Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 348

Chapter 348 Running Frantically

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Although Lan Bao was a close-combat martial artist, his fist wind could attack from a distance.

As long as Ye Yuan entered his attack range, Lan Bao did not even need to catch up to him to be able to strike him down.

But just as Ye Yuan barely entered his attack range, he actually increased his speed!

This made Lan Bao so dejected that he could choke on it!

“This boy, just how many cards has he not played?! How is it possible for a First Level Crystal Formation Realm to have such swift speed?!” Lan Bao felt that it was beyond understanding.

But this was a fact. He also had no choice even if he did not understand.

Toward a character who was formerly an Alchemy Emperor, Lan Bao not comprehending the situation was not unexpected.

Entering the mystic realm this time, Ye Yuan made ample preparations!

Before setting off, he spent a full 500 thousand points and used all of it to exchange for Tier 3 medicinal herbs to refine medicinal pills!

The three days and nights of pursuing previously, Ye Yuan was igniting his essence energy the entire time to execute Spirit Void Shattering Space.

The most adequate preparation that he made this trip was essence energy recovering medicinal pills. Just like that, he swallowed medicinal pills and ran until now.

Relying on Fierce Wind Vulture knowledge gleaned from Lan Feng, he forcefully spun around in circles with Lan Bao for three days and nights!

But this was already the limit. The Fierce Wind Vulture’s speed was too fast. Even if Ye Yuan’s movement speed was heaven-defying, being able to sustain until now was already very extraordinary.

Ye Yuan knew that he could not escape, so he laid in ambush and plotted to finish off the Fierce Wind Vulture!

But after eliminating the Fierce Wind Vulture, Ye Yuan would have to directly confront Lan Bao.

With his present strength, he was simply not Lan Bao’s match.

That fight earlier also clearly showed many problems. The Thousand Flowing Petals that could overpower and finish off Lan Feng by surprise was ineffective against Lan Bao.

So he only had one way: run!

Comparing movement techniques, Ye Yuan was even slightly inferior to the Fierce Wind Vulture, let alone Lan Bao.

Regardless of whether it was essence energy or comprehension towards the Concept of Wind, Ye Yuan could not match Lan Bao.

But . . . Ye Yuan had medicinal pills!

Tier 3 medicinal pill, Haste Pill!

This Haste Pill was very heaven-defying among Tier 3 medicinal pills. It could double a martial artist’s speed by stimulating the meridians and acupoints in the martial artist’s body!

Only Ye Yuan could refine out such a perverse medicinal effect too. Swapping an Alchemy Grandmaster in, he could probably only refine high-grade Haste Pills at the very most, which only had a 50% speed increase.

Of course, a 50% speed increase was already very heaven-defying in the general sense.

Except that the Haste Pills that Ye Yuan refined were all superior-grade medicinal pills!

Essence Energy Ignition under the Transmission Concept, plus Spirit Void Shattering Space movement technique, plus superior-grade Haste Pills, made Ye Yuan’s speed directly multiply several times over compared to normal!

He opened up the distance between Lan Bao all at once!

Lan Bao currently had an impulse to vomit blood. He watched as Ye Yuan was about to enter his attack range, but was shaken off by him right away!

And Lan Bao’s movement technique was already raised to the fastest. Looking on, the distance between him and Ye Yuan was actually widening evermore!

A Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm going all out actually could not catch up to a First Level Crystal Formation Realm. No matter how one looked at this scene, it was somewhat comical.

“This brat definitely cast some kind of mystic art. He absolutely can’t sustain it for long! I don’t believe that you can keep on maintaining this speed!” Lan Bao pondered to himself.

However, the result disappointed Lan Bao greatly. Ye Yuan’s pair of legs ran like they never knew fatigue.

Half a day passed, not only did Lan Bao fail to catch up to Ye Yuan, he opened up a huge distance instead!

Lan Bao could not help becoming very anxious. If he lost his perception of Ye Yuan, under this situation without the Fierce Wind Vulture, he simply could not track Ye Yuan.

