Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 337

Chapter 337 Grand Yan Space

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Lan Bao brought his subordinates and launched a large manhunt. But after half a day passed, there was nothing.


The irate Lan Bao slapped a palm on the wall. The wall was fine, but his hand vibrated until it tingled.

The whole Eternal Splendor Palace had been reinforced with array formations before. It was incomparably sturdy. How could a Sea Transformation Realm damage it with one palm?

Lan Bao did not wish to lose face in front of his subordinates. He held back the pain and said furiously, “Where on earth did that brat hide to?!Hmm?!”

Finished talking, he turned to look at Lin Chao.

Lin Chao smiled bitterly. How would he know where Ye Yuan went?

The second level was only so big. Places that should be searched had been searched. One could really say that they dug three feet underground but did not even catch a shadow.

They completely did not find another exit in the second level. Could it be that he could fly up to the skies?

Lin Chao suddenly thought of something and said, “Could it be that . . . he went up the third level?”

Lan Bao’s face also changed as he asked, “The third level? Where’s the entrance?”

Lin Chao shook his head and said, “I don’t know! We’ve already searched all the places here. We even scoured the corners of every room. We totally did not find the entrance!”

With their knowledge, it was simply impossible to think that this second level itself was a large formation.

Hence, they remained at a loss as to where the hell the third level’s entrance was!

Just like this, another half a day passed. Lan Bao finally gave up.

The passageway had just opened up. There were too many things to be done. Lan Bao also could not possibly place all of his energy here constantly.

But he did not give up, leaving Lan Feng behind to guard the exit.

. . . . . .

“Miss, why did you not bring Mister Ye away but send him into the third level instead?” Yan-er asked, being somewhat puzzled.

“This place is the Dao teachings that the Grand Yan Divine King left behind. Even I’m unable to pry into any secrets in the third level. Perhaps this might be a fortuitous encounter for Mister Ye,” Li-er said.

“So that’s the case . . . But Mister Ye really took every conceivable possibility into account and found a feeble thread of life in the middle of a hopeless situation! This second level is actually a large formation. We didn’t discover it before this, but not only did Mister Ye notice it, he even found the entrance to the third level. Truly remarkable! But sadly . . . he lacked just a tiny bit in the end. If he didn’t encounter Miss, he’d probably . . .”

Li-er smiled beautifully and said, “Maybe it’s already foreordained by unseen forces for me to help him cross this tiny bit? This thing called fate, who can say it clearly? One can only say that Mister Ye was fated not to die.”

Yan-er’s eyes swirled around, and she asked with a slightly mischievous smile, “Miss, then do you think . . . it’s fate that guided the two of you to come together?”

Li-er was secretly surprised but shook her head repeatedly and said, “You lass, keep spouting nonsense! Quickly follow those people. Otherwise, we’ll lose them!”

As she spoke, Li-er ignored Yan-er and left first. Yan-er giggled and also followed.

Turned out that the two of them master and servant actually followed the escorting team into the Fierce Gale World!

. . . . . .

Not knowingly how long had passed, Ye Yuan’s consciousness finally started to recover gradually.

He struggled to open both eyes, but what he saw was a simple yet elegant study room.

“This . . . What place is this? I . . . I didn’t die again, right?” Ye Yuan moved his dry lips and muttered to himself.

“Young man, you aren’t dead yet.”

Right then, an elderly voice was heard.

Ye Yuan recovered some strength and struggled to sit up. He discovered an elderly person currently sitting at the desk leafing through books.

Except, his body was transparent. He was actually the same as Lu Yan, a soul body.

Ye Yuan shook his head hard and tried his best to recall what happened previously. When he finally remembered what happened, he could not help exclaiming in surprise, “Old man, could this be . . . the Eternal Splendor Palace’s third level?”

The old man ceased his actions of thumbing through books and said to Ye Yuan with a smile, “That’s right. This place is indeed the Eternal Splendor Palace’s third level. Its name is . . . Grand Yan Space.”

Hearing ‘Grand Yan Space’ these three words, Ye Yuan nearly spewed out a mouthful of blood again.

Lu Linfeng this fellow, he really . . .

Seeing that Ye Yuan’s expression was odd, the old man was also rather perplexed.

This reaction was not quite right, yeah?

A Spirit Condensation Realm brat actually had no reaction at all seeing such a profound and mysterious place?

“Senior, forgive Junior for being unable to get up to salute,” Ye Yuan said.

“It’s fine.”

“May I ask, Senior, did you . . . save me?” Ye Yuan asked rather uncertainly.

Indeed, the old man shook his head and said, “I believe you can tell as well, I’m just a soul body. I can’t walk out of the Grand Yan Space. Only by entering yourself can you see me.”

Ye Yuan could not help ruminating when he heard this. A lithe and graceful image surfaced in his mind.

Was it possible that . . . that was not a hallucination?

I clearly remember that before losing consciousness, there was still several dozen feet distance away from that light pillar. But why did I already enter the third level after waking up?

But . . . who was that girl? Why did she save me?

Ye Yuan tried to recall with all his might, wanting to remember that face he saw before fainting.

But no matter how he recalled, it was a very fuzzy face.

But even if it was hazy, Ye Yuan could also tell from the outline that that was absolutely a kingdom-toppling beautiful face.

Ye Yuan unwittingly remembered what happened when Yu Feng ambushed. Could it be that . . . the one who made a move back then was this woman?

But . . . when he did know a major power like this?

Ye Yuan thought for a long time and also could not figure out the reason why.

No matter what, it was naturally a good thing that the woman saved him.

Ye Yuan secretly remembered that blurry profile. The next time he met her, he definitely had to thank her properly.

The old man saw that Ye Yuan was absorbed in his thoughts and did not interrupt him either. He just observed this young man quietly by the side.

He noticed that Ye Yuan did not have the average young person’s rashness and had prudence unsuited with his age.

Although his realm was not high, for his age, he was already a talented genius.

After Ye Yuan recovered, he hurriedly apologized, “Sorry, Senior. I was lost in thought just now.”

The old man smiled kindly and said, “It doesn’t matter. I’ve already been inside this Grand Yan Space for several thousand years already and have long polished my edges and corners. Why would I mind this sort of minor thing?”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Thank you very much, Senior. Talking like this is overly rude. Junior will consume some medicinal pills first to recover a bit of strength before talking with Senior properly. Please excuse me, Senior.”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan fished out a medicinal pill from his storage ring to consume and began refining the medicinal strength.

When that old man saw that medicinal pill, his pupils involuntarily constricted.

Although the medicinal pill that Ye Yuan took was only Tier 3, its quality was exceedingly high. Furthermore, with his experience and knowledge, he actually could not tell the origin of the medicinal pill!

One had to know that the Grand Yan True Sect was the Endless World’s strongest sect back then, not one of them!

The Grand Yan True Sect had Alchemy Sovereign existences. What Endless World’s Tier 3 medicinal pills had he not seen before?

Yet, he had not seen before the medicinal pill that Ye Yuan consumed!

Then, something that made him even more flabbergasted and tongue-tied happened . . .

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