Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 345

Chapter 345 Back Thrust

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Once he entered the Fierce Gale World, Ye Yuan felt the storm winds howl towards him like blades, slicing until his face hurt.

Lan Feng noticed Ye Yuan’s discomfort and enquired, “Is Master not used to this gale?”

Ye Yuan waved his hand and released his aura slightly. Those storm winds actually swept past his side automatically like he was filtered out.

The might of this gale was roughly the same as the Nine Heavens Road. With Ye Yuan’s understanding of the concept of wind, these storm winds naturally could not hurt him.

Lan Feng’s expression flickered. “To think that Master’s attainments in the concept of wind are so high. Our Fierce Gale World’s natives come into contact with this gale ever since birth. But scarcely anyone can reach Master’s boundary!”

“This hurricane is not strong. I can still handle it. If my conjectures are right, the Fierce Gale World’s tempests should exceed this, right?” Ye Yuan waved his hand and said.

Lan Feng nodded and said, “That’s right. The Fierce Gale World’s storms are the weakest in the Central Capital. The intensity of the gales radiates outwards with the Central Capital as the center. Places that are closer to the Central Capital have weaker storms, while places further from the Central Capital have more powerful hurricanes.”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “So, that’s the case. Then how strong is the place with the strongest gales?”

Lan Feng said, “The Fierce Gale World is divided into nine regions according to the strength of the storms. Level One is the weakest, and Level Nine the strongest. The gales in the Level Nine region is exceptionally terrifying. Even Lord Wind Emperor also don’t dare to set foot in that region.”

When he mentioned this Level Nine region, Lan Feng’s face carried thick apprehension. Evidently, it was an extremely terrifying place.

Ye Yuan could not help asking interestedly, “With your strength, what is the deepest region you can reach?”

Lan Feng said, “This old slave’s strength is meager. I can only move about at most in the Level Five region. Any deeper in and I’ll be powerless.”

“Oh?With your Sea Transformation Realm strength, you can actually only reach the Level Five region. Looks like the Fierce Gale World’s storms are indeed very powerful! Then what level is this region we’re currently at now?”

“The vast majority of the people all live in the Level Three region. Any further out and ordinary people will not be able to penetrate within. Only martial artists with formidable strength can do it. Hence, the struggle for land inside the Level Three region is very intense. Tribes will frequently slaughter each other because of land. The place we’re at right now is the location between the borders of the Level Three and Level Four regions.”

Ye Yuan asked puzzledly, “Just the members of your tribe that I’ve seen were four Sea Transformation Realm experts already. You’re actually only able to stay in such a remote area?”

“Replying master, our Lan Family is not an ordinary tribe but a branch of the Tempest Guards under the Wind Emperor’s command. Four thousand years ago, the old Wind Emperor brought the Tempest Guards and planned on personally storming the Endless World. But the Grand Yan True Sect sealed the passageway between the two worlds using the Six Extreme Seals Grand Array. Hence, the old Wind Emperor left us Lan Family Clan behind here to guard the land of the seal.”

Ye Yuan came to a realization. “No wonder you guys arrived so quickly. It was actually this reason! Alright, this matter brooks no delay. Let’s hurry to your tribe. If we waited until Lan Bao discovers a problem, it would make it a lot more troublesome for nothing.”

“Yes, Master.”

. . . . . .

Around an hour later, Lan Bao brought Lan Hu back to the passageway area.

The two of them strolled leisurely around the second level but did not see a shadow. An ominous premonition involuntarily welled up in their hearts.

“Did you all see Lan Feng?” Lan Bao came back and asked the guards.

That guard thought that Lan Bao came back for some other matter. He only knew that it was for Lan Feng when he heard it at this time. He hurriedly said, “Replying Your Excellency, Lord Lan Feng already returned to the Fierce Gale World around an hour ago.”

Lan Bao was secretly alarmed and asked,“Mm?Why did he go back?”

That guard was also baffled. Logically speaking, Lord Lan Feng and Lord Lan Bao should have met. Could it be they took different paths?

The guard also felt that something was not quite right. Hence, he recounted the event of Lan Feng passing through the entrance from the very beginning to the end exactly as it was.

Lan Bao’s face involuntarily changed drastically when he heard that. Sending that guard flying far away with a slap, he roared, “You moron! When that brat was at the Spirit Condensation Realm, the four of us couldn’t even take him down combined! Now that he broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, how can Lan Feng possibly capture him alive alone?”

Lan Bao did not deal a lethal blow. That guard spat out blood as he begged for mercy, “Have mercy, Your Excellency! Have mercy, Your Excellency!”

“Humph!I’ll find you to settle the scores later! Lan Hu, let’s chase after!”

Finished talking, Lan Bao led the charge into the Fierce Gale World. Lan Hu followed after.

The group of guards was as silent as cicadas in cold weather. Nobody dared to make a sound.

They all could not figure things out. Lord Lan Feng clearly detained that Endless World boy. What problem would there be?

. . . . . .

Fierce Gale World.

On the way to the Lan Family Tribe, Lan Bao said in a low voice, “How do you see it, Lan Hu? Do you think that . . . there’s a possibility of Lan Feng turning traitor?”

Lan Hu shook his head and said, “Lan Feng grew up together with me. I understand his character the best. His loyalty towards the tribe, maybe even we can’t compare! Furthermore . . . he has no reason whatsoever to defect!”

“But . . . why did he help that brat enter the Fierce Gale World? Is it possible that . . . he really defeated that boy?” The more Lan Bao thought, the more perplexed he got.

His understanding of Ye Yuan merely stopped at the sword puppets. As for his combat strength, he was utterly ignorant.

But even if that boy broke through to the Crystal Formation Realm, even if Ye Yuan used the sword puppets, it was also impossible to take Lan Feng down in such a short amount of time, right?

What happened in-between all this?

Lan Bao and Lan Hu did not even think in the area of slave seal. Because in their viewpoint, this was something that could not possibly occur.

“Saying anything is pointless. We’ll know what happened after we return to the tribe,” Lan Hu said.

Lan Bao nodded and said unwillingly, “We’ll have to leave it at that!”

. . . . . .

The Lan Family Tribe was located at the borders between the Level Three Gale Region and the Level Four Gale Region. The environment was rather harsh.

Yellow sand pervaded this area. The gale winds were piercingly cold. People who had slightly weaker strength would be slashed by the storm winds immediately.

Not far away from the tribe, two silhouettes appeared. They were precisely Ye Yuan and Lan Feng.

“With what you said earlier, I reckon that Lan Bao and the rest still have at most another hour before they are back. You only have an hour’s time to bring them out! Bring this spatial artifact with you. Once you have the opportunity, fit them inside according to the mantra that I recited. I’ll receive you outside!” Ye Yuan instructed Lan Feng.

“Yes, Master!” Lan Feng said.

Lan Feng already became Ye Yuan’s slave. All of his actions were done according to Ye Yuan’s will.

Passing the spatial artifact to him naturally had nothing to be concerned of.

Lan Feng’s current identity was not being suspected yet. He just had to come up with a reason to return to the tribe, and then bring Mei Zhen and the rest out, and that would do.

Making use of this time difference, Ye Yuan could deal a back thrust and charge back to the realm passageway again!

Although a large group of Crystal Formation Realm martial artists was stationed over there, with his strength plus Lan Feng and throw in his fellow apprentices, breaking through would be a cinch.

This was Ye Yuan’s plan!

And now, he had to see if Lan Feng could successfully bring out the Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples.

Roughly the lesser part of an hour later, Lan Feng’s figure appeared in Ye Yuan’s sight . . .

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