Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 375

Chapter 375 Tian Ji's Horse Racing Strategy

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Tong Yongchang had the intentions of embarrassing Ye Yuan. The grab act was not held back at all.

But his vision blurred and Ye Yuan disappeared without a trace.

Tong Yongchang was secretly alarmed as a sense of impending danger assailed from behind. Turning around with a jerk, but there was nobody there.

Still from the back, a sense of danger pounced once again!

Tong Yongchang turned around once more. There was still nobody there!

Everyone looked at him with strange looks, wanting to laugh but unable to laugh.

Wanting to laugh was because Tong Yongchang looked like he was afraid of even his own shadow; it was very hilarious.

They were unable to laugh was because Ye Yuan’s movements were like that of ghosts and goblins; it was entirely unlike the movements that a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist would have!

While Tong Yongchang was an alchemist, he was a bona fide Sea Transformation Realm martial artist. He actually could not even touch Ye Yuan!

“Are you looking for me?” With a flicker of his body, Ye Yuan appeared before Tong Yongchang’s once again.

Tong Yongchang’s face fell and had a feeling like he was being toyed with. Within this capital, there were not many people who dared to play tricks on him!

“Good! Excellent! You’ve successfully infuriated me! I’ll make the Xiao Family die very horribly! Who knows if when the time comes, should they be thanking you for fighting on their behalf, or hate you for making them not even have the slightest thread of hope!” Tong Yongchang laughed coldly and said to Ye Yuan.

“Haha!Talk again about winning; what the use of talking big here?” Ye Yuan did not care a whit.

Tong Yongchang snorted coldly, and then led Du Cheng and the Tong Family members into the association building.

Ye Yuan did not turn around but felt quite a few eyes staring fixedly on him. Turning around to have a look, he indeed saw Xiao Ruyan looking at him with an unkind expression.

“So your movements were actually so quick. Did you intentionally give way to me the day before?” Xiao Ruyan said.

Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Already said that I was just joking. Why take it seriously?”

“You can still laugh?! You’ve already thoroughly infuriated Tong Yongchang just now. He’ll definitely exert all his effort this time. We have even less of a chance now!” Xiao Ruyan grumbled.

“Ruyan! At this time, the Xiao Family should be even more united as one! How can you question Brother Ji? Brother Ji entered the Xiao Family at a time of crisis. It’s sufficient to show his sincerity. Even if the Xiao Family loses today, we should also treat Brother Ji kindly and generously!” Xiao Rufeng hurriedly stopped and glared fiercely at Xiao Ruyan.

“Ruyan is insensible. Please don’t get angry, Brother Ji,” said Xiao Ruyan, apologizing to Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan waved his hand and said,“Haha,Brother Xiao is too kind. I joined the Xiao Family originally just to find a place to stay. I didn’t think so much. But since I’ve already joined, there’s naturally no reason to go back on my word.”

Although he suspected that Xiao Rufeng was just putting on a show, Ye Yuan did not mind.

One should say that the anguish in Xiao Rufeng’s heart right now could only be more intense compared to Xiao Ruyan. But he could take the opportunity to rope in Ye Yuan so shrewdly and subtlety. It was truly the bearing of a fierce and ambitious person.

Xiao Ruyan pursed her mouth but did not make a sound.

Following this, the Xiao Family’s group too entered the association building.

The Alchemist Association Headquarters occupied a huge territory. When the group of people arrived in a great hall, the place was already filled with distinguished guests.

Ye Yuan took his seat and noticed several gazes looking over at him provocatively, and he could not help but to feel gloomy.

You guys were clearly the ones stirring trouble. Why did you make it seem like I owed you guys?

What the hell?!

But thinking about it, those few people should be the Tong Family’s junior generation.

And on that note, the strength of Tong Family’s junior generation was indeed way stronger than the Xiao Family’s.

Ye Yuan slightly released his sense and discovered quite a number of high-rank Alchemy Grandmasters, far beyond those few currently stepping onto the stage.

