Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 377

Chapter 377 Xiao Ruyan Lost?

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Although Ye Yuan’s words were cheers, no matter how she looked at it, it somewhat lacked some sincerity.

But not knowing why, Xiao Ruyan’s originally rather nervous feelings actually calmed down under Ye Yuan’s encouragement.

She shot a fierce glare at Ye Yuan and came to the fighting area.

“Tch.Good intentions taken for granted!” Ye Yuan muttered to himself resentfully.

At this time, a quasi-alchemy king came to the arena. Clearly, he was the person maintaining order on-site, while the final ruling was still by Yang Xiu and the other six alchemy kings.

As for Sovereign Star Abyss, he shut his eyes from the start just now, looking as if he was snoozing, like everything here had nothing to do with him at all.

“The first match, constituting medicinal pills! There will be people delivering a hundred types of spirit medicines right away. The two of you need to differentiate these hundred types of spirit medicines and freely match these hundred kinds of spirit medicines together, forming pill formulas. Finally, the one who composes the most pill formulas win!” That quasi-alchemy king explained.

There was a long table in the center. When the quasi-alchemy king finished talking, some apprentice looking people brought up stalk after stalk of spirit medicines. There were tier 2, tier 3, so on and so forth.

Xiao Ruyan and Tong Wenhui each respectively went to one side of the arena and started to differentiate the spirit medicines.

This was actually testing the fundamental skills of the alchemist. Speedily and accurately identifying spirit medicines was an essential skill for alchemists.

But in this sort of Grand Pill Assembly that determined the fates of two families, identifying the spirit medicines were clearly not an easy matter.

It was true that the two people could differentiate the vast majority of the spirit medicines. But there were definitely a handful of rarely seen spirit medicines that the pair had not even seen before.

Under this sort of situation, one would have to see if the alchemist’s foundation was sturdy or not, and if they could identify them through the records in the books.

“Old Liu, in your view, which of the two of them will win?” Yang Xiu asked an old man beside him.

This old man was similarly an Alchemy King powerhouse; Alchemist Association’s Elder Liu Han.

Liu Han said, “Ruyan’s, this lass’s, talent is exceedingly high. Her future accomplishments are boundless. It’s just too bad that she was dragged down by the Xiao Family. Tong Wenhui is seven to eight years old older than that lass, but his foundation is more solid than hers. In my opinion, the outcome should be around 50/50.”

Yang Xiu nodded and said, “Actually, I feel that the Xiao Family only has Ruyan, this lass, that can give Tong Wenchang a run for his money. Rufeng that boy is already beaten by Wenchang. If Ruyan this lass performs well, maybe she can let Lord Star Abyss take her in as his disciple.”

Liu Han concurred and said, “These two brats have been at loggerheads for so many years. This time, they finally will determine the winner. But I heard that Rufeng this boy was able to take part in the Grand Pill Assembly today because Ruyan that lass refined the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill. Looks like this lass’s talent is even above her brother’s!”

Yang Xiu exclaimed in surprise, “There’s actually such a thing? No wonder! Assaulting cultivation realm and failing is the most troublesome. Although the Xiao Family has the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill’s complete pill formula, they were missing the refinement method. To think Ruyan that lass actually successfully refined it!”

When Xiao Ruyan and Tong Wenhui started, the others were all discussing fervently. There was a sound isolating formation around the arena. The two of them could not hear it.

But quite a few people thought highly of Xiao Ruyan’s potential. Although, in terms of strength, Xiao Ruyan might not be able to beat Tong Wenhui.

However, the Xiao Family could not afford to lose!

They had to win the first two matches completely. Otherwise, there was only the outcome of being eliminated.

The two people’s identifying speed was remarkably quick in the beginning. But towards the back, the two people’s speed visibly slowed down, especially Xiao Ruyan’s.

Her speed was noticeably slower than Tong Wenhui.

Of course, the most important thing was still the composition of medicinal pills!

As long as the medicinal pills composed on one side was more than the other, even if the spirit medicines were not fully identified, they would still win.

Xiao Ruyan deduced over and over again, repeatedly evaluating numerous times, before writing down the answers at the last moment.

Tong Wenhui was not any better. The two people handed over their answers at practically the same time.

The answers were sealed within jade slips. Both parties did not know how many answers the other person wrote.

The quasi-alchemy king hosting passed the sealed answers to Yang Xiu. The seven judges started to examine and verify the answers.

Yang Xiu placed the two person’s jade slips into a spirit artifact. Very quickly, the contents inside the jade slip were projected onto a wall.

“Xiao Ruyan wrote 93 types of spirit medicine names. Tong Wenhui wrote 95 types of spirit medicine names. In the match regarding the spirit medicines’ names, Tong Wenhui wins by a small margin. Now, we’ll take a look at the pill formulas that the two of them have written.” Yang Xiu’s voice sounded out sluggishly. Everyone held their breaths.

While talking, Yang Xiu inserted another jade slip into the spirit artifact again. The contents of the jade slip likewise appeared on the wall.

Yang Xiu pointed to the newly projected contents and said, “The newly projected contents are the model answers that the six elders present and I spent two nights to enact. All the possible combinations of these hundred types of spirit medicines are all on here. Next, let us cross-reference then one by one.”

Inferring pill formulas according to these one hundred types of spirit medicines, the pill formulas written out might not all be able to be refined out. It was just a theoretical answer.

The creation of a type of pill formula needed to experience extremely complex experiments. It might only succeed through countless failures.

There might even be the possibility that it would not succeed at all!

These one hundred types of spirit medicines, with combinations of pairs and trios, it could theoretically infer out thousands upon thousands of answers.

But because of the various spirit medicine’s attributes and differences in medicinal properties, there were but scarcely several dozen kinds that genuinely had the possibility of forming a pill formula.

And among these scanty few dozen types, it was already pretty good for one type to be able to form a pill formula in the end after going through numerous tests.

But even the pill formula that could ultimately be formed might not be a useful pill formula.

Some pill formulas might be very heaven-defying, but there were pill formulas that had very insignificant effects on martial artists; utterly without value.

Hence, each and every kind of ready-made pill formula was exceptionally precious.

Other than those common pills, as long as it was a pill formula that had some slight value, each major faction would treasure it greatly.

And each development of a new kind of pill formula was also riddled with difficulties.

Especially the higher the rank of the medicinal pill, the more valuable the expended medicinal herbs naturally was. How could the average alchemist have that level of financial resources to develop new pill formulas?

Only those titanic factions could have the possibility of developing new pill formulas.

Just like the Tranquil Cloud Sect, a large group of Quasi-Alchemy Kings engaged in it for a long time, and only just developed some Tier 1 medicinal pills.

The medicinal pills that Ye Yuan took out were roughly the same as the things that they developed. Back then, it was like stepping on their tails.

“There are a total of 63 types of pills in our answer list. Xiao Ruyan wrote down 38 types of pills, and Tong Wenhui wrote 40 types. Now we’ll be comparing the correct answers now.”

Yang Xiu started to match Xiao Ruyan and Tong Wenhui’s answers with the correct answers one by one.

The result was that Xiao Ruyan only got one pill formula wrong, while Tong Wenhui had three wrong. It was actually a draw in the end!

And under the situation where it was a draw, they would look at who wrote the most spirit medicines.

“Since the two of them wrote down the same number of pill formulas, then the one who wins in the end is . . .” Yang Xiu was about to announce the results.

“Wait a minute!” Ye Yuan suddenly got up and interrupted Yang Xiu’s words.

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