Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 338

Chapter 338 The Two Worlds' Secret

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Under the old man’s perception, Ye Yuan’s aura was rapidly recovering!

After an hour, Ye Yuan’s injuries were basically already under control.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s complexion go from pale white to rosy, the old man’s eyes were glued to him.

He had lived for several thousand years and had yet to see such a heaven-defying medicinal pill before.

Ye Yuan woke up to the old man’s expression and could not help asking, “Senior, what’s wrong with you?”

“Ah? Oh!What medicinal pill did you consume earlier? To actually have such miraculous effects! Your injuries were very severe. Although you had already taken medicinal pills to treat internal injuries, it’s hard to recover without a month of quiet rest. But you actually recovered in an hour!” the old man exclaimed in astonishment.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That’s Azure Profound Heart Nourishing Pill. It has some effects in treating internal injuries. My master imparted me the pill formula.”

“Azure Profound Heart Nourishing Pill?” The old man searched his brain for a moment but apparently did not find the relevant content.

In order to prevent this old man from thinking too much, Ye Yuan changed the topic and said, “How should I address Senior?”

Only then did the old man return to the present and hurriedly said, “This old man is Wei Xiao. You can call me Old Wei.”

Ye Yuan went forward to greet, saying, “Junior has seen Old Wei. Is Old Wei somebody from the Grand Yan True Sect?”

Wei Xiao nodded happily and said, “That’s right. You actually know the Grand Yan True Sect’s name. Could it be that my Grand Yan True Sect’s name is still circulating in the world?”

Ye Yuan heaved a sigh and said, “Actually, I heard this name from the mouth of a Fierce Gale World’s martial artist.”

Wei Xiao’s smile instantly froze on his face. He said in bewilderment, “What are you talking about?! The passageway between the Fierce Gale World and Endless World has already been sealed off by my sect’s Six Extreme Seals Grand Array! How can you possibly have met a Fierce Gale World’s martial artist?”

Ye Yuan recounted the events in the mystic realm for Wei Xiao to hear. Wei Xiao was silent for a long time after listening to it. Finally, he let out a long sigh.

“My Grand Yan True Sect sealed off the realm passageway by sacrificing the entire sect as the price, but to think that it eventually fell short of success one day!” Finished talking, Wei Xiao’s tears already covered his old face.

Ye Yuan thought to himself that it was indeed like so. But he asked curiously, “May I ask just what in the world happened back then, Old Wei? Why did the Grand Yan True Sect sacrifice the entire sect to seal off the passageway?”

Wei Xiao sighed faintly, his eyes revealing a reminiscing look as he said pensively, “Recalling back then, when my Grand Yan True Sect was flourishing in its heyday, we awed the entire Endless World using the array formations path. Our limelight knew no equal. But the weather can change abruptly . . .”

Turned out that roughly four thousand years ago, the Endless World and Fierce Gale World, these two worlds suddenly converged together and formed a spatial passageway!

Ever since then, the Fierce Gale World launched a large-scale invasion from the spatial passageway!

Different from the Endless World’s comfortable living conditions, the reason why the Fierce Gale World was named Fierce Gale was because over there, piercingly cold gales blew all year-around; four seasons a year!

Harsh living conditions as well as scarce cultivation resources made each martial artist who matured very powerful!

Some inklings about this point could also be somewhat seen from the Lan clan brothers.

The Endless World had rich resources, and the living conditions were very mild. How could the Fierce Gale World let this chance pass by?

Ye Yuan nodded when he heard that and said, “Fierce Gale World martial artists are indeed powerful. In the same realm, Endless World martial artists will most likely find it hard to contend with them.”

Ye Yuan’s judgment was exceedingly high and had long seen through the differences between the Lan clan brothers and the Endless World martial artists.

But Wei Xiao said scornfully, “It’s true that Fierce Gale World martial artists are strong, but our Endless World’s resources are abundant. The overall strength of our martial artists is not weaker than theirs! Furthermore, when our Grand Yan True Sect was at its prime back then, exterminating the other side’s Divine Traversing Realm powerhouses was a cinch!”

Ye Yuan did not refute. Lu Linfeng that fellow’s character was somewhat wretchedly miserly, but he truly had the capabilities.

