Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 371

Chapter 371 Interacting A Little Is Good Too

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Towards the middle-aged man’s identity, Ye Yuan had already deduced it. Hence, there was not really anything surprising.

In truth, when Xiao Changfeng’s soul force pounced towards Ye Yuan earlier, Ye Yuan’s first reaction was to retaliate.

But he reacted very quickly. Xiao Changfeng most likely held suspicions towards his identity. Therefore, he might as well release his divine soul and let Xiao Changfeng examine freely.

Ye Yuan did not have much attainments in disguising skills. But in the camouflaging of the divine soul, who in the Lower Realms could match him?

Although they were all humans, on different planes, human souls still had some slight differences.

This point, Xiao Changfeng knew. As an Alchemy Emperor, how could Ye Yuan be ignorant?

Hence, ever since eliminating Lan Bao, Ye Yuan already camouflaged his own divine soul into the appearance of a Fierce Gale World’s martial artist through divine soul mystic arts.

With Lan Feng’s divine soul as a reference, Ye Yuan’s camouflage was naturally flawless.

Forget about Xiao Changfeng who only had Alchemy King level soul force, even if an Alchemy Sovereign was present, he would also have no way of seeing through Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s research in the divine soul surpassed the lower planes.

Rather, if Xiao Changfeng really made a move against Ye Yuan, while Ye Yuan was far less powerful than his soul force, he could forget about gaining any advantage.

Even if he really killed Ye Yuan, he himself would surely lose half his life as well.

Ye Yuan did not make a fuss over it. If he was too fake, it would be easy to leave flaws instead.

Though the Xiao Family was declining with day after day, to be able to become the head of a family, how many would be fools?

Therefore, when Ye Yuan heard that Xiao Changfeng was the Xiao Family’s Family Head, not only was he not surprised, he had a furious look as he said,“Harrumph!Since Family Head doesn’t trust me, what did you make me a guest retainer for? I’ll resign from this guest retainer at once and leave the Xiao Family!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan really flapped his sleeves and left.

Xiao Changfeng did not think that Ye Yuan was actually so staunch and knew that he went overboard. He hastily called out, “Wait a minute, Little Brother Ji!”

But Ye Yuan did not even turn his head back as he said, “Other people give me an inch, I’ll return them tenfold! If people don’t trust me, why is there a need for me to snub despite showing good intentions? Farewell, Family Head Xiao!”

Xiao Changfeng was so miserable that he nearly coughed blood. But he had no choice but to chase after.

Xiao Rufeng was still bedbound, and they finally found a replacement with much difficulty. If this Ye Yuan ran, then how the hell were they going to fight in this Grand Pill Assembly?!

A gust of wind blew past. Xiao Changfeng blocked in front of Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan smiled coldly and said, “What? Can it be that Family Head Xiao wants to use force?”

Xiao Changfeng had never been forced to submit to a junior before. His old face was almost all lost.

However, at this present moment, he had no choice but to control his temper and persuade Ye Yuan.

That probing earlier already completely enraged Ye Yuan. Anymore and Ye Yuan would not help the Xiao Family fight even if he had to commit suicide.

Xiao Changfeng already knew that Ye Yuan’s personality was very firm and persistent. How could he still dare to use force? He could only smile flatteringly and said, “Little Brother Ji is mistaken. I . . . I apologize to you for the matter earlier! I believe that Little Brother Ji has also heard that His Majesty, the Wind Emperor, is already preparing to invade the Endless World on a large-scale. We have no option but to be more cautious.”

But Ye Yuan did not buy it. “Then may I know if Family Head Xiao has probed out anything?”

Xiao Changfeng had an embarrassed look as he said, “Little Brother Ji is a true-blue Fierce Gale World native for sure. You naturally can’t be a spy.”

“Humph!I can understand family head’s thoughts, but even if you want to feel me out, you can also let me know beforehand. Probing me without rhyme or reason like this is an unprecedented shame for me!” Ye Yuan said icily.

