Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 351

Chapter 351 Wind Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon

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“True intent?! You’re saying that you comprehended true intent?!” Lan Bao’s gazed turned intent as he asked in disbelief.

“What? You don’t believe it? You can come and give it a try!” Ye Yuan said with a grin.

Lan Bao’s eyes flickered. He was all too clear on what true intent meant.

He was also way too clear on the difficulty of comprehending true intent.

Just a short half days’ time and Ye Yuan actually comprehended a true intent. This was a seriously tremendous blow to him.

He pursued Ye Yuan for seven days and seven nights and such a result appeared in the end. This really made him unable to quite accept it.

Hence, he chose not to believe it!

“Humph! Then I’ll give it a shot! Do you think that dodging my attack once by a fluke can scare me? True intent? Heh heh, is true intent that easy to comprehend?” Lan Bao said with a cold sneer.

Finished talking, another punch struck forth!

At practically the first moment he threw the punch, Ye Yuan’s figure floated away like a piece of paper. The punch hit nothing again!

Lan Bao’s face fell. Ye Yuan’s movements were too bizarre; as if he knew what he was thinking!

That punch just now, Ye Yuan accurately predicted his intent to attack and responded right away.

Lan Bao’s speed was exceedingly swift. This was just something that took place in the time for a spark to fly off a piece of flint. Ye Yuan’s speed was not fast, but he could respond to it in advance.

“I still don’t believe it!”

Lan Bao gritted his teeth, his fists smashing onto Ye Yuan’s body like a torrential squall.

But Ye Yuan’s body was just like a falling leaf in the wind. The fiercer Lan Bao’s fist was, the harder it was to hit him.

It was like Lan Bao’s punches spurred the air to forcefully push Ye Yuan aside. So no matter how Lan Bao attacked, he could not hit Ye Yuan!

In a twinkle, over a hundred moves passed. But Lan Bao did not even touch the corner of Ye Yuan’s sleeves!

At this instant, Lan Bao faintly had a feeling that it was as if Ye Yuan had merged together with the surrounding wild winds, and he was fighting the entire storm.

This sort of feeling was utterly preposterous, but it was so real too!

“Give up! You can’t hit me! If it were you at full power, I might still have some fear. But the current you can’t even touch me at all!” Ye Yuan said lightly.

“Shut your mouth for me! Go to hell!” Lan Bao already descended into a crazed state and completely turned a deaf ear to Ye Yuan’s words.

Or perhaps, he did not wish to admit this fact at all.

“Sigh . . .” Ye Yuan heaved a sigh. His figure swayed, vanishing from within Lan Bao’s fist silhouettes.

When he appeared again, he was already over a hundred feet away.

“Your attacks are much too inferior compared to these wind blades that cover the entire sky. Even these wind blades can’t hurt me anymore. How can you harm me?”

Lan Bao’s expression was ugly to the max. He knew that Ye Yuan should have really comprehended the so-called Wind Flow True Intent!

Not only did he fail to kill Ye Yuan, but he also let Ye Yuan obtain a tremendous harvest instead. Lan Bao’s gloominess now could be imagined.

“No matter how fast your fist is, you just have to move, and the wind will flow along with it. Thanks to you, I grasped the law of wind flow in this Level Five gale region and comprehended the Wind Flow True Intent!” Ye Yuan said.

“Humph! So what if you grasped true intent? My Lan Family Tribe has already sent massive forces to guard the realm passageway. Do you think that you can still escape back to the Endless World safely?” Lan Bao said with a cold snort.

Ye Yuan beamed and said, “I don’t need you to worry about that! After I rescue my fellow apprentices, I naturally have ways to bring them back. I feel that it’s better if you worry about your own matters instead.”

“Even if I can’t do anything to you, you aren’t thinking that you can do anything to me, right? Don’t forget, you’re only at the First Level Crystal Formation Realm!”

Although Lan Bao was not at his peak condition right now, he was a Fifth Level Sea Transformation Realm expert after all.

A lean camel was bigger than a horse. He did not believe that Ye Yuan could do anything to him!

Ye Yuan said, “When I comprehended true intent earlier, I just happened to have some ideas that I can test out on you. If you can receive it, so what if I let you leave?”

Seeing Ye Yuan’s fully confident appearance, Lan Bao was taken aback and instinctively felt that things were not good.

He was currently suffering from severe blood essence loss and his strength was already greatly discounted. In addition to staying half a day in the Level Five gale region, he was already an arrow at the end of its flight long ago.

On the other hand, although his body was riddled with injuries, Ye Yuan virtually did not use much essence energy in this half a day. Instead, he recovered quite substantially.

With one weakening and the other strengthening, it already lessened the distance between the two considerably.

Furthermore, Lan Bao had witnessed Ye Yuan’s Thousand Flowing Petals. Its attack power was so strong that even he did not dare to be negligent.

Thinking up to here, how could Lan Bao dare to continue clashing head-on with Ye Yuan?

Losing face was better than losing his life!

Lan Bao did think about anything else, turning around to flee!

Ye Yuan had noticed his actions long ago. How could he give him a chance to escape?

The seven days and seven nights pursuit had forced Ye Yuan into a hopeless situation! If not for having some inspiration at the eleventh hour and comprehending true intent, what condition he would be in right now would still be ambiguous.

Moreover, in the Eternal Splendor Palace’s second level, that punch from Lan Bao nearly claimed Ye Yuan’s little life!

New grudges together with old hatred. Now was the time to settle all scores!

In Lan Bao’s eyes, Ye Yuan released his aura, and his entire being seemingly to have transformed into a mass of flames!

Ye Yuan put both hands together. A gust of fierce wind rose up from the bottom of his feet. That bundle of flames flared sky-high with a roar!

“Wind-Fire Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon! Go!”

Ye Yuan gave a light cry and sent it out with both palms. A colossal roaring dragon rushed out, hurtling at full speed towards the frenziedly running Lan Bao!

Violent Blaze Transforming Dragon was the Spirit Bristle Nine Yang Divine Art, Mortal Chapter’s third auxiliary skill!

When he was at the State of Qin, Ye Hang once used this martial technique. Its power was matchless.

And at this moment, the gigantic dragon that Ye Yuan fired out was many times larger than Ye Hang’s!

The moment the fire dragon was unleashed, it actually caught up to Lan Bao in a blink of an eye.

Lan Bao was in the midst of fleeing. Suddenly, he sensed a powerful aura from behind catching up and could not help getting a shock! He hurriedly turned around to face the enemy.

“Tumultuous Violent Wave! Break for me!”

Lan Bao smashed a fist out ferociously, clashing together with the fire dragon.

With this collision, Lan Bao’s face changed drastically. The fire dragon actually directly coiled around his fist and snaked upwards!

How could he have the time to change his move at this point? Only to hear a bang! The fire dragon collided viciously onto Lan Bao’s chest!


The incredible impact force sent Lan Bao flying out and vomiting a large mouthful of blood in mid-air. It was just that Lan Bao had yet to tumble to the ground when he was swept away by a gust of fierce wind.


Lan Bao’s tragic cries came from the air. Countless gale wind penetrated his protective essence energy, slashing on his body like blades!

After a dozen breaths later, not a sound could be heard from Lan Bao anymore.

He was originally already at his limits and received Ye Yuan’s dreadful attack too. He was simply unable to maintain his own protective essence energy anymore.

These storm winds did not have any sympathy and attacked Lan Bao indiscriminately. How could Lan Bao not die?

Watching Lan Bao be swallowed up by the fierce storms, Ye Yuan also sucked in a breath deeply.

The hardships along the way, only he alone knew . . .

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