Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Massive Hemorrhage

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Inside the void, two stunningly beautiful figures stood there. They were precisely Li-er and Yan-er, master and servant.

“Miss, you couldn’t resist making a move in the end,” Yan-er said with a half-hearted smile.

“That was a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist after all. Or perhaps I did something unnecessary,” Li-er replied coolly.

“What? You mean that . . . under that kind of situation, Mister Ye still has leeway to resist? How is that possible?” Yan-er said in surprise.

“When I made my move earlier, I clearly felt Mister Ye’s breathing fluctuate. Although it was only that split second, I sense that Mister Ye he seemed to have detected me making a move, that’s why he didn’t react at all.”

Yan-er’s pretty eyes narrowed slightly. She clearly also felt that it was relatively far-fetched.

“Hehe,this is really getting more and more fascinating. Even I’m also very interested in this Mister Ye now. Also, he can actually comprehend the array formation that the Grand Yan Divine King left behind. Truly an unrivaled prodigy!” Yan-er giggled.

Li-er also smiled sweetly and said, “Yeah. I really didn’t expect that this Endless World was the land that the Grand Yan Divine King rose to power!En?Yan-er, what are you looking at?”

Yan-er’s gaze pierced through the void and landed on Ye Yuan. She muttered, “Miss, do you feel that Mister Ye is very similar to that person?”

Li-er’s heart jolted, her gaze also involuntarily landed on Ye Yuan’s body.

It was fine if Yan-er did not mention it, but when she said it, she really had such a feeling.

After a brief moment, Li-er smiled bitterly and said, “That person is already gone. How can he possibly be him?”

“Aiya,my missus! You already said that that person is already gone. Why does it matter if he isn’t him? If we can get to the bottom of this Ye Yuan’s unknown background, I feel that he is a perfect match for you! Although he is only at the Spirit Condensation Realm now, he’ll definitely be a figure who will cause a stir in the Divine Realm in the future!” Yan-er said with a titter.

Li-er’s gorgeous face was flushed red from what Yan-er said as she said annoyedly, “You’re not allowed to talk any more nonsense! Watch if you I don’t tear apart that mouth of yours!”

. . . . . .

In the great hall, everybody stared at Ye Yuan, very curious about what kind of conditions he would raise.

To the other six sects, this sort of opportunity to watch the fun was probably the first and last time.

The Heavenly Sky Sect had always been tyrannical in the Southern Domain. It had always been them extorting the other sects.

But today, the Tranquil Cloud Sect which ranked at the bottom actually thoroughly beat the Heavenly Sky Sect until they were convinced!

“What conditions you have, just state them! But I warn you, don’t go too overboard! I’m only a Heavenly Sky Sect elder. I can’t decide anything for the sect!” Wu Zhao said with a solemn face.

“Rest assured, I’m not foolish to that extent. My demand isn’t high either. Each person, 20 high-grade essence crystals according to the number of people. Additionally, I want three stalks of Tier 4 medicinal herbs, 30 stalks of Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herbs. Don’t tell me that you don’t have it,” Ye Yuan listed his terms in one breath.

“What? You really dare to demand that?!” Wu Zhao nearly leaped up.

It was no wonder that Wu Zhao’s reaction was so big. Ye Yuan’s conditions did not sound like a lot, but actually, it was demanding an exorbitant price.

Among the Southern Domain’s Eight Great Sects, what was in circulation was primarily low-grade essence crystals.

One piece of high-grade essence crystal was equivalent to 100 pieces of middle-grade essence crystals, while one piece of middle-grade essence crystal was equal to 100 low-grade essence crystals.

The problem was that there were many low-grade essence crystals, but middle-grade essence crystals were much scarcer.

As for high-grade essence crystals, there was basically demand for it but no market!

There were still a total of ten people left in the Heavenly Sky Sect. That was also to say that they needed to pass Ye Yuan 200 pieces of high-grade essence crystals!

This amount was plenty to purchase a 16 restrictions spirit artifact!

One had to know that a sect hall head like Xiao Jian was merely using an 8 restrictions spirit artifact.

