Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 341

Chapter 341 Being Enlightened

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Ye Yuan smiled bitterly and said, “But these three array formations really aren’t hard!”

The disappointment on Wei Xiao’s face grew even thicker. “Still being stubborn! These three array formations are where the essence of Founding Father’s formation path lies. You, a tiny little Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist, actually dare to outrageously say that it’s simple? Truly unaware of how high the sky is and how deep the earth is!”

Ye Yuan was helpless. He knew that no matter how he explained, this old fellow would not believe it either.

Nonchalantly taking out a pile of low-grade essence crystals, Ye Yuan said to Wei Xiao with a smile, “Old Wei, look closely!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan casually struck out those low-grade essence crystals around the vicinity of a peach tree.

As the last piece of essence crystal got in position, those essence crystals suddenly lit up, and actually flew on their own, surrounding that peach tree as they spun.

Finally, the brilliant rays of light radiated by those essence crystals covered the peach tree.

After a few moments, the luster dissipated completely. That peach tree did not exist anymore. It was actually utterly obliterated already!

Wei Xiao’s face was filled with astoundment!

His shock was obviously not because of the peach tree’s annihilation but due to the array formation that Ye Yuan laid out!

“This is the simplified version of the Lesser Nine Revolutions Interlocking Formation,” Ye Yuan said.

As he said, he took out another pile of low-grade essence crystals and casually struck them out.

A huge commotion of light like before, but it thoroughly isolated the peach tree.

“This is the simplified Six Extreme Seals Grand Array,” Ye Yuan continued saying.

Ye Yuan was still waiting to lay out the Asura Confounding Formation when he was halted by Wei Xiao. “No need, no need anymore! I-I believe you! But, h-how is this possible?”

Wei Xiao’s gaze when looking at Ye Yuan was like he had seen a ghost. Wei Xiao had stayed in this place for thousands of years and was all too familiar with these three sets of array formations.

Although the simplified array formations did not have such incredible might, the principle was the same.

Ye Yuan’s technique when laying out the formation flowed smoothly and naturally. Clearly, he was already crystal clear with the array formations.

Wei Xiao only gradually digested this outcome after a long while. Except, the bewildered look on his face grew even thicker.

“Back then, the prodigious sect master took five hundred years to comprehend 50% – 60% of the Array Formations Three Volumes. You’re only at the Spirit Condensation Realm. You . . . How did you do it?” Wei Xiao was even somewhat tongue-tied when speaking.

Ye Yuan put on an innocent face and said, “I don’t know either. I just looked at it like that and understood it.”

Ye Yuan was also not deliberately trying to anger Wei Xiao. He could not very well say that he was a Tier 9 array master in his previous life and understanding Tier 5 or Tier 6 array formations was not all that difficult, right?

But Wei Xiao was still riled. The expression on his face right now was fascinating to the extreme. If he was not a soul body currently, he would probably spew out three liters of blood, right?

What did he mean by just looked at it like that and understood it?

Something that others might not necessarily comprehend even if they spent hundreds and thousands of years, you understood after looking for less than two days. Do you still want people to live?

The one Wei Xiao admired most in this lifetime was Sect Master. But looking at it now, there was utterly no way of comparing Sect Master to this youth in front of him!

This was too depressing!

Nothing was more dismal than your idol being defeated!

This sentence from Ye Yuan also blocked off all of Wei Xiao’s questions.

I’m just this much of a genius. No other reason. Things that were as hard as climbing up to the sky to others was as simple as turning over my hand to me. What did you want to ask?

At this instant, Wei Xiao really felt like he was an old person smacked down by the new generation.

“Alright then, since you’ve already comprehended the Array Formations Three Volumes, follow me now.”

Ye Yuan followed Wei Xiao back to the study. Wei Xiao beckoned with one hand. A small and exquisite flag cut through the air into Ye Yuan’s hand.

Wei Xiao said, “This is my Grand Yan True Sect’s Sect Master’s token. With it around, my Grand Yan True Sect’s legacy will never be extinguished! In the future, when you look for a successor, pass these three sets of array formations and this flag to him, and it will be considered as fulfilling my long-cherished wish!”

Ye Yuan played around with the flag and exclaimed with some surprise, “This flag is actually a profound artifact!”

Wei Xiao nodded and said, “That’s right. This is an array formation profound artifact named Profound Water Flag. Using it can raise the speed of you setting up array formations by 50%. Tier 3 and below array formations can be instantly formed through the flag!”

The larger scale the array formation, the longer the set up time.

It was already very heaven-defying for this flag to be able to raise the speed of setup by 50%.

Ye Yuan said in delight, “Excellent stuff!”

“Additionally, your realm is too low. This Grand Yan Space still has an array formation setup within it. Its name is Enlightening Formation. As for what realm you can break through to, that will have to depend on yourself,” Wei Xiao explained.

“En?That’s excellent! Thank you very much, Old Wei! Let’s hurry up and begin! My fellow disciples’ life and death are currently unknown. I’m very worried about their safety and want to go back quickly.” Ye Yuan gave thanks to him.

Wei Xiao nodded and said, “Since that’s the case, I’ll activate the array formation now!”

Wei Xiao brought Ye Yuan to a hidden room and made Ye Yuan enter it. The array formation activated and then colossal amounts of essence energy began to gather within the secret room!

Enlightening Formation was an array formation even higher rank than the Spirit Gathering Formation. It could amass enormous amounts of essence energy instantaneously and provide it for martial artists endlessly; just like swallowing cultivation medicinal pills non-stop!

Soon enough, layers of fog appeared inside the hidden room. The thick essence energy had already condensed to form mist!

Ye Yuan absorbed the essence energy greedily into his body and refined them.

In truth, ever since divine soul perfection previously, Ye Yuan could have taken advantage of the momentum to break through to the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. But he kept lacking the opportunity.

Now that he was refining essence energy unceasingly, the spirit liquid within his body condensed with exceptional speed. Very soon, he broke through the bottleneck for the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Outside the formation, Wei Xiao was astonished once again. “Why would this boy absorb so much essence energy to break through to the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm? Furthermore, his breakthrough to the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm actually did not have any hints of a bottleneck! Looks like his cultivation realm comprehension had long surpassed the standards of Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. This boy is truly remarkable!”

At this time, Wei Xiao no longer doubted Ye Yuan’s degree of genius.

And right then, the spirit liquid within Ye Yuan’s Dantian became increasingly more satiated and gradually reach a saturated state!

Peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

The next step was condensing and forming crystal!

Right at this moment, the cultivation method that Ye Yuan was revolving changed quietly!

The Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art’s human chapter’s third level cultivation law revolved in full force! He actually wanted to break through to the Crystal Formation Realm directly!

“What? Does he want to break through to the Crystal Formation Realm right away? Too reckless! He went from the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm to Peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. In between, he crossed an entire minor realm. He actually didn’t even consolidate his realm and didn’t cross it from Half-Step Crystal Formation Realm, breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm directly. Seriously too reckless!” Wei Xiao was frightened by Ye Yuan’s act.

He made Ye Yuan enter this formation to let him break through to Peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, not to let him break through to the Crystal Formation Realm directly.

Who knew that this boy kept doing some unimaginable things? Without even catching his breath, he broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm directly!

Ye Yuan did not have so many misgivings and completely did not plan on crossing from Half-Step Crystal Formation Realm either. He planned on breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm right from the start!

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