Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 379

Chapter 379 Ye Yuans Hint

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“What? This . . . How is this possible?”

“Sovereign Star Abyss actually said that this punk is correct! Doesn’t that mean that the seven great elders were all wrong?”

“It’s too subversive! Does this boy have good luck and randomly stumbled upon it, or is it true skill and genuine knowledge?”

“This . . . I think it should be a random shot in the dark, right? Those . . . Those seven elders are all Alchemy King powerhouses! The depth of their understanding towards medicinal herbs is simply not what the likes of us can imagine! It’s possible that this punk saw some obscure knowledge before, and this knowledge just happened to be what the elders don’t know.”

“True. After all, the elders are not omniscient either. There is bound to be a dead angle in their alchemy knowledge.”

. . . . . .

Sovereign Star Abyss’s words made everyone explode. What this boy said was actually correct.

And the so-called correct answers that the seven great elders came up with together was actually wrong!

These seven great elders were all old freaks that had been famous for over a hundred years. Each and every one of their strength was unfathomable. Their knowledge about the Alchemy Path was even more inconceivable by ordinary people.

And Ye Yuan?

He was only a 16-year-old little fellow. The time he lived was not even a scrap of the elders’. He actually pointed out the seven great elders’ mistakes right to their faces!

No one suspected Sovereign Star Abyss’s words. Because in the Central Capital’s alchemy world, he was the absolute authority!

He said that it was wrong, that means that the seven great elders were surely wrong. There was no need at all to go and doubt.

Xiao Changfeng looked at Ye Yuan disbelievingly and involuntarily swallowed hard.

He could not help recalling the eyes that Ye Yuan looked at him with earlier. That was a disheartened expression. How could he not tell?

If not for Xiao Ruyan stepping up at the crucial moment, Ye Yuan most likely would have already flicked his sleeves and left at this moment, right?

Thinking about it now, Xiao Changfeng could not help feeling fear after the event.

Ye Yuan was sincerely helping the Xiao Family, while he was suspecting him . . .

Sovereign Star Abyss finished saying that sentence and closed his eyes again as if he slept again.

It seemed like that scene earlier was just him sleepwalking.

Yang Xiu obviously knew that Sovereign Star Abyss was not sleepwalking. It was just that he still did not dare quite believe it.

Initially, he thought that this youth was deliberately causing trouble. Who would have thought that there really was such a thing?

After the Grand Pill Assembly, he would really have to go and verify to see if what this brat said was true or not.

Although his face was swept away by a youngster in public, the Grand Pill Assembly still had to carry on.

Yang Xiu could only open his mouth to say, “Since Lord Star Abyss says that this answer is wrong, the first match, Xiao Family’s Xiao Ruyan wins!”

Tong Wenhui’s expression was rather ugly. He had clearly won already. Who would have expected to be thwarted by this brat?

He could not help glaring viciously at Ye Yuan with a sort of murderous impulse.

“The second round, deconstructing medicinal pills! The two of you will each receive three medicinal pills momentarily. These medicinal pills were refined according to the Alchemist Association’s pill formulas; they are absolutely impossible for the outside world to have. You need to discern the components of the medicinal pill through sight, smell, and taste. The one who analyzes it correctly wins!” The Quasi-Alchemy King directly brought everyone into the second round of competition.

Tong Wenhui had no choice but to put away his thoughts and carry on with the second round of competition.

Deconstructing medicinal pills was a very high-level skill. It required the alchemist to be exceedingly familiar with medicinal herbs. But the accuracy was hard to guarantee.

Furthermore, even if the components of the medicinal pill was fully deconstructed, wanting to refine it was also something not very likely. Hence, that was why the Alchemist Association could rest assured in taking the medicinal pills out for the two families to deconstruct.

Xiao Ruyan won the first round. Her confidence rose greatly!

This second round of competition, she solved a total of 11 types of spirit medicines from the three kinds of medicinal pills, while Tong Wenhui only deconstructed nine types.

Xiao Ruyan won again!

But, the most critical was still the third round, which was pill refinement!

As an alchemist, the most important was naturally pill refinement. Hence, the weight occupied by pill refinement in the Grand Pill Assembly was also very huge.

In the Grand Pill Assembly, each person had to finish competing in the three rounds before the winner could be determined.

And all of the variables surfaced in this third round of pill refinement!

Even if the first two rounds were losses, as long as one completely thrashed their opponent in the third round of refining, they could similarly be victorious!

The so-called complete thrash was one party completely crushing the other party in terms of medicinal pill quality. Or one side successful refined the medicinal pill while the other party failed.

If the difference in quality between the two people was not great, it was naturally the one who won the two rounds consecutively prior to this that won.

And during this process, the opinions of the judges were actually very important. Therefore, that was why the Wind Emperor appointed the neutral Alchemist Association to host it.

Of course, everyone could see the quality of the medicinal pill. The use of the judges would only surface under the situation where the difference was extremely minute.

“The medicinal pill that the two of you are going to refine is . . . Tier 3 high-level medicinal pill, Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill,” said the Quasi-Alchemy King.

Among the Tier 3 pill formulas, some pill formulas were made known to the public and also publicly acknowledged to be extremely hard to refine medicinal pills. This Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill was one of those.

Seeing this pill formula, the expression on Xiao Ruyan’s face changed.

The refining difficulty of this Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill was very high. Xiao Ruyan just happened to be weak in refining this sort of medicinal pill. At most, she only had 30% certainty of refining it out.

And on the other side, a pleasantly surprised look appeared on Tong Wenhui’s face. Evidently, this medicinal pill suited his taste!

Xiao Rufeng frowned and said, “Why did this topic come out? The Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill just happens to be a medicinal pill that Ruyan is weak at. This battle . . . is not going well!”

Xiao Changfeng’s expression was also very grave as he said, “The Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill’s requirement towards fire control is very high. But Ruyan’s weak point is fire control. It’s really quite troublesome.”

Xiao Ruyan came before the medicinal cauldron and took in a deep breath. But her eyes involuntarily looked towards Ye Yuan and discovered that Ye Yuan was currently smiling at her.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s finger moved slightly, forming a seal.

Xiao Ruyan could not help being stunned when she saw the situation. She thought to herself, “Wasn’t this the seal that he struck out when I was refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill? What does he mean?’

Xiao Ruyan suddenly thought back to the feeling on the day when she was refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill. Although she was dog-tired at that time, that sort of feeling was very subtle.

“Could his meaning be . . . to let me find the feeling on that day when I was refining the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill? But . . . I tried several times afterward and kept being unable to find that sort of state!” Xiao Ruyan thought to herself.

Calming down her emotions, Xiao Ruyan finally started to move and refine the Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill.

Preparing the herbs and refining the medicinal embryo, these were all not difficult things to Xiao Ruyan.

On this step, she did an even more outstanding job than Tong Wenhui!

What Xiao Ruyan was most worried about was the refinement. She really did not have much assurance.

“I must refine the Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill! Even if it’s only a low-grade! Tong Wenhui’s level is most likely at most just refining out a middle-grade pill even if he’s adept at this kind of medicinal pills. As long as my medicinal pill isn’t too poor, I’ll win” Xiao Ruyan gritted her teeth and secretly made her resolve.

Xiao Ruyan beckoned with one hand. The medicinal embryo flew into the medicinal cauldron.

The flames gradually rose. Xiao Ruyan began the Jade Pith Ice Clear Pill’s refinement!

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