Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 344

Chapter 344 Infiltrating

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Regardless of how compact Lan Feng’s fist art was, how could it possibly block the limitless flying flowers?

While Lan Feng did not detect it, a bunch of petals already flew into his defensive circle by following a path along his lower body.

“Thousand Flowing Petals, explode!”

Ye Yuan gave a low cry. Only to hear puffing sounds occurring everywhere. Countless tiny explosion sounds took place inside Lan Feng’s defensive radius.

Each flower petal’s explosion was certainly not very strong. But the explosions from thousands and tens of thousands of flower petals, that was not something fun.

Lan Feng’s body was blasted away until it quivered non-stop like he was dancing drunkenly.

The protective essence energy of a Sea Transformation Realm was exceedingly powerful, especially for a close-combat martial artist like Lan Feng.

But no matter how powerful it was, it could not contend with this petal rain that filled the entire sky.

Ye Yuan manipulated more and more flower petals to fly toward Lan Feng. By the end of it, he was already submerged by the petals.

Countless flower petals exploded. Lan Feng’s body trembled even more violently.

Finally, that powerful protective essence energy was breached by these innumerable miniature explosions! Lan Feng’s main body started to receive the explosions!


Lan Feng violently vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and kneeled feebly onto the ground!

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan moved!

Ye Yuan did not wait for Lan Feng to hit to the ground. With a flash, he arrived before him.

“God Stunning Spike!”

Ye Yuan’s divine soul force erupted abruptly, attacking Lan Feng’s sea of consciousness!

Lan Feng evidently did not imagine that Ye Yuan would suddenly perform a sneak attack, using divine soul mystic arts to attack him.

While completely caught off-guard and still at a loss as to what was happening, Lan Feng only felt his mind go blank, and the whites of his eyes could be seen. Then, he was out cold!

But Ye Yuan’s means had not ended yet!

He formed seals with both hands swiftly. His soul force was released once more, plunging into Lan Feng’s sea of consciousness!

“Slave seal, form!”

Currently, Lan Feng’s divine soul was viciously attacked by Ye Yuan’s God Stunning Spike and already sustained substantial injuries. It was also in a completely unprepared state.

Making use of this time lag, Ye Yuan forcefully planted a slave seal in Lan Feng’s divine soul!

Different from Yuan Fei’s soul contract, after having the slave seal planted, Lan Feng would lose his own consciousness. All actions must be taken from Ye Yuan.

Moreover, due to Ye Yuan forcefully planting the slave seal, it would also cause irreversible damage to Lan Feng’s divine soul. Lan Feng’s cultivation in this life would also halt here.

Seeing the slave seal form successfully, Ye Yuan also felt like collapsing.

The series of attacks earlier were all completed in the time it took for a spark to fly off a piece of flint. Regardless whether to his essence energy or divine soul, it was all an enormous burden.

A Crystal Formation Realm martial artist planted a slave seal on a Sea Transformation Realm martial artist. This was something that others did not even dare to imagine. But Ye Yuan did it!

Sea Transformation Realm was not a major realm. Although the divine soul strength of Sea Transformation Realm martial artist was enhanced to a certain degree compared to Crystal Formation Realm martial artist, it was not that kind of major realm leap.

Especially for a pure martial artist like Lan Feng. In terms of divine soul realm grinding, it barely reached the standards of middle to late-stage Alchemy Grandmaster.

After Ye Yuan broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, his divine soul realm had already leaped directly to the perfection of early-stage Alchemy Grandmaster; roughly around Lan Feng’s divine soul realm.

It was precisely so that Ye Yuan dared to perform such a risky move; planting a slave seal in Lan Feng!

Although Ye Yuan succeeded, the entire process was something incredibly perilous.

Ye Yuan’s divine soul realm was not as high as Lan Feng’s when all was said and done. If Lan Feng had any bit of precaution, not only would he fail to succeed, it would cause his divine soul to suffer a backlash instead.

Therefore, before Ye Yuan made his move, he already took into consideration each and every step.

