Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 347

Chapter 347 Bird Feather

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In the sky-filled yellow sand, a person and a vulture tore through the air as they traveled. Their speed was exceedingly fast.

Fierce Wind Vultures were indigenous demonic beasts born in the Fierce Gale World. Not only could they fly in the gale winds, but they were also tracking experts.

Fierce Wind Vultures were very rare. There were only two Fierce Wind Vultures in the Lan Family Tribe as well; this was one of them.

It circled twice around the place that Ye Yuan stopped at previously, then it flew straight for the Level Four Gale Region. It was in perfect harmony with Lan Feng’s guess without prior consultation.

Lan Bao sat on the back of the Fierce Wind Vulture, his two eyes looking around everywhere like a hawk wanting to find Ye Yuan’s figure.

He already chased Ye Yuan for three days and night but did not find any trails at all.

But he knew that with the Fierce Wind Vulture here, Ye Yuan could not escape!

In these three days and nights, the Fierce Wind Vulture was brought around in circles several times. It nearly found him quite a few times but missed it by a narrow chance.

Clearly, Ye Yuan already realized that somebody was tracking him!

But it was precisely so that Lan Bao’s killing intent grew even stronger!

Because Ye Yuan’s fleeing was highly targeted. They were all ways to easily lead the Fierce Wind Vulture astray.

Ye Yuan could not have possibly known these methods in advance. He could only have learned them from Lan Feng!

This fellow really treated Lan Feng as a slave to order about!

“Punk, just you wait! As long as I find you, I’ll make you unable to wish for neither to live nor to die! I want to see just how long your essence energy can last. Or perhaps, you can try fleeing into the Level Five region!” Lan Bao said with a cold sneer.

Right at this moment, Lan Bao’s face changed!

Innumerable flower petals floated up into the skies from god knew when and encircled Lan Bao layer by layer!

These flower petals actually did not scatter in the slightest within the Level Four gale wind and swept towards Lan Bao!

Seeing this scene, Lan Bao was not startled but became pleased instead.“Heh heh,finally can’t resist making a move? Looks like you’ve already reached your limits,eh?If you continue running, you most likely won’t even have the strength to attack, right? However . . .”

Lan Bao’s gaze grew intently as he said in a grave voice, “A newly broken through Crystal Formation Realm boy is actually able to mobilize heaven and earth essence energy. It truly makes me rather surprised! Lan Feng . . . should have fallen to this, right?”

One had to say that Lan Bao’s combat talent was very strong.

Just from this move, Thousand Flowing Petals, he could determine the reason that Lan Feng lost.

“Trying to use this move to deal with me?Hehe,you’re still a little too inexperienced!”

Finished talking, Lan Bao’s aura suddenly erupted. The powerful aura field actually swept away the flower petals that filled the skies!

In a twinkle of an eye, Lan Bao already completed the mustering of heaven & earth essence energy!

Only to see him tiptoed lightly, and his entire body soared high into the air, flying off the Fierce Wind Vulture.

“Flood Dragon Goes to Sea!”

Lan Bao roared fiercely. Smashing a fist out, a series of wind tearing sounds sounded, striking the sky-filled flower petals until they were pulverized!

One punch from Lan Bao actually blasted apart the Thousand Flowing Petals that Ye Yuan condensed!

The might of one fist was overwhelmingly powerful!

“Still going to be a coward, Ye Yuan? Do you think that you can escape my Five-Finger Mountain?” Lan Bao gave a loud cry and exerted pressure on Ye Yuan.


Another punch smashed out. The acres of flower petals were sent scattering.

“Hahaha!To be able to maneuver heaven and earth essence energy at the Crystal Formation Realm, I admit that you’re a one of a kind genius that I’ve ever seen! But . . . you must die today!” Lanbao roared loudly again as he punched out a first.

Another punch!

“Lan Feng is my brother that grew up together with me since young! You actually dare to plant a slave seal on him?! I’ll make you wish you were dead!”

Each time he punched out, Lan Bao would say a sentence.

