Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 349

Chapter 349 Where Did Ye Yuan Go?

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Presently, their speed were greatly reduced significantly compared to before.

The burden on their bodies was already at the limits. Now, they were battling whose willpower was more tenacious.

Whoever eased up, the other party would win!

In comparison, Ye Yuan’s difficulty was a little greater.

Because adding in the three days and night from before, he already ran non-stop for six days and night!

Consuming 20 Haste Pills in succession not only made his body reach its limits, but it also greatly reduced the effects of the medicinal pills.

But no matter what, he could not let out this sigh of relief. Because the price was . . . death.

“Boy, do you really not want to live anymore? Ahead lies the Level Five Gale Region. With your strength, going in means certain death!” Lan Bao shouted again.

“Stop yammering. Chase after if you have the capabilities. If you don’t have the abilities, then shut your mouth for this Little Lord! I won’t stop!” Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and said.

Ye Yuan also did not think that this Lan Bao was actually so stubborn, to actually chase until now in one breath. He could only grit his teeth and keep him company to the very end too.

But this time, Lan Bao did not hurl a torrent of abuse. After keeping silent for a moment, he said again, “Kid, I admit that you’re a peerless talent. As long as you’re willing to join our Fierce Gale World, I can let bygones be bygones! Furthermore, I’ll recommend you to Lord Wind Emperor! With your talent, you might be taken in by Lord Wind Emperor as a disciple! At that time, you can enjoy limitless cultivation resources!”

Ye Yuan also mused for a moment over on his side. He opened his mouth to ask, “Is what you said true?”

When Lan Bao sensed that there was hope, he could not help rejoicing in his heart. “Of course it’s true! You can mobilize heaven and earth essence energy at the Crystal Formation Realm. In the future, you’ll definitely be a peerless powerhouse! Why do you have to end yourself here? Lord Wind Emperor is a Boundless Realm powerhouse! With his grooming, you might even have a possibility of becoming the next generation Wind Emperor! That is a Boundless Realm powerhouse!”

In the Lower Realms, Boundless Realm these two words represented showing disdain for the world! It signified elegance and talent! It symbolized loneliness at the pinnacle!

Nobody could resist the temptation of Boundless Realm!

Especially Ye Yuan who was currently in a desperate situation. The allure of Boundless Realm could unleash an even greater effect.

It was just that Lan Bao simply did not know that Boundless Realm was roughly the same as a fart in Ye Yuan’s eyes.

If he disregarded the comprehension of concepts, Ye Yuan would not spend too much time even to cultivate to the Divine King realm.

Boundless Realm was too easy in his eyes!

“Then . . . you swear a Heavenly Dao Oath. Only then, will I believe you!” Ye Yuan hesitated slightly.

Lan Bao was overjoyed when he heard that. But he said indifferently, “That’s not a problem. How about we stop first? Going forward is the Level Five Gale Region already.”

“Alright. I’ll count to three. We stop together!” Ye Yuan said.

“Fine!” Lan Bao’s glimmered with brilliant light. He did his best to restrain the killing intent in his heart, while he actually revolved all the essence energy in his body on the sly and prepared to deal Ye Yuan a certain kill blow.

“One . . .”

“Two . . .”

Ye Yuan’s voice came over leisurely. Lan Bao already mustered up his fist momentum. He just had to wait for Ye Yuan to stop and he would immediately erupt and kill him!


But when he counted to three, Ye Yuan threw another two medicinal pills into his mouth. Not only did he not stop, but he also ran even faster!

Lan Bao thought that Ye Yuan fell for it and had long charged up his fist might fully.

Seeing this scene, Lan Bao’s eyes went wide and he hurriedly dissipated the amassed essence energy by force.

Even so, the powerful backlash still made Lan Bao suffer some internal injuries.

For this purpose, Lan Bao’s speed was affected too. The pair pulled apart the distance all at once again.

This made Lan Bao so furious until his teeth made grinding sounds!

This brat absolutely did it on purpose!

“You tricked me!” Lan Bao roared angrily.

“Didn’t you not stop as well? Why isn’t it you who tricked me?”

“You ate medicinal pills again!”

“How about you stop first? I’ll stop when you stop!”

“. . . . . .”

How could Lan Bao dare to stop?

This brat was full of tricks who simply could not be trusted!

But they were about to enter the Level Five Gale Region in a moment. In his present condition, entering the Level Five area was very dangerous.

If Ye Yuan really paid no heed to his life and entered, then was he entering or not?

Ye Yuan was currently sprinting frantically when all of a sudden, a gust of fierce wind blew over, choking him till he coughed and nearly overturned him on the ground.

“Sss. . . this Level Five Gale Region’s storm winds are indeed not on the same level as before!”

Finally, Ye Yuan stepped into the Level Five Gale Region!

According to what Lan Feng said, the Level Four Gale Region to the Level Five Gale Region was a watershed!

The strength of the Level Five gale winds was several times stronger than previously! Even Sea Transformation Realm did not dare to rashly go deep inside too!

The Level Five storm wind’s wind blades were close to materializing. Martial artists being inside was as if they were placed in a boundless blade formation.

Furthermore, the Level Five storm winds could even erode martial artists’ protective essence energy. If they stayed too long, they would undoubtedly die without a burial ground!

With Lan Feng’s strength, he only dared to stay for a day’s time in the Level Five Gale Region too. Any longer and he would not be able to leave.

Now that Ye Yuan experienced it for himself, it indeed had a feeling of repute was not as good as encounter!

Ye Yuan’s comprehension of the Concept of Wind was not low. But even so, he also felt like he bit off more than he could chew.

But, he could no longer turn back. He could only run deeper inside!

Seeing Ye Yuan plunge headfirst into the Level Five Gale Region, Lan Bao’s expression flickered. Hesitating slightly, he also gritted his teeth and charged in!

With his present body condition, he could at most stay for a day inside the Level Five Gale Region.

If he could not kill off Ye Yuan within a day, the outcome would be too dreadful to contemplate!

Stepping into the Level Five Gale Region, Lan Bao could only cut off all means of retreat!

But the moment he entered the Level Five Gale Region, Lan Bao was taken aback!

Ye Yuan disappeared!

Ye Yuan actually vanished from his perception!

How was this possible?

He and Ye Yuan entering the Level Five Gale Region was only the time difference between the front foot and the back foot! How could Ye Yuan possibly shake him off in such a short time?

All of a sudden, a type of emotion called panic welled up from the bottom of Lan Bao’s heart.

Pursuing Ye Yuan these few days without rest and even losing nearly 10% of his vital blood essence, it could really be said to be shedding one’s heart blood.

And now, he actually lost Ye Yuan!

Lan Bao was like a gambler right now. During these few days and nights, he bet his own fortune bit by bit. Now, he suddenly discovered that he lost it all but did not gain anything.

This sort of feeling was just like suddenly dropping into hell. That sort of hesitation and powerlessness made him feel terror from the bottom of his heart!

“Ye Yuan!”


Lan Bao roared in the fierce winds. But what answered him was only the whistling of the fierce gales.

Lan Bao’s eyes turned red at once. He gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t believe this! You, a First Level Crystal Formation Realm, can go up to the skies in this Level Five Gale Region! Even if I have to dig three feet underground today, I’ll also dig you out! If you have the capabilities, don’t get sliced into pieces by the gale winds!”

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