Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 363

Chapter 363 White Lights Individual Charisma

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Chapter 363: White Lights Individual Charisma

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Even Ye Yuan was also immensely shocked by the Central Capital’s magnificent atmosphere.

Looking from afar, this was simply like a desolate ancient giant beast emitting an aura that made people revere and prostate in worship.

This was the holy land for all the Fierce Gale World’s martial artists!

Not because there was a city here, but also because this place had a Wind Emperor!

Boundless Realm powerhouse was a godlike existence in the Fierce Gale World!

Although Ye Yuan did not have much awe and veneration towards the Wind Emperor, he had to admit that he was an ant-like existence in front of the Wind Emperor.

When he was about to reach the capital’s gate entrance, Ye Yuan quickly discovered that something was off.

The martial artists entering the city were actually queueing up in a long, long line; it was more than several miles distance from the city.

Ye Yuan’s vision was exceedingly good. He noticed that there seemed to be people examining thoroughly at the gate entrance!

Ye Yuan also joined in the queue. He asked a martial artist softly, “This Elder Brother, this is Younger Brother’s first time coming to the capital. Has the inspection here always been so stringent? If they keep checking like this, we also can’t enter the city by nightfall!”

That martial artist also had a discontent look as he said, “Sigh, don’t talk about it! How can it be so strict in the past? How many people come and go into the capital every day? Wouldn’t checking one by one tire the city guards to death? But god knows what happened these two days. It suddenly became strict. They say that another world’s spy sneaked inside. Don’t you think that this is nonsense? How much time do people such as us who frequently enter and leave the city have to waste?!”

That martial artist complained fervently. But when Ye Yuan heard it, he was secretly greatly alarmed.

Otherworld spy. Didn’t that mean him?

Could it be . . . the Lan Family Tribe?

Only the Lan Family Tribe knew that he, this fish that escaped the net, entered the Fierce Gale World. Naturally, only they would inform the capital’s side.

Looking at it now, the news of Lan Bao’s death had already been sent back to the Lan Family Tribe. Otherwise, they would also not have mobilized so many people and specially informed the capital.

Since the capital already knew that he came, continuing to queue was equivalent to walking into the trap.

Ye Yuan obviously would not do this sort of foolish thing. He grumbled, “This queue is so long. I can’t enter the capital even if I queue until tomorrow! Forget it, forget it. Originally, I wanted to enter the capital to enrich my experience. Not going to waste this time anymore!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan turned around and left.

Due to the queue being too long, there were many who complained and left like Ye Yuan. He naturally would not draw other people’s attention either.

Ye Yuan walked leisurely in the direction away from the capital, and his head unwittingly started to ache.

The inspection was so stringent. How should he enter the capital?

Yet, Ye Yuan just happened to be the least proficient in disguising skills. Otherwise, if he changed his appearance, he believed that even the Lan Family Tribe’s members could not recognize him.

But now, he only slightly altered his looks. Those sharp-eyed ones could surely identify him at a glance. Ye Yuan naturally could not take this risk.

Right then, a horse carriage came over from a distance. One look and one could tell that it was a large family’s young lady that returned from her trip.

The gears in Ye Yuan’s head rotated, and an idea came to his mind!

He came to a deserted area and let White Light out. White Light clearly did not like staying inside the spatial spirit artifact. Every time he came out, he would frolic about.

But Ye Yuan did not have time to play with him. Holding him still, he exhorted, “White Light, now’s the time for you to exercise your individual charisma! In a while, I’ll enter the spatial spirit artifact. You bring me along and jump inside that horse carriage. Think of ways to coax the lady inside to bring you into the city. Understood?”

While White Light could not speak, he was very bright. He could understand all of Ye Yuan’s words and nodded his tiger head at once.

Ye Yuan was afraid that White Light would not do his best and urged again, “Little thing, Big Brother’s life is all in your hands. If you screw up, Big Brother won’t be able to make any more candy for you to eat in the future!”

Indeed, once Ye Yuan said that, White Light’s entire body shuddered.

The candy that Ye Yuan spoke of was naturally medicinal pills.

Ever since White Light followed Ye Yuan, he had been eating cultivation medicinal pills like candy all along. No matter how many he ate, he could digest them all.

It was precisely because so that White Light’s cultivation speed was extremely shocking. He already reached late-stage Tier 2 and was going to break through to Tier 3 soon!

Such cultivation speed was absolutely heaven-defying until it could not be defied anymore among demonic beasts.

Hence, this threat from Ye Yuan immediately made White Light pluck his spirits up.

Seeing as that horse carriage was about to drive into the city, Ye Yuan did not dare to delay. Muttering incantations, his figure vanished instantly and entered the spatial spirit artifact.

White Light brought the dust-like spatial spirit artifact with him, transforming into a stream of flowing light and scurrying out.

In a blink of an eye, White Light scuttled in from the horse carriage’s window lattice.


Inside the carriage were two ladies. Seeing a mass of white light scurrying in, they involuntarily shrieked in fear.

When they saw clearly that it was a highly lovable and cute kitten, the two of them melted in an instant.

Right at this moment, the carriage curtains were pulled aside with a swoosh. A handsome man reached his head in and asked, “Lingxue, you alright?”

At this time, Shangguan Lingxue already hid White Light under her skirt. The guy did not see at all.

The awful thing was that Ye Yuan was afraid that an accident would happen and was observing the situation outside from inside spatial spirit artifact the entire time.

Currently, White Light was kept under Shangguan Lingxue’s skirt by her. Ye Yuan took in the full view inside the skirt. It was really too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, making Ye Yuan has to impulse to nosebleed.

“Nothing. A bug flew in just now. It’s already scared away by Qing-er,” Shangguan Lingxue said.

“Oh. Then that’s fine. You girls sit tight. We’re about to enter the city,” said the man who then drew the carriage curtains.

Shangguan Lingxue only took White Light out from under her skirt at this time and was delighted to the extreme.

“Where did this little white tiger come from? It’s really so cute!” Shangguan Lingxue used her face to rub against White Light.

White Light instinctively wanted to dodge. But at the thought of Ye Yuan’s words, he steeled his heart and used his furry face to rub over too.

At this time, White Light squeezed out a smile on his face with all his might, looking just like a kitten; one that was adorable to the max.

Shangguan Lingxue was instantly swooned by White Light in a blink and hugged him, unwilling to part with him.

She would kiss him for a while, rub him for a bit, and scratch him for a while, nearly making White Light have an impulse to break down.

An exalted divine beast progeny was actually treated as a pet by others!

How could a proud divine beast suffer this blow?!

Right at this moment, conversing sounds came from outside.

“This is our travel permit. Quickly let us pass!” said someone. It was the man earlier.

“Yes!” The guard mused for a brief moment and directly let them pass.

As the horse carriage gradually drove into the capital, Ye Yuan’s tightly wound nerves finally eased up.

“What’s your name?”


“You follow me from now on, alright?”

“Yelp!” White Light trembled.

“Lingxue, we’ve reached!” Right then, the horse carriage suddenly stopped. A man’s shout was heard from outside.

Shangguang Lingxue was engrossed in teasing White Light and could not help being dazed when she heard this call.

But right when she was in a daze, White Light struggled free from her hands with a whoosh and leaped out of the window lattice once more.

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