For 16 restrictions and 32 restrictions spirit artifact, normally, only the sect’s sect master or grand elder level individuals had the qualifications to use them.

But Ye Yuan said apathetically, “If you don’t have it, let’s carry on fighting all the way until we determine the victor!”

Wu Zhao was immediately mum when he heard this. He said with a solemn face, “I’m only an elder, so how would I have so many high-grade essence crystals on me? As for them . . . even less likely!”

Ye Yuan grinned and said, “Doesn’t matter, just take out whatever you have. Using middle-grade essence crystals and low-grade essence crystals to write off the remainder also works. But if you’re making up for it, the quantity needs to be 20% more than normal.”

Calculating it this way, if using middle-grade essence crystals to make up for it, they would need 120 pieces; equivalent to buy five get one free.

Ye Yuan obviously knew the scarcity of high-grade essence crystals. It was impossible for Wu Zhao to take them out.

But as the number one great sect in the Southern Domain, the Heavenly Sky Sect was also the Southern Domain’s number one wealthiest sect. Their disciples were all obscenely rich.

The quantity of 200 pieces of high-grade essence crystals, it shouldn’t be far off by scraping it together.

Hearing Ye Yuan say so, Wu Zhao’s expression eased up quite a bit. But he still grimaced in pain and said, “Then you wait a while. I have to go back and ask them if they can scrape together that amount or not.”

Wu Zhao was just about to turn around and leave but was halted by Ye Yuan. “Hang on! I said each person 20 pieces just now. It refers to each and every one of you who entered the main hall, including them.”

Ye Yuan’s finger pointed to those few Heavenly Sky Sect disciples’ corpses lying on the ground.

Wu Zhao’s expression which had just taken a turn for the better became as black as the bottom of a pot again. He bellowed, “Ye Yuan! Don’t go too far!”

Ye Yuan smirked and said, “I just stated my terms and conditions. You can choose not to accept. Furthermore . . . compared to their lives, I don’t feel that my terms are in anyway overboard.”

The conditions that Ye Yuan raised were naturally not spoken at random.

He had long calculated that these terms would make Wu Zhao uncomfortable, but also able to tolerate the pain.

In the Tranquil Cloud Sect, the elite disciples and personal disciples would get five pieces of middle-grade essence crystals and 1000 pieces of low-grade essence crystals every month as an offering.

But in reality, for pinnacle disciples like Ti Wujiu and Mo Yuntian, the amount of middle-grade essence crystals they had accumulated was still rather substantial.

There was no other way. To a small sect like the Tranquil Cloud Sect, they could only focus resources on a small number of extremely talented disciples.

But when Luo Qingfeng introduced the Heavenly Sky Sect to Ye Yuan, he mentioned the disparity between both sides’ strength. Among it included the part about resource allocation.

For disciples at the same level, the treatment for Heavenly Sky Sect disciples was ten times of the Tranquil Cloud Sect!

That was also to say that the Heavenly Sky Sect’s elite disciples could get 50 pieces of middle-grade essence crystals and 10 thousand low-grade essence crystals every month!

20 pieces of high-grade essence crystals each. Computing it, that was also 2400 pieces of middle-grade essence crystals per person.

This figure, Wu Zhao and the rest could take it out, but it would absolutely slice off a very huge chunk of their flesh! Even if they still have some essence crystals left on them, it would also surely be rock-bottom.

Adding in three stalks of Tier 4 medicinal herbs and 30 stalks of Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herbs, the Heavenly Sky Sect would absolutely hemorrhage massively.

Indeed, after some time, Wu Zhao brought back that face of his that was sullen enough that it was about to drop water and came in front of Ye Yuan once again.

Wu Zhao casually threw a storage ring to Ye Yuan and said in an unkind tone, “This is the essence crystals and medicinal herbs you wanted! Such a large appetite, I hope that you don’t stuff yourself to death!”

Ye Yuan smiled leisurely and said, “My appetite is perfectly fine. No need for Elder Wu to worry about it.”

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