Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 370

Chapter 370 Xiao Changfeng

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“Ah!Where did this little white tiger come from? How adorable! Come, let Big Sister hug!”

“Hehe,look, he got angry. Even his angry appearance is so cute!”

“Hehe,this Sir, is this your little white tiger? Can you lend me to play for two days?”

From yesterday onwards, White Light became a beautiful scenic spot in the Xiao Manor. No matter where Ye Yuan went, he would become the focal point of everyone.

Especially these young ladies and maidservants, when they saw White Light, each and every one of them would be rooted to the ground and be unable to resist coming forward to tease him.

But White Light did not like other people’s affection. Each time other people came over, he would put on a posture that kept people a thousand miles away and bared his fangs at them.

However, the more he did so, the more lovable these young ladies and maidservants found him.

Ye Yuan was obviously not wandering around with nothing to do. He wanted to find an opportunity to inquire about the matter regarding the slaves. But he could not be so obvious with this kind of thing either. To prevent drawing suspicion, White Light naturally became the best cover-up.

With White Light as a front, Ye Yuan could openly find these maidservants and young ladies to chat. In the long run, he really found out quite a bit of news.

By approaching the subject in a roundabout manner, Ye Yuan still confirmed in the end that the Xiao Family really purchased two Endless World slaves recently!

Speaking of it, those two slaves were not bought by the Xiao Family, but the Huang and Xue Family gifted one each.

Evidently, these two families gifting slaves was in order to curry favor with Xiao Ruyan.

As a second-rate family, the Xiao Family did not have the qualifications to buy such rare slaves yet.

Ye Yuan still wanted to inquire about the looks of those two slaves. But regretfully, those two were sent to Xiao Ruyan’s manor directly. Other people totally did not get a chance to see.

And the residences of women were all a part of the inner courtyards. There were experts guarding all around. With Ye Yuan’s present strength, wanting to intrude inside silently was not very probable.

Seemed like to approach those two Endless World people, it ultimately still fell on Xiao Ruyan.

With Ye Yuan’s present condition, he could only come into contact with these two people. The others should have been bought over by powerful factions. Wishing to figure it out in a short period of time was something not very easy.

But Ye Yuan was not in a rush either. Ever since he knew that Mei Zhen and the rest were peddled to the Central Capital, Ye Yuan made the preparations for a long period of struggle.

“Aiya,Ji Qing, I finally found you! I’ve been following behind you and asking around for quite some time!” Ye Yuan was currently ruminating when Manager Tong yelled out at the top of his voice.

The Xiao Manor’s area was immensely vast. Wanting to find a person really needed to expend some effort.

“En?Manager Tong is finding me for something? I figured out that I’ll have to live in Xiao Manor in the future, so I obviously have to familiarize myself. That’s why I’m looking around,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Manager Tong had an indignant look as he said, “I say, Little Brother Ji, there are only two days to the Grand Pill Assembly. You have to do some preparations, right? Wandering leisurely around like this . . . probably isn’t good, yeah?”

Ye Yuan could not help rolling his eyes when he heard this. “Isn’t it just a Grand Pill Assembly? What’s there to prepare? Isn’t the Tong Family just sending a couple of juniors up? It’s not like we’re competing against their family’s old freaks.”

Seeing Ye Yuan pay no attention to it, Manager Tong was furious. “I say, Ji Qing, you’re our Xiao Family’s guest retainer now, and drawing our Xiao Family’s salary! The Grand Pill Assembly concerns the Xiao Family’s survival. You have to at least put in some effort, right? Although the Tong Family is sending their juniors, their strength is very formidable!”

“How formidable?” Ye Yuan asked curiously.

Speaking of which, Ye Yuan was really completely clueless about that so-called Tong Family.

“Tong Family . . .Sigh,forget it, forget it. Come with me, there’s somebody who wishes to see you! After you see him, you’ll naturally know.”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan followed Manager Tong to a quiet and secluded courtyard and entered a room.

“It’s Tong Suan, right? Did you bring Ji Qing here?” A deep voice came from inside the house.

“Yes. He’s right outside,” Manager Tong said respectfully.

“You withdraw first. Let him enter.” The voice inside the house sounded again.


Finished talking, Manager Tong turned around and said to Ye Yuan, “You enter alone. Remember, don’t be impudent.”

“Oh,”Ye Yuan replied very carelessly.

Manager Tong was depressed but did not say anything. He still withdrew.

Ye Yuan entered the house, but it was a pill refinement room. A middle-aged man was currently meditating on the bed in the center of the refining room.

Ye Yuan was just about to go forward to greet, only to see a majestic soul force attack him in a manner that blotted out heaven and earth.

Ye Yuan’s eyes flickered but did not evade, allowing the other party to do as he pleased.

The middle-aged man’s divine soul looked to have very strong offensive power, but when it landed on Ye Yuan’s body, it was incomparably gentle.

The light soul force enveloped Ye Yuan as if it was seeking out something.

After several breaths, the other party’s soul force retreated like tidewater.

“Young man, you’re very poised! When my soul force attacked you, you were actually completely unruffled!” The middle-aged man’s deep voice sounded.

It was just that although his voice was calm, it carried some astonishment. Clearly, Ye Yuan’s performance just now greatly exceeded his expectations.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Can’t dodge it. Why take a superfluous action? Ever since I entered this house, if Senior wanted to kill me, I can only be at your mercy.”

The middle-aged man suddenly laughed and said, “Indeed, heroes come from the youngsters! Listening to the meaning in your words, if it were outside, you have the ability to escape?”

Ye Yuan sad neither servilely nor arrogantly, “Might not be without assurance!”

Evidently, the other party was a Soul Sea Realm powerhouse!

The possibility of trying to escape from the other party’s hands was trifling. But in Ye Yuan’s dictionary, there wasn’t the word impossible.

If he made proper use of the environmental and human conditions, he might not have zero chance of escaping.

Recalling back then, he was only at the Second Level Spirit Condensation Realm, didn’t he still kill the Sea Transformation Realm Black Crow Old Man?

Of course, the difference between Soul Sea Realm and Crystal Formation Realm was an entirely different concept from the disparity between Sea Transformation Realm and Spirit Condensation Realm.

Hence, Ye Yuan just ‘humbly’ said that he might not be without assurance.

There was a heaven and earth difference between the lower three realms and middle three realms for martial artists. No matter how strong a Sea Transformation Realm was, they were only a lower three realm martial artist; completely incomparable from the middle three realm Soul Sea Realm.

“Heh heh,Tong Suan said that you’re capable but doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. Indeed not false. But . . . you really escaped a calamity just now,” the middle-aged man said with a laugh.

Ye Yuan knew in his heart, but intentionally asked in confusion,“Oh?What do Senior’s words mean?”

“News came from the realm passageway that an Endless World youth might have already silently infiltrated the capital. I was testing your divine soul just now. If your divine soul was different from us Fierce Gale World martial artists, I would have killed you without hesitation earlier!” said the middle-aged man indifferently.

Ye Yuan was taken aback at the right level, asking in surprise, “There’s actually such a thing? Senior actually suspects that I’m a person from another world?”

“Hur hur,just that your age matches the information report. Your appearance in the capital is also very sudden. I only tested you out of cautiousness.Oh,right, I’m called Xiao Changfeng, Xiao Family’s Family Head.”

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