect disciples to block his line of vision, sneakily approaching Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan currently had all of his attention placed on manipulating the sword puppets. Wu Zhao’s strength was even stronger than Mei Zhen’s. Ye Yuan naturally did not dare to take him lightly.

Elder Zhu circled one big round and finally pulled the distance between him and Ye Yuan closer!

At this time, he suddenly exploded, wielding his sword as he stabbed straight at Ye Yuan’s flank!

But the sad thing was that Mei Zhen had long paid attention to Elder Zhu!

At the same time, Elder Zhu attacked, Mei Zhen’s figure also burst forth, using speed even faster than Elder Zhu’s to dash over!

The two people quickly clashed together!

Elder Zhu was also at the Third Level Sea Transformation Realm. It was just that he had clearly entered the Third Level Sea Transformation Realm not long ago and was slightly worse compared to Mei Zhen and Wu Zhao.

Of course, it was clearly not very possible for Mei Zhen to want to take down Elder Zhu in a short period of time.

But right at this moment, miserable wails from some Heavenly Sky Sect disciples whose strength were somewhat lacking sounded out unceasingly.


A sword from a sword puppet pierced right through a Fourth Level Crystal Formation Realm disciples!


That disciple cried out miserably and looked like he would not make it.

All the way until he died, he still looked at that sword puppet unbelievably. He probably never imagined that he would die at the hands of a puppet, right?

The sword puppet had a frosty look the same as before because it was impossible for them to have any kind of expression.

Throwing down a cold corpse, its long sword waved once more, slashing towards the others!

Lu Linfeng’s Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation was unbelievably profound. Human wave attacks were simply ineffective.

After these Heavenly Sky Sect disciples entered the formation, apart from diverting some attacks, they were actually not very useful to Wu Zhao.

With the first, there was a second!

Very soon, another Heavenly Sky Sect disciple was killed by the sword puppets!

For some time, miserably cries lingered on their ears!

But right at this moment, an anomaly suddenly arose!

A phantom flitted over from the grand array’s side. Its target was shockingly Ye Yuan!

Mo Yuntian was taken by surprise, but it was already too late to try and rescue!

“Careful, Ye Yuan!” Mo Yuntian cried out.

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