Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 373

Chapter 373 You All Are Bullying Me

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Controlling fire was like cooking. Cooking a dish was easy, but cooking a delicious dish was very hard, especially those complex dishes.

The control towards fire needed to be precise to the extreme.

The Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill inside the medicinal cauldron was like a dish with exceedingly complex procedures. Wanting to cook it required an enormous expenditure of mental strength to control the fire.

Xiao Ruyan’s expenditure previously was already huge. Now, it was naturally even more taxing.

But Xiao Ruyan’s willpower made Ye Yuan view her in a completely different light from before. Under the situation where both essence energy and soul force reached the limits, she forcefully persisted.

“Condense pill!” Xiao Ruyan gave a lovely cry. Mild detonating sounds came from within the medicinal cauldron.

“Second Miss!”

“Miss Ruyan!”

When the medicinal pill formed, Xiao Ruyan finally could not sustain anymore and collapsed weakly. Ye Yuan’s figure swayed, and he caught Xiao Ruyan.

“Second Miss, are you alright?” Manager Tong asked.

Being hugged by Ye Yuan, Xiao Ruyan seemed to be oblivious to it, her gaze glued on the medicinal cauldron.

“Manager . . . Tong . . .” Xiao Ruyan was already faint and weak, barely able to speak.

But Manager Tong understood and hurriedly went to retrieve the medicinal pill.

It greatly startled Manager Tong. A formed medicinal pill laid inside the medicinal cauldron quietly. Xiao Ruyan actually really refined successfully?

“Second Miss! You really refined it! It’s really the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill!” Manager Tong carried the medicinal pill with both hands as he said agitatedly.

Although Xiao Ruyan was feeble, a satisfied smile finally showed on her face. Then, her eyes closed, and she fainted away.

. . . . . .

No idea how long had passed, Xiao Ruyan woke up abruptly and sat up at once.

“You . . . Why are you here?!” Xiao Ruyan exclaimed in shock.

She sat up to have a look. Ye Yuan was currently playing with the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill that she refined with a disdainful look.

Not knowing why, the rage inside Xiao Ruyan’s heart surged up all at once.

Ye Yuan turned his head over and looked at Xiao Ruyan with a smile as he said, “Hey, if it wasn’t for me helping you, you can forget about participating in that whatever Grand Pill Assembly the day after tomorrow. You’re not thanking me and still yell at me?”

Xiao Ruyan had a doubtful look. She did not know what Ye Yuan was talking about.

But she discovered very quickly that not only was her essence energy already fully recovered, but even her soul force had also already reached the peak state.

This . . . How was this possible?

What on earth did he, Ji Qing, do? She clearly already overdrew her soul force when refining. It simply could not be recovered from without several days of recuperation. Why was she completely fine right now?

“Did . . . Did you help me? What did you do? Why are my soul force and essence energy both fully recovered?” Xiao Ruyan asked with a frown.

“Nothing much either. I just happened to know a kind of divine soul mystic art that allows me to use my divine soul to nourish other people’s divine soul, achieving the effect of perfect harmony. I’ve never tried it before. Trying it out today, the effects are indeed pretty good!” Ye Yuan said with a rather satisfied smile.

It was just that when Xiao Ruyan heard that, her pretty face immediately flushed scarlet red. A thick killing intent enveloped Ye Yuan.

How was this divine soul mystic art that Ye Yuan said? It was simply defiling her!

Dao companions would dual-cultivate through such means, so as to nourish each other’s divine soul.

When Xiao Ruyan heard that Ye Yuan used this sort of method to help her recover her divine soul, the killing intent in her heart could not be any greater.


Ye Yuan flew aside, while the table he was originally sitting at already turned into fine powder.

“You lecher! Go to hell!” Xiao Ruyan’s voice was somewhat quivering.

“Hey, hey, just making a joke! There isn’t any need to be like this, alright?” Ye Yuan cried out weirdly as he ran for his life.

“Making a joke? Is this also called a joke? Don’t run! I’m going to kill you!” Xiao Ruyan was already thoroughly rampaging.

“Hey, I’m really joking! If you continue to be like this, I won’t be courteous anymore!” Ye Yuan dodged a palm and yelled out weirdly once again.

“Alright then! I want to see just how discourteous you will be!”

With Xiao Ruyan’s Late-Stage Crystal Formation Realm strength, how could she be afraid of Ye Yuan, a Second Level Crystal Formation Realm’s threat?

But the next moment, she crumbled.

Her palm whistled forth, heading straight for Ye Yuan’s face. But right at this moment, a medicinal pill suddenly appeared in front of her. It was precisely the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill that she painstakingly refined!

This Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill was used to help Xiao Rufeng recover his strength. She would rather overdraw her soul force and being unable to take part and also had to refine it. How could she bear to destroy it?

No choice, Xiao Ruyan could only avoid the medicinal pill, and attack Ye Yuan from another place.

But no matter how she attacked, that medicinal pill could accurately block her, making her simply unable to attack!

Xiao Ruyan was quivering with rage. Finally, she could not help bursting into sobs.

“Ah. . . I say, don’t cry! If you let other people see this, they might think that I really did something to you.” Once Ye Yuan saw Xiao Ruyan cry, he immediately knew that he went overboard.

What men could not stand the most were women’s tears. Ye Yuan was no exception either.

He did not have much experience coaxing girls and was actually at a complete loss on what to do for a moment.

It was fine if he did not talk. When he spoke, Xiao Ruyan cried even more miserably.

“Sob, sob,all bullying me! Xiao Family elders bully me. Huang Family and Tong Family, those two bastards, also bully me. Now, even you this stinking brat also bully me!Sob, sob. . .”

Ye Yuan had an embarrassed face. He was really only joking around. To think that Xiao Ruyan looked so strong but was actually a woman in the end!

“Cough, cough!I . . . I really didn’t do anything to you. Actually I only let you eat two medicinal pills. If you don’t believe it, you can try refining the medicinal strength. It shouldn’t have dissipated yet at present,” Ye Yuan said somewhat bewilderedly.

Xiao Ruyan’s sobbing sound finally quietened a little. She looked at Ye Yuan doubtfully and said, “Is what you said true?”

“Aiya,wouldn’t you know once you test the medicinal strength? One pill is an essence energy recovery medicinal pill. The other pill is a soul force recovery medicinal pill,” Ye Yuan explained.

Xiao Ruyan revolved her essence energy and soul force half-believingly. Indeed, she sensed that there were two strands of medicinal strength circulating within her body.

The medicinal strength was very gentle, making her feel very comfortable.

Xiao Ruyan could not help being very astonished. What medicinal pill could actually have such a miraculous effect?

She suddenly recalled that move from Ye Yuan when she was refining. Xiao Ruyan even thought that Ye Yuan was intentionally interrupting back then. Could it be that there was a purpose to doing so?

He knew that the way I was controlling the fire had a problem, so he was giving me pointers?

This . . . How was this possible?

The Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill’s formula did not mention how to control the fire inside. Therefore, even Lord Father could not refine this Tier 3 medicinal pill.

And this pill formula was passed down by Xiao Family’s ancestors. Other factions were completely unaware of the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill’s formula. How did Ji Qing know?

Looking at Ye Yuan once again, Xiao Ruyan suddenly felt like she could not quite see through this youngster.

“That seal, was it intentional?” Xiao Ruyan asked probingly.

Ye Yuan had a blank face as he said, “What seal? What are you talking about?”

“When I was refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill. Didn’t you struck out a seal?”

“You’re talking about that? Actually, I was thinking of pulling a prank. To think that it actually failed. How boring!” Ye Yuan said, seemingly as if he was annoyed.

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