The Dao teachings that he left behind was bound to be unbelievably powerful.

Furthermore, calculating the time, Lu Linfeng should not have ascended for a long time back then. At most several hundred to a thousand years. Wei Xiao saying that they were at their prime was naturally within reason.

Then that was odd. With the foundations that Lu Linfeng left behind, the Grand Yan True Sect should not go so far as to sacrifice the entire sect to seal off the passageway. Unless . . .

Ye Yuan’s expression changed, and he blurted out, “Is it possible that the Fierce Gale World . . . is actually a high-order small world?”

This time, it was Wei Xiao’s turn to be perplexed. “Looks like you know quite a bit. To actually even know about high-order small worlds! That’s right, my Grand Yan True Sect only came to know later that the Fierce Gale World’s Realmlord is actually a Boundless Realm powerhouse know as Wind Emperor! If we allow the war to continue developing freely, the aftermath would be too ghastly to contemplate!”

Putting aside the Divine Realm, there were countless lower realm small worlds. And they were split according to the small world’s degree of essence energy limitation, dividing into high-order, middle-order, and low-order, these three levels.

The limit that high-order small worlds could withstand was Tier 6, Boundless Realm, while the limit for middle-order smalls worlds was at Tier 5, Divine Traversing Realm!

Theoretically speaking, when martial artists surpassed this world’s essence energy limitations, they could shatter the void and ascend to the Divine Realm!

Only then did Ye Yuan saw the light. He mumbled, “So that’s how it is!”

Wei Xiao said with mixed feelings, “My Grand Yan True Sect reigned above the Endless World’s sects and enjoyed innumerable resources. Naturally, we also have to take on responsibilities! Hence, the sect master made an extremely tough decision. All six of the sect’s Formation Sovereign powerhouses cast the Tier 6 grand array, Six Extreme Seals Grand Array, by sacrificing their divine souls as the price, and moved the entire sect to the sealing area using a great arcane magic to hold down the seal!”

Listening to Wei Xiao finish speaking, Ye Yuan also felt great respect.

Sacrificing oneself to achieve a righteous cause. Speaking of such things was easy, but when it really came down to their turn, it would require immense resolution!

Let alone back then, the ones sacrificing themselves were not just the sect master alone, but all of the sovereign level powerhouses in the Grand Yan True Sect!

Lu Linfeng’s character had always been held in contempt by Ye Yuan. But his disciples and followers left Ye Yuan no choice but to hold great esteem for them.

Not everyone could shoulder such a responsibility!

It was precisely because of the Grand Yan True Sect’s sacrifice that exchanged for these several millennia of peace for the Endless World.

Tier 6 grand array was a grand formation that surpassed the limitations of the Endless World. Divine Traversing Realm experts naturally had to pay a price if they wanted to cross this limit.

And the price was their lives!

Ye Yuan got up and bowed deeply towards Wei Xiao, saying, “Senior and the rest’s actions fill people with deep veneration. Please accept this bow from Junior.”

As a matter of fact, Ye Yuan’s soul was not an Endless World’s native. But he rebirthed in Ye Yuan’s body currently, so he naturally counted as a person from the Endless World too.

Even so, Wei Xiao was not worthy of a bow from Ye Yuan anyway.

This bow from Ye Yuan was done on behalf of Ye Hang and Ren Hongling.

Without the Grand Yan True Sect’s sacrifice, there would also naturally not be Ye Hang and Ren Hongling, and there also would not be the present Ye Yuan.

Wei Xiao waved his hands and said with a sigh, “You don’t need to bow to me. I just hate that my realm back then was insufficient and was unable to participate in the setting up of the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array. Otherwise, I also wouldn’t have let Sect Master personally join in no matter what! Sect Master was an incredible prodigy who would surely have been able to follow Founding Father’s footsteps and ascend to the Divine Realm. But he suffered such an undeserved catastrophe! Sigh . . .”

Listening up to here, Ye Yuan also sighed unceasingly.

He could also tell from Wei Xiao’s words that the Grand Yan True Sect’s sect master back then was definitely extremely powerful.

After ascending to the Divine Realm, he could probably have been able to follow by the Grand Yan Divine King’s side. Becoming a Divine King powerhouse would not be hard.

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