“This Family Head was indeed overly impetuous with this matter. I hope that Little Brother Ji is magnanimous enough to forgive,” said Xiao Changfeng, controlling his temper and apologized.

Going over the limit was as bad as falling short. Ye Yuan obviously would not go overboard in kneading him. He waved his hands at once and said, “Forget it, forget it. You’re a senior no matter what. I’ll drop this matter at that. I wonder what Family Head is looking for me for?”

As the saying went, only capable people dared to be arrogant.

Ye Yuan was so.

Ye Yuan was like a savior to the present Xiao Family. Even if Xiao Changfeng was any angrier, he also had to swallow it back into his stomach.

While he was a Xiao Family guest retainer, it did not mean that anyone could command him as they pleased. If he did not teach Xiao Changfeng a lesson, he would definitely become smug from success in the future and go overboard.

The two people sat down once more as guest and host before Xiao Changfeng opened his mouth to ask, “Little Brother Ji, do you know why Rufeng he failed his assault of the Soul Sea Realm?”

Ye Yuan thought about it and said, “Could it be due to overly anxious for success?”

Assaulting a major realm was not something fun. Not everyone would be as smooth sailing as Ye Yuan as well.

To the vast majority of martial artists, assaulting each major realm was a major threshold in their lives.

Very clearly, Xiao Rufeng did not cross it.

Xiao Changfeng revealed a slightly surprised look and nodded, saying, “He wanted to win this Grand Pill Assembly too badly. That’s why he forcefully broke through to the Soul Sea Realm, wanting to reach Quasi-Alchemy King Realm. But sadly, he failed on the verge of success.”

“Oh?Can it be that there’s actually a Quasi-Alchemy King among the Tong Family’s juniors?” Ye Yuan was rather surprised.

Quasi-Alchemy King was nothing much to him. But in a place like the Fierce Gale World, to be able to become a Quasi-Alchemy King at a young age, his talent could be deduced from that much.

Xiao Changfeng suddenly felt like he was like a clown. He beat around the bush, wanting Ye Yuan to ask why.

But Ye Yuan’s reaction was too quick. He just slightly hinted a bit and Ye Yuan guessed the truth of the matter.

This boy was too clever! What a freak!

“That’s right. Actually, I came to find you to give you a reminder not to underestimate your opponent! The Alchemy Path strength of the Tong Family’s junior generation is very strong!” Xiao Changfeng said with a grave face.

Evidently, Ye Yuan’s haughty performance made Tong Suyan unable to rest easy. And after he reported it to Xiao Changfeng, Xiao Changfeng felt worried too.

This Grand Pill Assembly completely did not matter to Ye Yuan. But to the Xiao Family, it was a major pinnacle event that determined the family’s destiny. It was even more important than the Fierce Gale World invading the Endless World!

Ye Yuan’s expression involuntarily became odd. He would never take the enemy lightly. But in terms of Alchemy Path, there was really no opponent worthy of him attaching importance to in the Lower Realms.

Especially the so-called junior generation.

“So, Family Head came to find me for this matterhuh.Isn’t it making a great fuss over nothing? There are still two days to the Grand Pill Assembly. No matter how seriously I take things now, it also makes no difference to the matter,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

“You can’t say that. There are many things that you can do. How about this, making use of these two days, I’ll make Ruyan interact more with you to learn from each other’s strong points while making up your weak points. I know that your strength is very powerful, but the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill is just an entry level medicinal pill in the Grand Pill Assembly. To want to obtain victory, one must refine medicinal pills with even great difficulty!” Xiao Changfeng exhorted.

Hearing Xiao Changfeng’s words, Ye Yuan’s expression was normal, but he was overjoyed in his heart.

He was just fretting about being unable to find a chance to get close to Xiao Ruyan, but Xiao Changfeng delivered it to his doorstep himself.

Ye Yuan nodded immediately and said, “Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill is only an entry level medicinal pillhuh.Then it seems like the challenge level is a little high.Mm,exchanging pointers with Miss Ruyan for a while is also good, in case I find myself at a loss when the time comes.”

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