Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 343

Chapter 343 Thousand Flowing Petals Showing Its Might Again

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“Mm?Having not seen you for a few days, you actually broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm already!”

Sensing the aura coming off of Ye Yuan’s body, Lan Feng felt rather surprised.

But it was merely just a little surprised. The strength of a First Level Crystal Formation Realm was inadequate to make him take it to heart.

What made Lan Feng truly wary was still those puppets. But he also figured out his plan too. As long as he did not enter the array formation, Ye Yuan would not be able to do anything to him.

But when Ye Yuan saw Lan Feng, he grinned instead and said, “Your gall really isn’t small. To actually dare block me here alone.”

“Doesn’t matter. I’ve already asked my comrades for help. I just have to persevere until they arrive here! Although those puppets of yours are impressive, you’re still not qualified to defeat me quickly!” Lan Feng said derisively.

Fierce Gale World martial artists advocated personal martial force most of all and disliked assistance from external items. They were very disdainful of Ye Yuan’s methods.

Lan Feng hoped to see a panicky expression on Ye Yuan’s face, but he was disappointed.

Not only was there not a trace of panic to be seen on his face, but Ye Yuan was also so composed that it made him a little flustered.

Freaking absurd! Lan Feng cursed inwardly.

“That’s also to say that as long as I finish you off before your comrades arrive, then it’s all good?” Ye Yuan said with a grin.

“Harrumph!Wild arrogance!” Lan Feng was furious when he heard that.

“Enough crap. Come on!” Ye Yuan extended a hand. Canghua Sword appeared in his hand.

But Lan Feng did not make a move. He was afraid that Ye Yuan would suddenly release the sword puppets. Once he fell into the array formation, it would not be easy for him to want to free himself.

This Lan Feng looked like he had a straightforward personality at first glance, but it did not mean that he was dumb.

The anxious one right now was Ye Yuan, not him. He just had to waste time.

And this was also all taught to him by Big Brother Lan Bao.

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “You’re not coming? Then I’m coming!”

Ye Yuan wielded his sword and pointed at Lan Feng. Exquisite flower petals started appearing in the air!

Seeing this scene, Lan Feng’s complexion changed drastically!

This fellow was actually able to maneuver heaven and earth essence energy!

He thought that what Ye Yuan was relying on were the sword puppets. He never thought that he still had such a fierce move!

But the problem was that Ye Yuan was still only at the Crystal Formation Realm. How did he do it?

But there was already no more time for him to think. If he pondered anymore, he was going to die!

After breaking through to the Crystal Formation Realm, Ye Yuan’s perception and affinity toward heaven and earth essence energy went up by a huge step. Executing Thousand Flowing Petals again was no longer as demanding as it was before at the Spirit Condensation Realm. The speed of execution naturally also sped up considerably.

The Lan clan brothers were all the same type, exceptional speed and formidable fist strength.

Only to see Lan Feng tap his feet and his figure moved explosively, shooting towards Ye Yuan.

A cluster of flower petals blocked in front of Lan Feng like it floated along with the wind.

Lan Feng clenched his jaws. “Break for me!”

A fist smashed out. Essence energy surged, and an exploding noise actually sounded!

The fist without any ostentatiousness was a fist with a crushing force that overwhelmed all!

Lan Feng belonged to those type who were extremely powerful in close-combat. He did not mobilize large amounts of heaven and earth essence energy to face his opponents like Ye Yuan, but would condense heaven and earth essence energy onto his own fist to wield it as he pleased!

This kind of brandishing method could muster heaven and earth essence energy the fastest and augment the might of his fist art to the maximum degree!

In mid-air, Lan Feng’s fist collided with that cluster of flower petals!

There was no intense impact sound.

That cluster of flower petals slowly melted, finally vanishing. But Lan Feng’s fist force was already totally crumbled by Ye Yuan!

