Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 358

Chapter 358 Giving Advice

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Ye Yuan waved his hands and said with a smile, “Not going to quibble with you.”

Without waiting for the patriarch to heave a sigh of relief, Ye Yuan said unhurriedly, “But . . .”

Patriarch swallowed his saliva and carefully followed up, “But what, Little Brother?”

Ye Yuan’s eyes looked towards Master Dao Yuan and Zhu Shan with ill-intention and said with a grin, “But I want to nitpick with them!”

When Dao Yuan and Zhu Shan heard Ye Yuan’s words, their expressions changed!

The patriarch hurriedly said, “Little Brother, just now, it’s all us who have eyes but did not recognize Mt. Tai! Why don’t a great man like you not stoop to harbor grievance for past wrongs? Master Dao Yuan and Elder Zhu Shan also did it with Li Yang in mind; that’s why they stopped you from touching him. How about this, whatever request you have, just state them, Little Brother. As long as our Cloud Prancing Tribe can take it out, we absolutely won’t say no!”

Ye Yuan’s eyes glimmered for a while, then he flashed a brilliant smile at the two people and said, “Since the two elders did it for Li Yan, then me pursuing it appears somewhat petty. Alright then, I’ll treat the incident earlier as if it never happened.”

Hearing that this Little Ancestor finally got over it, the patriarch also heaved a long sigh in relief. If Ye Yuan really quibbled over it, he also did not know what he should do.

Ye Yuan’s words earlier were still ringing in his ears. If he offended this Little Ancestor and he washed his hands of this matter, then this son of his would be lost again after getting him back.

With such a torment, he probably would not have many good years left.

“Alright then, since Little Yang is fine, everybody, disperse! Quickly take down these white silk and the mourning hall; inauspicious!” the patriarch commanded.

. . . . . .

In the bedchambers, Li Yang laid on the bed sickly, unable to even speak. Ye Yuan was currently reading his pulse.

After a long time, Ye Yuan removed his hand and stood up. Patriarch Li Teng hastily chased after and enquired cautiously, “Young Master Ji, Little Yang, he . . . What illness did he has?”

“Not sick!” Ye Yuan said coolly.

Li Teng said with a bitter face, “Young Master Ji, earlier was indeed this old man’s fault . . .”

Ye Yuan extended his hand and interrupted his words, saying, “Li Yang is really not sick. He was poisoned!”


Astonishment was written all over Li Teng’s face. Li Yang’s condition looked like he was sick from every angle. How could it be poison?

“Don’t believe?”

“W-Where did that come from? Young Master Ji’s words, this old man naturally believes it!”

“But disbelief is written all over your face.”

“. . . . . .”

Ye Yuan said, “The poison he’s inflicted with is called Mind Loss Powder. It’s colorless and tasteless. Even magic artifact rank Profound Silver Needles can’t detect it. Spirit artifact rank Profound Silver Needles . . . I reckon that you guys don’t have it, right?”

“This . . .” Li Teng sucked in a cold breath when he heard it. A poison that even magic artifact rank Profound Silver Needles could not detect. That was exceptionally powerful.

“Actually, when I bumped into Li Hong and the rest and heard them talk about Li Yang’s symptoms, I had some guesses. But diagnosing him earlier confirmed my conjectures. Mind Loss Powder doesn’t have any obvious symptoms after being inflicted by it. It’s just that one’s actions would become rather peculiar. And the flare-up duration is also roughly around a month. It’s an extremely powerful poison,” Ye Yuan said.

“Then . . . does this Mind Loss Powder have a cure?” Li Teng asked tremblingly.

“There naturally is. It’s just that . . . I don’t seem to have a need to give it to you, right?” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Li Teng was stunned when he heard this. But he forcefully suppressed the anger in his heart.

He could also tell that Ye Yuan was indeed someone with abilities. It was just that the way he behaved was too arrogant.

Even if he had offended Ye Yuan previously, he was, at any rate, a Peak Ninth Level Sea Transformation Realm existence. This brat actually did not give any face at all.

To Li Teng who held a high position, he could not accept this sort of humiliation.

If it were not for Li Yang, he would most likely have fallen out long ago.

Who would have expected that Ye Yuan seemed to have long seen through his displeasure and said with a smile, “Whatever you’re upset by, say it out. Don’t keep it in your heart. Later, the elderly one falls ill before the young one recovers. Those people would be overflowing with joy in their hearts.”

Li Hong was at the side the whole time and did not dare to make a sound. Hearing Ye Yuan’s words at this time, he finally could not resist urging, “Young Master Ji, you should say a little lesser.”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes and said, “You still have the nerve to speak! You blockhead, playing what expressing your will through death! Do you know that if you had died, you’d have played right into other people’s hands? If you died, not only would there be nobody who pities you, others would even stomp a few times on top of your corpse and spit twice!”

Li Hong was a steadfast person and would not say anything to Ye Yuan’s words. But Li Teng completely erupted at this time!

“You, this Junior, really don’t know what’s good for you! Do you really think that without you, the earth won’t rotate anymore? I’m grateful to you for saving Little Yang, but aren’t you going a little too overboard by acting so tyrannically?” Li Teng said furiously.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Old man, good advice is an unpleasant medicine! If not on account of Li Hong’s face, I wouldn’t even be bothered to care about these lousy matters in your tribe! Wait until you, father and son, get harmed and killed by others, you can then go to the underworld to reunite!”

Li Teng snorted coldly and said, “Exaggerating things to scare people!”

But Li Hong finally understood a little and quickly asked, “Young Master Ji, your meaning is . . .”

Ye Yuan burst into laughter and said, “Don’t you feel that the entire incident is very fishy?”

“Ah?Not at all! Our tribe has always been harmonious. Patriarch and Vice-Patriarch, the two of them have several hundred years of friendship. Us junior generation also have a very good relationship! Young Master Ji, aren’t you . . . overthinking things?” Li Hong asked warily.

Ye Yuan had an exasperated look like he failed to live up to expectations and said, “You being loyal to people is being loyal, but you’re too dumb! Think it over properly, why did your young patriarch get poisoned out of the blue? Why were you sent to the most dangerous place to seek out the Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng? And does your family’s patriarch look much older than before you set off? Additionally, who was the one holding the authority over the tribe these few days? Start using your brain and think properly! Perhaps your family’s patriarch was close comrade-in-arms with the vice-patriarch formerly. But now . . .hehe.”

When Ye Yuan’s words were said finish, Li Teng and Li Hong ruminated over it.

Li Hong said weakly, “You mean to say that Elder Dao Yuan deliberately made me unable to rush back in time?”

Ye Yuan snickered and said, “At least you’re not too stupid!”

“But . . . we calculated the travel route prior to this. How did he know that I won’t make it back in time?” Li Hong said perplexedly.

“That’s too easy! The Purple Illusion Blood Ginseng is a prerequisite item for the Crimson Tailed Scorpion’s advancement. He just has to know beforehand that there is a Crimson Tailed Scorpion over there about to advance, then send you guys over. Can you all still make it back?” Ye Yuan said.

Li Hong sucked in a cold breath. But he still felt that this was too unbelievable. “But the Cloud Prancing Tribe is flourishing with each passing day right now. If the young patriarch can advance to the Soul Sea Realm, we would become even more overpowering. Why did they do this?”

“Because that way, they would have even less of a chance!”

The one who spoke was not Ye Yuan, but it was Li Teng who had been keeping silent the entire time.

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