It was to incite Ye Yuan out and also in order to vent out the killing intent in his heart.

But right then, Lan Bao’s expression changed drastically!

The limitless flower petals actually abandoned him and engulfed towards that Fierce Wind Vulture!

Turned out that Ye Yuan’s goal was not Lan Bao at all but the Fierce Wind Vulture!

“Lad, you dare?!” Lan Bao was anxious and furious as he howled.

Lan Bao’s three punches earlier were extremely powerful. The Fierce Wind Vulture was simply unable to withstand his attacks. That was why he flew off the Fierce Wind Vulture. But he did not expect to fall for Ye Yuan’s ploy to lure the tiger away!

Now, no matter how swift his movements were, he would not be able to catch up either!

The limitless flower petals already wrapped around the Fierce Wind Vulture. Even if his fist was stronger, how could it possibly blast away all the flower petals?

But why would Ye Yuan bother with Lan Bao’s feelings?

His goal was that Fierce Wind Vulture from the very beginning!

The Fierce Wind Vulture was only a Tier 3 demonic beast. How could it be a match for the Thousand Flowing Petals?!

“Thousand Flowing Petals, decapitate!” Ye Yuan shot out abruptly from the yellow sand and howled fiercely.

The boundless flower petals were like myriad tiny blades, slicing towards that Fierce Wind Vulture!


The Fierce Wind Vulture cried out lightly and flapped its wings desperately, trying to chase away these flower petals.

But sadly, these were not ordinary flower petals, but ones formed from heaven and earth essence energy!

Each petal was extremely mesmerizing but also dangerous!

In the fierce gales, only to hear slicing sounds coming over . . .

When the flower petals scattered, only feathers that filled the sky and the Fierce Wind Vulture covered in bloodstains were left.

The gale winds blew, and the bird feathers floated away with the wind, looking very spectacular.

Immediately after, a splat was heard. The Fierce Wind Vulture’s corpse hit the ground.

When Lan Bao saw this scene, his face had long become as black as the bottom of a pan!

Each Fierce Wind Vulture was unbelievably precious. Ye Yuan actually killed it off just like killing a chicken!

Lan Bao stood in the air, looking like an enraged demon god.

“Do you think that you can escape by killing the Fierce Wind Vulture?” Lan Bao emphasized each word as he said to Ye Yuan.

But Ye Yuan cracked a smile and said, “Feel free to chase after and see!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan kept his longsword and turned around to flee!

Spirit Void Shattering Space’s third layer was displayed in full force, vanishing instantly without a trace.

When Lan Bao saw Ye Yuan’s speed, he was secretly startled. He immediately did not dare to be careless and pursue him at top speed.

“This punk, is it possible that he relied on a pair of legs and circled around with me for three days and night?” Lan Bao thought of this possibility and was inwardly shocked.

Although the Fierce Wind Vulture was a Tier 3 demonic beasts, its flying speed in the gale winds was not slower than Sea Transformation Realm martial artists. It was even faster than First Level and Second Level Sea Transformation Realm martial artists!

But such a speed actually could not catch up to Ye Yuan’s pair of legs?

Just how fast was this punk’s speed?

Lan Bao’s speed was naturally needless to say. The Third Level Sea Transformation Realm Mei Zhen and Wu Zhao could not follow his speed. It could be seen how fast he was!

Lan Bao saw that Ye Yuan’s speed was astonishing and also did not dare to hold back at this time. He pursued Ye Yuan with his own maximum speed.

The Fierce Wind Vulture was already dead. If Lan Bao lost Ye Yuan, he probably could not find him again.

While Ye Yuan’s present speed was extremely astounding, the two people’s distance was still shrinking continuously.

Gradually, Lan Bao could already see Ye Yuan’s back view. A hint of smirk involuntarily flashed past the corner of his mouth!

“Run then! Keep running! I’ll see where you can run to!” Lan Bao said with a hideous sneer.

However, his smile instantly froze on his face!

Not knowing how, he saw Ye Yuan pull apart the distance from him once more with aswoosh!

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