Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 329

Chapter 329 Tier 5 Medicinal Cauldron

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The 16 restrictions spirit artifact should not be Wu Zhao’s own personal belonging.

The Heavenly Sky Sect really took things into consideration very thoroughly for the sake of exploring this mystic realm. They actually even anticipated this kind of scenario.

Seemed like the Heavenly Sky Sect was well-deserved to be the Southern Domain’s number one great sect. They had quite a few capable people.

Wu Zhao finished talking and involuntarily looked at Ye Yuan. He was clearly seeking his opinion.

Ye Yuan smiled and took out his three storage rings and tossed them to Wu Zhao. “Since Elder Wu already worked everything out so carefully, how can I disagree? I also feel that this way is rather fair.”

Wu Zhao reached over and received Ye Yuan’s storage rings, placing them one by one into the Restriction Compass’s opening.

Very soon, those three storage rings were placed under restrictions and appeared in Wu Zhao’s hands once again.

Wu Zhao threw the storage rings back to Ye Yuan and said, “Apart from placing the restriction, I didn’t touch your storage rings. Take a look yourself.”

Ye Yuan swept with his divine sense and said smilingly, “I can set my mind at ease when Elder Wu does things.”

With Ye Yuan leading, the others naturally would not say anything else. They took out their storage rings in succession and passed them to Wu Zhao.

“Since this spirit artifact is called Restrictions Compass, it naturally has a search function other than placing restrictions. I’ve already set it up. If I find out that anyone secretly hid storage rings, don’t blame me for being discourteous!” Wu Zhao said solemnly as he placed restrictions for other people’s storage rings.

With him saying that, many people’s faces changed and took out their hidden storage rings unwillingly.

Majority of the sect disciples used magic artifact rank storage rings; not considered valuable. It was normal for a person to have quite a few.

Spirit artifact rank storage rings would be extremely rare items.

Ye Yuan only had three storage rings on him and were already all placed under restriction by Wu Zhao.

But Wu Zhao probably never imagined that Ye Yuan still had a spatial spirit artifact on him apart from storage rings!

The rank of the spatial spirit artifact was much higher than the Restrictions Compass. Even if the Restrictions Compass had a detecting function, it was also not possible to probe out.

This Restrictions Compass of Wu Zhao indeed prevented everyone from secretly stashing treasures to the greatest extent. However . . . Ye Yuan was not subjected to the restrictions.

Wu Zhao placed everyone’s storage rings under restriction very quickly. Then, he casually took out a stack of storage rings and distributed them to everybody.

“These are all precious artifact grade storage rings. It’s sufficient for everybody to use this to store treasures. Now, everyone split up and go seek out treasures yourselves. In the end, you still have to gather back here. At that time, split according to the ratios that we agreed upon,” Wu Zhao said.

When Wu Zhao finished talking, they all nodded their heads.

Such a distribution manner, the more treasures everybody found, the greater the amount each team naturally could get. Hence, no need to fear that they would not put in the effort.

Ye Yuan spoke at this time, “Since the preparation works are all done, we can also start seeking treasures now. Elder Mei, I won’t follow you guys this time. You all be more careful. This sect has quite a bit of foundation in terms of the array formations path. Don’t be impatient when encountering any treasure. Always put safety first.”

Mei Zhen nodded and said, “Alright. You be careful too.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan left alone.

. . . . . .

Coming to a place with nobody, Ye Yuan’s finger twitched, and the cat-like White Light immediately appeared before him.

White Light had not seen Ye Yuan for quite some time. He jumped on Ye Yuan’s shoulder directly and extended its tongue to lick Ye Yuan’s face.

“Alright, alright, it wasn’t very convenient these few days, so I didn’t let you out. It’s now time for you to display your talents fully. There should be quite a few nice treasures here. Bring me to hunt them all out!” Ye Yuan pulled White Light off and said.

White Light also perked up when it heard it. Roaring softly twice, it turned into a beam of light and ran off.

Ye Yuan was also taken aback by White Light’s speed. This little fellow was indeed worthy of the name of White Light.

With his current speed, ordinary Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists most likely could not catch up at all!

And White Light’s cultivation speed was also highly outrageous. It was also middle-stage Tier 2, going to break through to late-stage Tier 2 very soon.

But Ye Yuan’s movement technique was not slow either. Executing Spirit Void Shattering Space, he caught up very quickly.

White Light arrived at a slightly hidden room with a couple of bounds.

Ye Yuan pushed open the door cautiously and could not help showing a thrilled look.

This place was actually a pill refining room!

What made Ye Yuan excited was that a square medicinal cauldron was placed in the center of the refining room!

Ye Yuan recognized with a single glance that this was a Tier 5 medicinal cauldron!

He did not think that this inconspicuous room would actually have a Tier 5 item.

To an alchemist, medicinal cauldrons were their lives.

Ever since rebirth, Ye Yuan had never had a handy medicinal cauldron of his own. He was basically scraping around everywhere when refining pills.

Without a good medicinal cauldron, refining medicinal pills would unsurprisingly be all the more exhausting too.

Tier 5 medicinal cauldrons naturally did not even count as trash to the previous life’s Ye Yuan. But to the current him, it was an extremely hard to come by item.

Although Ye Yuan could not unleash the full power of this medicinal cauldron now, refining pills or whatever in the future would obviously be much more convenient too.

Cleansing Sandal Sacred Flame coupled with a Tier 5 medicinal cauldron. What medicinal pills were there that he could not refine?

Take medicinal cauldrons for instance; medicinal cauldrons below Tier 4 were very easy to find. But medicinal cauldrons Tier 4 and above were exceedingly rare.

Because starting from refining Tier 4 medicinal pills, array formations would be inscribed within the medicinal pills. Ordinary medicinal cauldrons simply could not withstand it.

Tier 4 and above medicinal cauldrons must be forged using special materials, and then have intricate array formations placed internally by Tier 4 and above formation masters before it could take form.

As for the preciousness of Tier 5 medicinal cauldrons, that went even more without saying.

At least in the land of the Southern Domain, it was impossible to have Tier 5 medicinal cauldrons. Because there was simply no one who could refine Tier 5 medicinal pills!

Ye Yuan did not go to collect the Tier 5 medicinal cauldrons right away. Instead, he surveyed the surroundings.

This refining room’s configuration was relatively complete. Ye Yuan just swept a glance and could tell that the owner of this place should have been a Tier 5 alchemist, which was also Alchemy Sovereign!

In the Endless World, Alchemy Sovereign was already an extremely powerful existence!

Ye Yuan unwittingly held his chin and started pondering.

He could sense that the Dao teachings that Lu Linfeng left behind back then was definitely extremely powerful. But why did it end up in such dire straits?

This Eternal Splendor Palace had an Alchemy Sovereign. It surely also had a Tier 5 Formation Sovereign existence!

A sect possessing a Tier 5 Formation Sovereign. How could ordinary people dare to provoke the sect?

Just based on that Heavenly Thunder Essence Locking Grand Array outside, not many people would dare to come and aggravate them, right?

The Divine Realm’s Grand Yan Divine King, even before he ascended, he would surely have been an Endless World legend already.

Even if his disciples and followers were complete trash, there should also not be any problem to sustain for several thousand years.

But looking at this Eternal Splendor Palace, why did it look like it vanished into thin air overnight?

What in the world happened back then? What was with this mystic realm?

Ye Yuan thought carefully and felt that there just seemed to be something not right.

All of a sudden, Ye Yuan’s peripheral sight scanned and discovered a jade slip fragment on the operating platform!

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