Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 336

Chapter 336 To Catch A Turtle In A Jar

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Actually, the instant Lan Bao and company appeared, Ye Yuan was already racking his brains on how to escape.

After he saw Lan Bao’s strength, he knew that wanting to bring everyone away was already something impossible.

Ye Yuan was not a foolish person, being fully aware that he was outmatched. If he went on, it would be a certain death.

That was not bravery, but stupidity!

Staying behind to die together with Mei Zhen and the rest was the most stupid choice.

Furthermore . . . if even he was sent inside too, then it would really be hopeless.

As long as he, Ye Yuan, did not die, there would always be a chance to rescue everybody.

Hence, from that time, Ye Yuan already made preparations to escape alone.

Ye Yuan had made the decision long ago. If Mei Zhen, Mo Yuntian, or the rest suffered anything untoward, he would definitely bury the entire Fierce Gale World with them someday!

This might perhaps be as hard as ascending to the heaven to others, but to Ye Yuan, it was not far off.

Ye Yuan did not say any threatening words before leaving because him threatening at this time was overly feeble. Other than infuriating Lan Bao, it served no other use.

Ye Yuan scuttled along. The entire second level’s rooms and passageways appeared clearly inside his mind.

There was only one exit in the second level. Then where was his path to survival?

There was only one life-road, which was the third level!

From the beginning, Ye Yuan had never thought about leaving through the exit on the first level!

After Lan Bao came up, Ye Yuan quietly entered Heart Like Still Water Realm. He wanted to find the third level’s entrance!

Hence, Ye Yuan recalled the entire process of seeking treasure in the second level desperately. Finally, he discovered a clue!

The second level had many big and small rooms. Naturally, there were also big and small aisles.

When Ye Yuan mapped out all the roads he walked through in his mind clearly, he unwittingly came to a sudden realization!

The setup of the second level was essentially an array formation!

This array formation was not some entrapping formation or killing formation, but it was an array formation setup in order to conceal the third level’s entrance!

Starting from the entrance, if one did not know array formations, no matter where the person walked, he would never find the third level’s entrance.

Want to find the entrance leading to the third level? The only way was to cracked this array formation in order to find the correct route!

Thinking this through, Ye Yuan also could not help sighing emotionally at the ingenious mind of the person who designed this Eternal Splendor Palace.

And this Eternal Splendor Palace was a legacy that Lu Linfeng left behind. Using this sort of method to conceal the third level’s entrance also matched with the theme.

It was just that there was no obstruction whatsoever entering the second level. Everybody entering the array formation was also equivalent to placing themselves inside the game.

As the saying went, those closely involved could not see clearly. That was not said for fun.

It was an exceedingly difficult matter for a person inside the game to want to see through the puzzle.

Even for a Tier 9 array master like Ye Yuan, when he did not enter Heart Like Still Water realm, he was also completely clueless.

Or maybe, the designer of this Eternal Splendor Palace was Lu Linfeng himself!

Starting from then, Ye Yuan started to plan his escape!

Ye Yuan did not run away immediately. Because he simply could not escape. Lan Bao’s movement techniques were definitely much quicker than him.

Provoking Lin Chao to confront him, then luring the other three to attack, but the final goal was to bait Lan Bao to come and attack him!

This was Ye Yuan’s method to force himself to his wit’s end, leaving no room for escape so that he would fight out of desperation and win. It was also a solution that was not a solution.

When Lan Bao attacked, Ye Yuan was still inside Heart Like Still Water heart realm and could barely keep up with his movements.

Hence, he released the Square Cauldron to forcefully withstand Lan Bao strike and to borrow the recoil strength of this blow from him to escape swiftly!

The Square Cauldron was a profound artifact. Even if Lan Bao’s attack was stronger, it would also be hard to shake it in the slightest.

Even the escape route was also planned out by Ye Yuan long ago. That strike from Lan Bao did not deviate, sending Ye Yuan exactly to his planned route leading to the entrance of the third level!

And because of the backlash, it would definitely hinder Lan Bao’s speed of pursuit. In addition, he was wary of Wu Zhao and the rest and might not choose to chase after right away!

All of this and everything was all within Ye Yuan’s calculations!

He succeeded!

Ye Yuan’s movements were extremely swift. He mustered up all the essence energy within his body and did not dare to rest at all. He was afraid of Lan Bao and co chasing after.

With his present strength, he was completely not Lan Bao’s match.

“Soon, almost there! Still a bit more left!”

Ye Yuan tasted sweetness in his throat. A mouthful of blood surged to his chest but was forcefully suppressed by him.

Lan Bao palm was no joke. That palm shocked his own hands until it went numb. One could imagine just how great the power was!

Even if there was the Square Cauldron blocking in the middle neutralizing much of the force, that impact force still caused severe injuries to Ye Yuan!

In truth, when he received that palm, Ye Yuan’s internal organs already suffered serious wounds. His viscera felt terrible as they had shifted positions.

But Ye Yuan had no time to be in pain. He had to escape at the first moment. Therefore, he forcefully persevere all the way until now!

The current Ye Yuan was relying completely on his last trace of willpower to forcefully hang on.

However, mustering essence energy with full force aggravated Ye Yuan’s injuries even further. His consciousness had already become increasingly blurry.

Ye Yuan already cracked the array formation in his mind previously and figured out the route. But walking toward it at this time felt so distant away.

He did not have the opportunity to retry once more nor the time to fall unconscious. He must find the entrance to enter the third level!

Finally, Ye Yuan saw a light pillar ahead. That was the third level’s entrance!

But . . . the present Ye Yuan had already reached his limits.

“Is this as far as I go . . .”

Ye Yuan desperately wanted to move his feet, but they become increasingly heavier.

The several dozen feet distance was a short distance away, yet poles apart.


Ye Yuan’s injuries finally could not be suppressed anymore and erupted!

Fresh blood wetted the clothing in front of his chest. The landscape before Ye Yuan became increasingly fuzzier.

He reached out, desperately wanting to be able to reach the light pillar ahead. But . . . he collapsed in the end.

In a trance, Ye Yuan saw a strikingly beautiful woman appeared out of the void and reach out a pair of elegant arms to support him. A wave of fragrance hit his nose.

Then . . . he was out cold.

Li-er sighed lightly and said, “You have done enough already!”

. . . . . .

Roughly an hour later, Wu Zhao and the rest had their dantians sealed, restricting their essence energy.

And at this time, many more people appeared from the underground passageway again.

These people were mostly Crystal Formation Realm martial artists. Lan Bao passed the eight sect captives to them and let Lan Yun lead the escort to send them into the Fierce Gale World!

Once Lan Yun left, Lan Bao said in a grave voice, “Lan Hu, Lan Feng, you guys bring people to guard the entrance area. If Ye Yuan shows up, kill him on the spot!”

“Yes!” Lan Hu and Lan Feng received the orders and blocked off the entrance completely.

“Lin Chao, you follow me together with others to ransack this second level completely! I want to see where that brat can hide!” Lan Bao said.

Since Ye Yuan fled, Lan Bao’s heart had been raging the whole time. If not because the passageway matter was important, he would have long brought people to seek Ye Yuan out.

Now, everything was settled. He was going to catch a turtle in a jar.

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