Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 369

Chapter 369 Xiao Family Guest Retainer

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“Ha!Of course I’ve refined it before. Such a simple medicinal pill.” Ye Yuan did not have the intention of hiding it.

To Ye Yuan, this Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill was indeed simple. The truly heaven-defying difficulty level Tier 3 medicinal pill were countless times more complicated than this!

Except, Xiao Ruyan had an impulse to cough blood when she heard these words.

“Mister Ji, can you enlighten Ruyan who you learned from?” Xiao Ruyan asked dejectedly.

“Hehe,my master is just country folk. Miss Ruyan has definitely never heard the name before. Moreover, before I left, Master severely warned me not to use his name.”

Ye Yuan pulled out another master. This move was the best. The Fierce Gale World was so huge. Could Xiao Ruyan really dig his master out?

But Xiao Ruyan was not someone who was so easy to dupe. She interrogated again, “Since you’re not willing to say, I won’t force you either. But how do you make me believe that you’re not somebody sent by the Tong Family?”

“This . . . I really have no way of proving it,” Ye Yuan said helplessly.

“That means that there’s a possibility that the Tong Family sent you here?” Xiao Ruyan stared fixedly at Ye Yuan’s eyes, wanting to see if he was telling lies.

Ye Yuan naturally had a composed look as he said with a smile, “I think that if the Tong Family wanted to do something, they wouldn’t be foolish enough to send an expert like me over, right? Just based on those dregs that you were recruiting just now, wouldn’t they winning you be as easy as turning over their hands?”

“Urgh. . .” Xiao Ruyan was rendered speechless.

Yeah, the Tong Family completely did not need to do anything now and was already sure to win this Grand Pill Assembly.

Sending over one Ye Yuan to be a spy now was simply something superfluous.

An alchemist that could refine the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill so casually was not some common good.

At this time, Manager Tong moved close to Xiao Ruyan and said, “Second Miss, that’s the logic. Furthermore, there are only three days before the Grand Pill Assembly takes place. We have no other alternatives either. Even if he really is a spy, we can only use him!”

Xiao Ruyan sighed and gave a limpid bow, saying, “Alright then, Mister Ji. From today onwards, you’re Xiao Family’s guest retainer alchemist. I hope that Mister Ji can go all out to help my Xiao Family win this match. As long as Mister Ji can win a match, my Xiao Family is willing to pay any price!”

“For real? Does this any price include Miss Ruyan?” Ye Yuan’s eyebrows raised up.

Once these words came out, two killing intents instantly locked onto Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan hastily chuckled and said,“Hahaha!Just making a joke, just making a joke! Don’t take it seriously, Miss Ruyan.”

“Humph!This sort of joke, I advise that you better not make them next time, so as to avoid you losing your small life! I still have things to do so I’ll head back to the Xiao Family first! About Mister Ji’s matters, Manager Tong, you arrange it.” Xiao Ruyan then left without even turning her head back.

Ye Yuan involuntarily stuck out his tongue. Cracking this kind of joke with women would indeed suffer a disastrous catastrophe!

Manager Tong saw the situation and used his finger to poke Ye Yuan,“Ohyou, what kind of joke did you have to crack? Why did you have to crack one with Second Miss? You’re already considered lucky that she didn’t kill you on the spot!”

Ye Yuan suddenly thought of something and asked curiously, “Oh, right, isn’t Miss Xiao Ruyan hosting a martial competition to find a spouse? What’s with that?”

Manager Tong sighed heavily and said,“Sigh,Second Miss, she . . . has a bitter life! Spouse finding martial competition is also Xiao Family’s action that could not be helped. Truthfully, within this capital, how can it just be the two Huang and Xue Families that are coveting Second Miss’s beauty?”

Since Ye Yuan already became Xiao Family’s guest retainer, Manager Tong naturally did not have anything much to hide from him. He briefly introduced the Xiao Family’s matters to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan also sighed unceasingly after he heard it.

As a second-rate family, the Xiao Family’s and Tong Family’s strength had always been equally matched. In so many years of Grand Pill Assemblies, both sides had victories and defeat.

But this sort of equilibrium situation was utterly shattered 30 years ago.

30 years ago, the Tong Family’s Alchemy Path strength suddenly skyrocketed. Quite a number of top geniuses appeared in the junior generation in succession, winning the Grand Pill Assembly in one fell swoop!

According to the agreement, the Xiao Family must hand over 50% of the medicinal pill market after defeat!

This Grand Pill Assembly was actually the deciding factor on how many shares the two Xiao and Tong families occupied in the medicinal pill market. The victor occupied 70% of the medicinal pill market, while the loser only had 20%. The remaining 10% was allocated to the other small factions.

For so many years, the two families had always been well-matched in strength. When one side lost, they would think of any way possible to win back too. Hence, it would practically replace once every ten years.

But since 30 years ago, the Xiao Family had never won a match before, consecutively losing three periods!

This year’s match was the fourth period. If the Xiao Family lost again, they could basically announce their withdrawal from the medicinal pill market.

The Xiao Family was obviously unresigned to continuous defeats. These ten years, they piled virtually all of their resources on Xiao Rufeng and Xiao Ruyan.

These two people did not let them down either. Especially Xiao Ruyan, who cultivated to the realm of a high-rank Alchemy Grandmaster at a young age!

But there were unforeseen storms in nature. A while back, when Xiao Rufeng entered closed-seclusion, wanting to break through to the Soul Sea Realm in one stroke and to become a Quasi-Alchemy King, his breakthrough failed; he suffered a backlash!

Now, Xiao Rufeng was bedridden with severe injuries and simply could not recover for the Grand Pill Assembly in three days’ time.

Compelled against their will, the Xiao Family invited Qiu Zhi and the rest over.

The medicinal pills refined at the Grand Pill Assembly were basically all Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill difficulty level. Qiu Zhi and the rest could not even refine the prepared medicinal embryos. At the Grand Pill Assembly, they would only serve as a stopgap.

Xiao Ruyan was also very disheartened earlier behind the partition. Who would have expected Ye Yuan’s appearance would actually make her eyes light up.

As for the spouse finding martial competition, it was also because the Xiao Family’s strength was weak. The Xiao Family had to consolidate their position through means of uniting in marriage.

If the Xiao Family really lost the Grand Pill Assembly, they had to find a way out for themselves in advance.

Except, the Xiao Family could not afford to offend either one of the Huang and Xue families. So, they could only use this kind of spouse finding martial competition method to determine who Xiao Ruyan belonged to.

Speaking of that, Xiao Ruyan was a pitiful person.

Ye Yuan also sighed endlessly after hearing the Xiao Family’s story.

“Therefore, regardless where Mister Ji come from, please put your best effort forward and help the Xiao Family win the match! This old man is forever indebted!” Manager Tong said, giving Ye Yuan a deep bow.

Ye Yuan hurriedly went to help him up and said with a smile, “Isn’t it just a Grand Pill Assembly? A piece of cake! Forget about one match, even three matches is not an issue!Ah,right, can I take on three matches by myself? This way, the Tong Family will lose for sure!”

Manager Tong hurriedly said, “That’s naturally not permitted! This Grand Pill Assembly is competing in the composite strength of the two family’s juniors. How can they possibly allow one person to fight three matches?”

“Like thathuh?Then that’s too bad! Guess they got lucky!” Ye Yuan said with a face full of regret.

Talking about alchemy, Ye Yuan was naturally excited. Forget about three matches, he would not mind even 30 matches.

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