Not that Ye Yuan liked the thrill, but because Ye Yuan wanted to understand Mei Zhen and the rest’s whereabouts through Lan Feng.

Ye Yuan knew that no matter how he asked, Lan Feng would not tell him as well.

Even if he told him, Ye Yuan would not dare believe it either.

So the best way was to control Lan Feng!

Furthermore, Ye Yuan still had even longer-term considerations. If Mei Zhen and the rest died, everything was obviously too late. But if they did not die, he still had areas to use Lan Feng in.

Ye Yuan did not waste too much time. Lan Feng already informed experts to come through secret methods previously. The more he delayed, the more dangerous it got.

“Open up your divine soul! I want to search your memories!” Ye Yuan instructed.

Lan Feng’s eyes recovered some light, but he disregarded the injuries on his body and struggled to his feet to give a bow towards Ye Yuan. “Yes, Master!”

Ye Yuan’s divine sense entered Lan Feng’s sea of consciousness and read his memories.

Seeing that Mei Zhen and the rest were fine, he could not help heaving a long sigh in relief.

Speaking of which, he had to thank Lin Chao. If not for him interjecting, Mei Zhen and the rest would probably already be dead now.

Ye Yuan fished out an Azure Profound Heart Nourishing Pill and threw it to Lin Chao. “Quickly eat it. But there isn’t time for you to refine the medicinal strength already. We leave now!”

“Many thanks for master bestowing the pill!” Lan Feng said deferentially.

. . . . . .

Eternal Splendor Palace’s underground, the location of the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array, also the place where the passageway between the Endless World and Fierce Gale World lied.

Lan Feng who was covered in injuries walked in, detaining Ye Yuan whose essence energy was sealed.

The Fierce Gale World already deployed a large number of troops underground. But they were all Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

It was just two to three days since the passageway was opened up. Large numbers of experts were still currently en route rushing over.

“Lord Lan Feng!” When the guard saw Lan Feng, he bowed and said respectfully.

Lan Feng nodded and said, “The person that Big Brother Lan Bao made me capture is already caught. This prisoner is highly important. I have to escort him personally back to the tribe!”

“Yes! This way please, Lord Lan Feng!” The guard did not dare to obstruct and directly let him through.

Lan Feng’s status was the highest in this place. They naturally did not dare to say anything else.

Furthermore, the matter of Lan Feng staying behind to capture someone was known by all these guards.

Lan Bao and the rest already returned to the Fierce Gale World to arrange for the matters concerning the invasion of the Endless World. After all, compared to Ye Yuan alone, the war of two worlds was the major event!

But Lan Bao should have already received Lan Feng’s summons at this time and was currently hastening over.

Ye Yuan glared at Lan Feng fiercely but refused to enter the passageway.

“What are you looking at?! Move quickly!” Lan Feng shoved.

“Just kill me if you have the capabilities!” Ye Yuan said wrathfully.

“Hehe, you still have great use. How can I let you die so easily? Moreover, in order to catch you, I suffered heavy injuries. We have to settle this score properly later!” Lan Feng said with a cold sneer.

The pair carried out a conversation, putting up enough of a show.

Finally, being shoved by Lan Feng, Ye Yuan entered the passageway. Lan Feng also followed in after.

“No way, right? That young man was only at the First Level Crystal Formation Realm. He actually beat Lord Lan Feng to that extent?! This combat strength is also too terrifying, yeah?” after the two people left, a guard exclaimed in surprise.

“What do you know?! I heard previously that the Endless World martial artist that failed to be captured was only at the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. It’s definitely this punk! Just a few days of not seeing him, he actually broke through directly to the Crystal Formation Realm! If not because this punk is abnormal, why would Lord Lan Feng have to capture him alive?” the other person said.

“Really too scary! Our Fierce Gale World martial artists have always been renowned for the might of our combat strength. But compared to this young man, the disparity isn’t an ordinary kind of big!” The guard then sighed with admiration.

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