“Damn it! What kind of evil art did this brat use?! He’s actually able to maintain this kind of speed for such a long time! No way, I’ll lose him if it continues like this! Go all out! I must kill this boy!”

Lan Bao made his resolution. Biting his own tongue, he swallowed a drop of vital blood essence into his abdomen!

“This damn brat! To actually cause me to burn my vital blood essence! When I catch you, I’ll definitely make you regret ever being born into this world!” Lan Bao gnashed his teeth in hatred and said.

Martial artists’ vital blood essence was extremely precious. Once it was lost, it would be exceedingly difficult to replenish.

And once vital blood essence loss exceeded a certain amount, the martial artist even faced the risk of cultivation realm falling!

With the vital blood essence reaching his abdomen, Lan Bao’s speed immediately soared!

Under a wild chase, he actually reduced the distance between him and Ye Yuan little by little!

Moreover, Lan Bao discovered to his delight that Ye Yuan’s speed was gradually becoming slower! With these changes, catching up to Ye Yuan seemed to be something inevitable!

“Brat, this time, you finally can’t endure any more, right?! Haha! Die!”

Lan Bao secretly amassed strength and prepared to give Ye Yuan a fatal blow!

But right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s speed skyrocketed once again and actually recovered to the speed at the very start!

The blood essence that Lan Bao immolated was in the midst of being slowly expended. His speed was also naturally becoming increasingly slower. The two people’s speed, one in front, the other at the back, was practically about the same!

But this time, Lan Bao finally saw clearly. Ye Yuan swallowed two medicinal pills consecutively just now!

This unwittingly made him have an impulse of cursing his mother.What the hell medicinal pill did this brat eat?! To actually have such a perverse effect?!

Just like that, Ye Yuan and Lan Bao, one behind the other, ran speedily within the desolate and uninhabited Level Four Gale Region.

At times, Ye Yuan’s speed was a little faster, throwing Lan Bao behind. Sometimes, Lan Bao’s speed was slightly faster, nearly catching up to Ye Yuan.

One time, Lan Bao nearly entered the attack range, alarming Ye Yuan until he broke into a cold sweat as well.

Ever since that time, Ye Yuan no longer dared to wait until the medicinal effect subsided to consume the Haste Pill. As long as his speed fell slightly, he would swallow one right away.

The pair, racing each other, sprinted frenziedly like this for another three days and three nights!

The specifics of how far they ran, the two of them already utterly could not recall exactly. But they could feel the gale winds getting stronger and stronger. They were about to enter the Level Five Gale Region soon!

The Level Five Gale Region was a forbidden area to Crystal Formation Realm martial artists.

Even a Sea Transformation Realm expert like Lan Bao did not dare to go too deep in as well.

Once it exceeded the limits of his ability, Lan Bao only had the outcome of being dismembered by the wind blades too!

“Ye Yuan, ahead is the Level Five Gale Region! I’ll see where you can still run to! You should also know that the Level Five Gale Region is a forbidden area for Crystal Formation Realms! I advise you to allow yourself to be seized obediently without resisting! I’ll make it painless for you!” Lan Bao yelled out.

“My *ss! Do you think I’m stupid? I’d rather be blown to death by the storms than stop! Just give up on this! If you have the capabilities, then chase after! I’ll see how much blood essence you can burn!” Ye Yuan’s voice came over from a long distance away.

In truth, by this time, Ye Yuan and Lan Bao were already approaching their limits.

Even if Ye Yuan’s medicinal pill was anymore heaven-defying, it was also impossible to keep eating endlessly. Moreover, the Haste Pills in his hands were already pretty much depleted!

This kind of day and night running, Ye Yuan ate no less than 20 Haste Pills. The burden on his body was already at its limits.

Lan Bao’s situation was not any better. He already burned almost 10% of his blood essence!

This was already his limit. If he burnt anymore, he would be at risk of his realm falling.

Furthermore, running frenziedly like this, he already reached his limit too!

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