Lan Feng was so greatly frightened that he turned pale. “How is that possible? You’re only at the Crystal Formation Realm! How can you be so proficient in the usage of heaven and earth essence energy?!”

The reason why Lan Feng was astonished was because that clump of flower petals was not Ye Yuan’s full strength, but it was only a small tuft of the flower petals that Ye Yuan condensed!

And this small cluster of flower petals was just enough to neutralize the fist force that Lan Feng invoked!

Just how accurately did he grasp it?!

It was as if Ye Yuan saw through it with one glance how much heaven and earth essence energy this fist of Lan Feng had amassed!

Something that even he, this Sea Transformation Realm, could not do, but a First Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist could accomplish. How could Lan Feng not be astounded?

For close-combat type martial artists like Lan Feng, the most important thing was momentum.

And presently, he was completely unable to gather his own momentum. Ye Yuan would not give him the opportunity to accumulate any momentum!

Ye Yuan did not pay attention to Lan Feng’s astonishment. All of his energy were placed on manipulating the Thousand Flowing Petals.

Although he had already broken through to the Crystal Formation Realm, maneuvering heaven and earth essence energy was something that only martial artists at the Sea Transformation Realm and above could accomplish.

Accurately speaking, only Soul Sea Realm martial artists could control heaven and earth essence energy as they wished!

Sea Transformation Realms merely understood some superficial knowledge.

Hence, manipulating Thousand Flowing Petals was still something tremendously difficult for Ye Yuan.

It was just that compared to while being at the Spirit Condensation Realm, it was way easier now.

Presently, a circumference of a hundred feet was already flooded with countless flower petals. Ye Yuan naturally would not give Lan Feng any chance at all!

He moved another small cluster of flower petals which churned towards Lan Feng. Lan Feng’s expression darkened, and he gritted his teeth and said,“Humph!So what if you can mobilize heaven and earth essence energy? How can I lose to a puny little Crystal Formation Realm martial artist? Torrential Pear Blossom Fist! Break for me!”

All of a sudden, Lan Feng’s aura skyrocketed. A colossal aura swept away those flower petals.

This was the true strength of a Sea Transformation Realm powerhouse!

Only to see Lan Feng’s fist shadows cascade forth, negating Ye Yuan’s attack one after another.

It was seemingly as if no matter how many flower petal attacks Ye Yuan mustered, they were unable to breach Lan Feng’s defense!

Yes. After Lan Feng’s aura skyrocketed, he did not attack but defended passively!

Because his surroundings were already jam-packed with flower petals. Even if he unleashed the full strength of Sea Transformation Realm, he would have no way of getting through these flower petals either!

As a close-combat martial artist, he already lost the only chance to approach Ye Yuan!

With his speed, if he struck first to gain the initiative, Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals would not have succeeded in launching so smoothly.

But sadly, Lan Feng was cautious in taking action and did not attack first. By the time he felt that something was not right, there was already no chance left!

Now, he could only take a beating passively!

Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals was not some ordinary martial technique, but it was a supreme true intent’s sword move!

When Ye Yuan was at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, he could already use this move to injure the Sea Transformation Realm Yao Qian. One could imagine just how powerful the attack of this sword move was!

Now that Ye Yuan already advanced an entire major realm, the might when displayed again could no longer be mentioned in the same breath.

Even the formidable Lan Feng could only avoid contact when facing the Thousand Flowing Petals!

Those withering flower petals looked like they were harmless to humans and animals, but in truth, killing intent was concealed!

What Lan Feng could rely on presently was his thick essence energy!

As long as he could persist until Ye Yuan’s essence energy ran out, he would have the chance to kill Ye Yuan.

Lan Feng’s Torrential Pear Blossom Fist danced flawlessly. However . . . there was not a wall without a crack in this world and also no absolute defense.

No matter how fast his fists were, it was also not possible to defend everywhere!

One had to know that the Thousand Flowing Petals was not a straightforward attack, but flower petals that could flutter.


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