Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 357

Chapter 357 Put Them All In A Bad Mood

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“How is it? How is it? Did Young Patriarch wake up?”

“No. I still don’t sense his life force! Look at this boy putting on such airs, he isn’t messing with us, right?”

“Sigh!Young Patriarch was a good person, and his cultivation was powerful too. He was the indisputable choice for the next patriarch! Although I know that it’s impossible, I still hoped that this boy could bring him back to life. Looks like . . .”

“Yeah! Truly heaven is envious of gifted talents! A favored child of heaven like Young Patriarch actually died young!”

The clansmen were all discussing fervently. But most people would rather think that their own thoughts were wrong and hope that Ye Yuan could really revive Li Yang.

One can tell from their clamors of comments that Li Yang’s relationship with people in the Cloud Prancing Tribe was really very good.

It was just that looking at the vital energy in Li Yang’s body, Ye Yuan was indeed still deceiving everyone!

The elderly man that was bickering with Ye Yuan previously was precisely Master Dao Yuan. He also secretly broke into a sweat earlier. After all, Ye Yuan’s ‘acting’ was too authentic. It even frightened a master like this.

Now, seeing that it was a false alarm, Master Dao Yuan hated Ye Yuan even more.

When the vice-patriarch saw the situation, he looked at Ye Yuan with an icy smile and said, “Boy, what do you still have to say now? Little Yang has already passed away, and you actually profaned his remains. Truly the most atrocious of crimes!”

The patriarch’s eyes looked straight at Ye Yuan, his entire body trembling. Anyone could tell his fury at this time.

“Boy, you’re courting death!” The patriarch gritted his teeth as he spat each word out slowly.

He was already bristling with rage!

His son died, and the corpse still had to be fiddled by Ye Yuan for so long. Whoever encountered this sort of matter would also go nuts!

The patriarch walked towards Ye Yuan one step at a time. With each step he took, his aura would rise a level!

Lan Feng’s expression was also grim when he saw the situation. Facing a Peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm with his strength was also the outcome of certain death.

But even if he died, he could not allow Ye Yuan to suffer any harm at all!

Rather, it was Ye Yuan who patted his hands with a very exhausted look. He was unperturbed by the patriarch’s fury as if the target of the patriarch’s wrath was not him.

Seeing Ye Yuan’s appearance, the patriarch was even more furious. His figure vanished suddenly. A palm with an irresistible force arrived in front of Ye Yuan.

“Cough, cough . . .”

Right at this moment, a bout of intense coughing sounded from inside the coffin. The patriarch shuddered and halted this palm!

And right then, his palm was only a distance of three inches away from Ye Yuan!

Ye Yuan remained calm without batting an eyelid and said coolly to the patriarch, “Li Yang is awake. Aren’t you going to go say hi to him?”

The patriarch was stupefied. Only now did he suddenly woke up to the reality of what had happened. He hurriedly sidestepped Ye Yuan and ran to Li Yang’s side.

With this look, the patriarch’s tears involuntarily flowed down his old face. Li Yang, he . . . actually woke up!

Li yang struggled a little to open both eyes. The scenery before him went from fuzzy to clear.

“F-Father?” Li Yang called out feebly.

“L-Little Yan . . . you really . . . you really woke up! Father . . . Father thought that I could never see you again!”

At this moment, the patriarch felt that the entire world had returned!

The feeling of losing a beloved child and finding him again was really stupendous!

While on the other side, Li Hong’s entire being was dead tired when he saw that Ye Yuan was fine.

That instant when Patriarch’s palm fell, he really even had the thought of dying. Li yang died because he did not arrive in time. Now, Ye Yuan also died because of him. Li Hong really felt like that there was no more need for him to live in this world!

When Patriarch left to go over to his son, Li Hong hurriedly ran to Ye Yuan. “Young Master Ji, a-a-are . . . you okay?”

Li Hong’s nervousness still had yet to fade away until now. He was stammering as he spoke.

Ye Yuan smiled faintly and said, “He didn’t get to hit me either. I’m fine.”

Only after getting an affirmative answer from Ye Yuan did Li Hong really set his mind at east. “Then that’s good! That’s good! If any mishap were to happen to you, I really wouldn’t know what to do.Ah,yes! What kind of magic did you cast, to actually revive Li Yan from the dead?!”

Ye Yuan said huffily, “Revive my *ss! He wasn’t dead from the start. I just helped him to open up his blocked meridians to let him take a breath!”

“Di-Didn’t die? How’s that possible? Even Master Dao Yuan, Patriarch, and Vice-Patriarch, all confirmed that Li Yang already died. I also really couldn’t sense his vital energy anymore. How was he possibly not dead?” Li Hong asked in confusion.

Ye Yuan curled his mouth and said, “Even if I tell you, you won’t understand either. Humans are born with qi. Looking at whether a person is dead or not, you can’t just look at vital signs and his breathing. You still have to gaze at qi! Li Yang just died yesterday, and his qi was not cut off yet so it wasn’t considered genuine death. Any later, then even I would be powerless.”

Li Hong had a mystified look. He completely could not understand what Ye Yuan was saying.

He grew up so big and had never heard of what was called ‘qi’ before. He knew vital energy, but that was clearly an entirely different concept from the qi Ye Yuan said.

It was also normal that Li Hong did not know. Because this talk of ‘gazing at qi,’ it was simply impossible for the Lower Realms to know!

Only alchemists with extremely high accomplishments and also cultivated related divine soul mystic arts could see qi.

To alchemists, death was not by looking at vital energy, breathing, heartbeat, these things, but to look at qi.

When Ye Yuan came in, he saw that some faint qi still existed on Li Yang’s body and knew that there was still hope of revival.

And the finger technique that he just executed was called Tempered Profound Gold Finger; much higher end than that whatever Profound Phantom Finger that Wan Donghai displayed back then.

Ye Yuan once used this set of finger technique to save innumerable people, and today, a Li Yang was added to it.

This set of finger technique had a total of nine levels, corresponding respectively to the nine major realms. Ye Yuan was already Second Level Crystal Formation Realm currently. Displaying the third level of this finger technique was not overly strenuous.

“Then . . . Li Yang will get well very soon, right?” Li Hong asked very ignorantly.

Originally, he thought that he would get a definitive answer. Who knew that Ye Yuan would shake his head and say, “Well? Still early! I only helped him to tidy up his obstructed meridians. But that can only treat the symptoms, not the root. In a couple of days, he will still die!”

“Ah!Then . . . Then what can we do?” Li Hong exclaimed.

Ye Yuan said grumpily, “What can we do? Too bad! What has Li Yang’s life and death got the hell to do with me?! I was just in a bad mood looking at those few old men, so I put them all in a bad mood too!”

Coincidentally, the patriarch also heard Ye Yuan’s words. He hurriedly supported Li Yang out of the coffin and arrived before Ye Yuan to give a deep bow, saying with an apologetic look, “Little Brother, this old man had a moment of rashness just now and almost hurt Little Brother. I really deserve death! This old man apologizes to Little Brother for this offense. I hope that Little Brother is magnanimous enough to forgive!”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “Was that you trying to hurt me? If your son didn’t cough a couple of times, I would have already croaked on the spot and accompanied your son in death, right?”

The patriarch’s face went red. But he was someone who had experienced strong winds and big waves before. He hastily said, “It’s all this old man’s fault, it’s all this old man’s fault! Little Brother, on account of this old man being overly anxious about my beloved son, overlook this, alright?”

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