Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Convinced Through Fighting

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This afterimage’s speed was exceedingly quick. It was actually a Sea Transformation Realm expert!

In this place, apart from Wu Zhao, Mei Zhen, Zhao Yuyang, and Elder Zhu, there was still one other Sea Transformation Realm expert!

Yu Feng!

Currently, Mei Zhen was held back by Elder Zhu. There was nobody else who could hinder the footsteps of Yu Feng assassinating Ye Yuan!

Although Yu Feng was the weakest one among the Sea Transformation Realms present, he was still one of the important experts there.

With the speed of a Sea Transformation Realm expert, no Crystal Formation Realm experts could not catch up even if they tried their best!

A hint of ridicule flashed past the corner of Yu Feng’s mouth. He gave a low cry, “Ye Yuan, you didn’t think that you’d die at my hands, right?! High Clarity Imperial Reverence Law, Thunderous Nine Heavens! Go and die!”

Yu Feng formed seals with both hands. Several streaks of lightning power surged towards Ye Yuan with extreme speed!

Honestly, among so many people, Yu Feng’s hatred towards Ye Yuan was the deepest.

Including him swallowing humiliation and taking on a heavy burden to ally with the Heavenly Sky Sect later on, as well as having Wu Zhao burning down the bridge after crossing the river, Yu Feng finally concentrated all of that resentment onto Ye Yuan!

The way he saw it, if there weren’t any actions from Ye Yuan previously, he would not have needed to endure such humiliation.

Hence, the instant the Tranquil Cloud Sect and Heavenly Sky Sect’s conflict erupted, he had been planning on how to ambush Ye Yuan!

And now, he finally got the chance!

Mo Yuntian and the rest all shut their eyes painfully. The full power attack of a Sea Transformation Realm, how could Ye Yuan evade it?

Ye Yuan was currently thoroughly absorbed in manipulating the 18 sword puppets right now and seemed to be completely oblivious to this.

His brows just furrowed slightly, then he continued operating the array formation as per normal.

Yu Feng was very confident in his own deadly strike!

Those streaks of lightning surged towards Ye Yuan, carrying an aura that made people feel asphyxiated. It arrived in front of Ye Yuan in virtually a blink of an eye.

Just when everyone thought that Ye Yuan was dead for sure, a scene which horrified everybody happened!

Those powerful to the extreme lightning actually vanished around two feet away in front of Ye Yuan, as if it was swallowed up by something!

And Ye Yuan was still standing there perfectly well.

Yu Feng watched this scene dumbfoundedly as he muttered, “H-How is this possible? He clearly didn’t do anything at all. How can my Thunderous Nine Heavens be swallowed up? No way! Impossible! I don’t believe it!”

Yu Feng’s murmuring became roars, then he flung caution to the winds and amassed heaven and earth essence energy!

“High Clarity Imperial Reverence Law! Thunderous Nine Heavens!”

Yu Feng wanted to unleash this powerful attack once more.

However . . .


Yu Feng’s body flew out like a kite with a broken string.

Everyone was stunned speechless once again!

“This . . . What in the world happened?”

“Too inconceivable! Did you see that just now? Yu Feng’s Thunderous Nine Heavens didn’t disappear, but appeared somehow from the void behind him and slammed directly onto him!”

“You got to be shitting me, right? Yu Feng used the Thunderous Nine Heavens to cripple himself? This . . . What the hell is this called?!”

“Yeah, I also feel like this is a joke! But that lightning power that appeared behind Yu Feng just now was clearly his own Thunderous Nine Heavens!”

That scene earlier seriously looked rather ludicrous in everyone’s eyes. But it genuinely happened in front of them.

Yu Feng suffered his own full-power attack while completely defenseless, heavily injuring himself!

He coughed out a large mouthful of blood in mid-air, then fell onto the ground and was out cold.

His ambush was out of everybody’s expectations and was also unbelievably swift and fierce. But nobody could have thought that it would actually be such a conclusion!

