Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 356

Chapter 356 Eyes Are All Blind

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The shocked one was not Li Hong alone. Among the people present, most did not clearly see how Ye Yuan made his move!

Ye Yuan was clearly still very far from Li Hong. But in the blink of an eye, he already reached Li Hong’s side.

His movements were actually even quicker than Li Hong hitting himself!

Only now did Li Hong know that he underestimated this Young Master Ji these few days. If Ye Yuan wanted to kill him just now, he would already be a dead man now!

But Ye Yuan’s words made Li Hong rather befuddled.

“Young Master Ji, what’s the meaning of your words?” Li Hong asked puzzledly.

Ye Yuan’s words were rather baffling; they were without rhyme or reason, making it very hard for people to understand.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You’re dead, but he’s still alive. How will you accompany him? At that time, not only do you have to shoulder infamy for life, you make your close brother feel guilty for life. Why is there a need?”

When Li Hong heard Ye Yuan’s words, he was first overjoyed but immediately smiled wryly and said, “Many thanks for Young Master Ji’s comforting. It’s just that Li Yang is indeed already dead. There are so many people here. They couldn’t all have misjudged, right?”

Ye Yuan was just about to speak when an elderly man snorted coldly and said, “Where did this ignorant child come from?! Li Yang is already utterly without life and doesn’t have the slightest hint of a living person. You actually dare to shoot your mouth off here! Can it be that so many of us Sea Transformation Realm experts’ eyes are all blind?”

Ye Yuan glanced at him and said nonchalantly, “That’s right. Your eyes are indeed all blind!”

Ye Yuan’s words caused a hubbub. There were seven to eight Sea Transformation Realm experts inside this inner hall.

Especially the patriarch and another old man. They were both Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm existences.

Ye Yuan was only a Second Level Crystal Formation Realm brat. To actually call a bunch of Sea Transformation Realms blind people, wasn’t his gall a little overly fat?

Li Hong was greatly frightened when he heard this and hastily held back Ye Yuan, saying, “Young Master Ji, thank you very much for your good intentions. Li Hong appreciates it! Li Hong is unable to repay your great kindness in this life. I can only repay it in my next life! But Young Master Ji, take care not to offend Patriarch and the various elders because of Li Hong. Otherwise, Li Hong cannot die in peace!”

This Li Hong was silly until it was cute. But he really was a loyal person. It was just that this sort of thing like dying to show consciousness had to be done meaningfully.

“Truly laughable! If you say that Li Yang is not dead, why don’t you try calling him to make him reply?!” said the old man earlier, reproaching Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan raised his eyebrows and said smilingly, “What happens if I make him respond?”

The elderly man sneered and said, “If you make him respond, I’ll kowtow to you on the spot to apologize!”

“Then very well. You get ready to kowtow and apologize,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Hang on! What if you call and he doesn’t respond?” The old man pressured.

“Want to play big, is it? Fine! I’ll play with you! How about this, if I call and he doesn’t answer, Li Hong and I will commit suicide together to offer an apology. But if I make him respond, you cripple your entire cultivation. Dare or not? You’re already in a highly advantageous position.” Ye Yuan counter-checked and said.

The old man’s face changed. Self-crippling cultivation was not something to joke about. Furthermore, looking at this boy’s fully confident appearance, it seemed like he really had some capabilities.

At this time, an old man who sat at the helm stood up to denounce, “Utter nonsense! The deceased is the most important. What motives do you have, boy, to talk such drivel here? Come, men, take him down!”

Li Hong’s expression changed drastically when he saw the situation and hurriedly said, “Vice-Patriarch Yun, Young Master Ji is doing it all for Li Hong. That’s why he did such a rash action. I beseech Vice-Patriarch Yun not to take offense!”

That vice-patriarch Yun snorted coldly and said, “You, a traitor, still have the gall to talk! Come men, take them down!”

Ye Yuan had a leisurely look and paid no notice to this. He just said coolly, “Lord Patriarch, somebody doesn’t wish for your beloved son to resurrect!”

Patriarch’s originally lifeless eyes were abruptly shocked awake when he heard these words. He hurriedly said, “All stop for me!”

Patriarch stood up unexpectedly and came before Ye Yuan, asking with an oppressive aura, “Is Little Yang really not dead?”

When Lan Feng saw the situation, he quickly wanted to block in front of Ye Yuan but was stopped by the latter.

“Not dead,” Ye Yuan was not affected in the slightest bit and said indifferently.

“Fine! You give it a shot! But if I discover that you’re using Little Yang for a joke, you know the consequences!” When the patriarch reached the latter part of his sentence, killing intent seethed.

Under everyone’s astonished eyes, Ye Yuan patted the patriarch’s shoulders and said casually, “Oh relax. I won’t wreck my own signboard.”

This sort of thing like joking with the patriarch’s son, nobody dared to laugh!

Everyone felt that Ye Yuan went insane. Provoking the patriarch like this, was he really complaining that he had lived for too long?

Li Yang was clearly a dead person already. How could he possibly revive? Could it be that so many elders could not even tell a person’s life and death?

Especially Li Hon, seeing Ye Yuan pat the patriarch’s shoulder, his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

This was their lord patriarch! A peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm existence! If he slapped a palm down, Ye Yuan would be smacked into minced paste.

Li Hong had perceived Li Yang’s body long ago. It was simply without any vital energy. How could he possibly revive?

He pulled on Ye Yuan’s sleeve desperately. But Ye Yuan directly ignored him.

These people naturally could not hear that Ye Yuan was guaranteeing in the name of his Alchemy Emperor reputation!

Nothing was more dependable than such a guarantee!

Under everyone’s gaze, Ye Yuan leisurely went beside the coffin. Li Yang was lying inside with a peaceful look currently as if he was asleep.

From his aura, one could sense that he was a Half-Step Sea Transformation Realm expert before his death.

Li Yang’s age should be more or less around Mo Yuntian’s. But he already had half a foot into Sea Transformation Realm. Indeed a rarely seen genius. It was also no wonder that Li Hong was so devoted to him.

Ye Yuan breathed in deeply and shut his eyes.

“Looking at this young man’s confident look, Young Patriarch wouldn’t really be able to revive from the dead, right?”

“What nonsense are you saying?! Young Patriarch’s breathing has already ceased; utterly without any vital energy. How can he possibly rise from the dead?”

“But . . .”

“But what? This punk is clearly kicking up a cloud of dust! I also don’t know where this wild boy came from, to actually boast so shamelessly and profane Young Patriarch’s remains!”

Towards Ye Yuan’s words, the Cloud Prancing Tribe’s members all scoffed with upturned noses.

Li Yan looked Li Hong’s sleeves and said softly, “Young Master Ji, he . . .”

Li Hong heaved a sigh and said,“Sigh,I also don’t know what to do. Wait and see I guess.”

Right at this time, Ye Yuan’s eyes opened. A hand lightly smacked the coffin. Li Yang’s corpse stood up straight as a ramrod.

Ye Yuan rose into the air, both hands swiftly prodded on Li yang’s various acupoints!

With each jab, pale yellow essence energy would be sent into Li Yang’s acupoint, looking extremely dazzling.

Except, Li Yang’s body did not react at all. Everyone could not sense his vital energy either.

After a hundred breaths, Ye Yuan circled around in the air and arrived behind Li Yang, smacking a palm down viciously!

Only to hear a spray. A mouthful of black blood spewed out of Li Yang’s mouth!

Then, he fell back down into his coffin stiffly.

Everyone held their breaths . . .

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