Looking at the Xiao Family’s side in contrast, apart from Xiao Rufeng and sister, there were barely any Alchemy Grandmasters. Thinking about it, their standards should not be much. Otherwise, they would not have needed to find Ye Yuan this guest retainer either.

Ye Yuan’s attention was still on Du Cheng. He traveled thousands of miles, deep behind enemy lines, for the sake of saving this bunch of fellow apprentices.

Now that he finally saw one of them after experiencing life and death, waves surged slightly within Ye Yuan’s heart.

Right at this moment, the entire great hall suddenly quietened down. Evidently, an important figure had arrived.

Ye Yuan did not recognize a single person here. He only knew one, and that was Xiao Changfeng.

But Ye Yuan saw that he was currently escorting an elderly person. But that old man looked rather impatient.

Similarly an Alchemy King powerhouse, Xiao Changfeng actually had a sort of groveling attitude, making Ye Yuan sigh unceasingly.

When the family declined, even if one was an Alchemy King powerhouse, they also would not have a backbone!

In the martial artist world, it had always been the powerhouses’ game. Nobody would pity the weak.

On the other side, a middle-aged man with a similar age to Xiao Changfeng also accompanied an old man. But the two of them were laughing and talking, clearly the relation of equals.

That person was naturally the Tong Family’s family head: Tong Fangshuo.

After chatting a few sentences, Xiao Changfeng and Tong Fangshuo both returned to their family’s seats, while the two elderly men sat on the seats in the center.

But a seat was still reserved in the middle of the row in the center. Clearly, there was still another even more important character that had not arrived.

Xiao Changfeng sat between Xiao Rufeng and Ye Yuan, while the other family elders sat at the back.

After taking his seat, Xiao Changfeng suddenly said to Ye Yuan, “Little Brother Ji, in this match, you will face Tong Wenchang. Rufeng and Ruyan will face Tong Wenshou and Tong Wenhui respectively! Facing Tong Wenchang, you just have to do your best. Victory or defeat isn’t important, alright?”

Ye Yuan understood in his heart that this was clearly Xiao Changfeng not believing in his strength, wanting to use the method of Tian Ji’s horse racing strategy to win this competition.

Towards Xiao Changfeng’s arrangements, Ye Yuan did not have any conflicting thoughts. After all, he did not wish to be too conspicuous.

In this kind of life and death juncture grand competition, hoping for Xiao Changfeng to entrust all of his hopes onto an outsider like Ye Yuan was clearly not something very realistic.

In comparison, Xiao Rufeng and Xiao Ruyan, the brother and sister pair were his biological children. They were naturally more dependable.

Previously, the Xiao Family was finding guest retainers impatiently because Xiao Rufeng was confined to his bed. The Xiao Family only had Xiao Ruyan one person left. Now, since Xiao Ruyan refined the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill, Xiao Changfeng naturally believed in his own son more.

Although Xiao Rufeng was not in his optimal condition right now, wanting to win Tong Wenshou should not be something hard.

The Tong Family sent out three people to battle. Tong Wenhui’s strength was the weakest, leaving Xiao Ruyan to deal with him. The assurance was naturally much greater too.

One should say that under the situation where Ye Yuan’s formidable strength was excluded, such an arrangement was the most rational!

Ye Yuan did not have any mentality about not being able to get past losing to Tong Wenchang. He was a reincarnated Alchemy Emperor. What was he being serious for against a puny little Quasi-Alchemy King?

Previously with Tong Wenchang, it was at most considered squabbling with words. Ye Yuan was not that petty to such an extent.

Anyway, Xiao Changfeng did not place his hopes on him either. He just had to hoodwink him a little, and that would do.

Thinking this through, Ye Yuan was even less serious about this Grand Pill Assembly. He was planning out in his mind on how to get close to Du Cheng.

Ye Yuan just nodded his head slightly at Xiao Changfeng to indicate that he got it.

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