Everyone used revering and fearful eyes to look at Ye Yuan, thinking that it was Ye Yuan’s means.

But the most crucial thing was that they completely could not tell that Ye Yuan had any essence energy undulations that targeted Yu Feng!

Therefore, Ye Yuan become mysterious and powerful in their eyes. Nobody treated Ye Yuan like an ordinary Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm anymore.

Ye Yuan was currently controlling the 18 sword puppets with all his strength and simply could not care less about Yu Feng’s matter.

Within the array formation, tragic cries filled the air. There were already four or five Heavenly Sky Sect disciples who were slightly weaker that died under the swords of the sword puppets.

The more Wu Zhao fought, the more alarmed he became. He seriously could not figure out how a pair of late-stage Crystal Formation Realm puppets could be powerful to such an extent!

Listening to the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples’ shrieks and wails, Wu Zhao’s heart was dripping blood.

Having entered the mystic realm for over half a month’s time, the men that their Heavenly Sky Sect lost were not even as many as this short while!

If this continued, the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples would be slaughtered one by one by Ye Yuan!

“You guys aren’t a match for these puppets! Quickly go out!” Wu Zhao bellowed.

“Elder Wu, not that we don’t want to leave, but we totally cannot go out at all! Ah!” As that disciple was talking, he was stabbed by a sword puppet.

“Elder Wu, I feel that the surroundings are all puppets, all sword shadows. We simply can’t find the way out!”

“Elder Wu, quickly save us!”

This was the formidable aspect of the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation!

The number of puppets was clearly about the same as the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples. But each one of them would feel like there were many sword puppets surrounding them and beating them!

This included Wu Zhao himself!

All of the attacks interlocked, simply without any weak point to talk about. Those who did not know this array formation only had the outcome of being slowly ground to death by the sword puppets!

Wu Zhao had already thoroughly crumbled. He originally thought that he could knead the Tranquil Cloud Sect as he pleased since he could unleash all of his strength.

But who would thought that he did not succeed in kneading a single one from the Tranquil Cloud Sect, but now, was being kneaded to an inch of his life by Ye Yuan!

Another disciple fell in front of Wu Zhao. Wu Zhao could not bear it any longer.

“Ye Yuan, stop!” Wu Zhao yelled out.

Ye Yuan sneered coldly and said, “You say fight, and we fight; you say stop, and I have to stop? How can something so good be true?”

Wu Zhao completely had no temper as he hurriedly said, “Martial Nephew Ye, I, Wu Zhao, admits my fault to you, alright? As long as you’re willing to stop, any condition can be arranged!”

“You’re the one who said it!” Ye Yuan said.

Seeing that Ye Yuan had signs of easing up, Wu Zhao hastily said, “I said it, I said it! Quickly stop, quickly stop!”

Ye Yuan’s divine sense stirred and the 18 sword puppets kept their sword potential and withdrew back to Ye Yuan’s side respectively.

He was not worried about Wu Zhao going back on his words. If he reneged, then even if Wu Zhao could escape, the Heavenly Sky Sect disciples could not run!

When the sword puppets retreated, those Heavenly Sky Sect disciples’ pressure immediately vanished, making them feel like collapsing!

These remaining disciples were all elites among elites. Their strength among Crystal Formation Realms were very formidable.

But facing the sword puppets, they did not even have the leeway to retaliate.

Looking at their bodies again, the vast majority of them had injuries. Some people’s clothes were already shredded into ribbons, looking just like a beggar.

There was no Tier 9 formation master like Ye Yuan among these people. When they faced the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation, they could only deal with it passively.

Previously, if not for Ye Yuan, the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples’ outcome would unequivocally be even more tragic than the current Heavenly Sky Sect!

Wu Zhao’s expression was very ugly. His gaze when looking towards Ye Yuan actually carried a trace of fear.

A puny Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist actually took on the entire Heavenly Sky Sect with his own strength!

Breathing in deeply, Wu Zhao went forward and said, “Ye Yuan, state your terms!”

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