Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 381

Chapter 381 A Terrifying Opponent

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Tong Fangshuo looked at the two medicinal pills before his eyes and was silent for a long time.

“Family Head Tong, I wonder if I, Yang Xiu, talked nonsense or not?” Yang Xiu asked in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

Tong Fangshuo had an awkward look as he said, “It’s this Tong’s yardstick of a petty man. I hope that Elder Yang is magnanimous enough to forgive.”

“Humph!”Yang Xiu gave a cold snort and spoke no more.

Over on this side, the Xiao Family members also heaved a long sigh in relief. The first battle was really won in a rather thrilling manner.

If not for Ye Yuan coming forward at the crucial moment to point out the mistake of the seven great elders, Xiao Ruyan would have already been defeated now.

The problem was that the Xiao Family simply could not afford to lose the first two matches. As long as they lose one, this Grand Pill Assembly would not have any need to continue either.

“Well done, Ruyan!”

“Ruyan, you’re truly my Xiao Family’s fine daughter!”

. . . . . .

For a moment, Xiao Family members’ praises gushed forward like floodwaters.

But Xiao Ruyan was very indifferent. She did not have much good impression towards these family elders.

“Ji Qing, thank you!” Xiao Ruyan came in front of Ye Yuan and gave thanks solemnly.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “It’s Miss Ruyan that is impressive. What has it got to do with me? Alright, take a rest first. The match later is about to begin.”

Xiao Ruyan nodded slightly and sat back onto her seat.

Xiao Family, many people’s complexions were ugly. The feeling of being disregarded by Xiao Ruyan made them very displeased.

And this sort of unhappiness was also carried forward to Ye Yuan.

Right at this time, Yang Xiu said, “Alright, the second battle begins now. Xiao Family’s Xiao Rufeng versus Tong Family’s Tong Wenshou.”

Xiao Rufeng stood up. Xiao Changfeng instructed, “Keep cool. Take down this match and deny Tong Wenchang the opportunity to step onto the stage and we’ll win!”

Xiao Rufeng nodded and stepped onto the stage directly.

And on the other side, Tong Fangshuo similarly stopped Tong Wenshou and exhorted, “Wenshou, teach Xiao Rufeng a good lesson for me and let everybody see just how great your improvement is!”

“Yes, Family Head!”

Watching Tong Wenshou’s departing back view, Tong Fangshuo smiled coldly and said, “Xiao Changfeng, do you think that by marshaling soldiers in rank for battle like this can catch me off-guard? In front of absolute strength, you’re just a joke!”

. . . . . .

The second battle.

The development of the battle situation exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Xiao Rufeng was the Xiao Family’s number one genius. Even if he was not at his peak condition right now, his strength and experience should still surpass Tong Wenshou.

Yet, when the battle started, Tong Wenshou was unbelievably powerful, making everyone drop their glasses.

The first match, constituting medicinal pills, Tong Wenshou actually identified all of the spirit medicines and even wrote down three more answers than Xiao Rufeng in the constituting medicinal pills part.

Everyone was staring openmouthed!

The Xiao Family members were completely scared out of their wits. Even Xiao Changfeng had a grave expression too.

Tong Wenshou’s strength surpassed everyone’s expectations.

“A dark horse! This is absolutely a dark horse!”

“Xiao Changfeng racked his brains in scheming, but he probably never expected that Tong Wenshou’s strength was actually formidable to such an extent!”

“Even if Xiao Rufeng’s refining condition was not at his peak state, his foundation skills are still there. He’s actually totally suppressed by Tong Wenshou!”

“There’s a good show to watch now! I wonder if Xiao Rufeng can salvage the situation at the back. If he can’t make a comeback, then the Xiao Family is utterly finished.”

For a moment, whisperings sounded out inside the hall. Tong Wenshou’s performance astounded everybody.

The situation which should have been a one-sided win actually had a drama-like change appear.

Xiao Rufeng was also unbelievably stunned. A deep sense of defeat came over.

He was already completely beaten down by the Tong Family’s number one genius, Tong Wenchang. If he could not even win the number two Tong Wenshou, then wouldn’t he, the Xiao Family’s number one genius, become a joke in the capital?

Xiao Rufeng gritted his teeth and thought to himself,I must make a comeback at the back! I can’t lose! If I lose, the Xiao Family will be utterly finished! I absolutely can’t lose!

Indeed, Xiao Rufeng finally regained one round in the second match.

Except, Xiao Rufeng’s advantage in the second match was negligible. He only wrote one more type of medicinal herb than Tong Wenshou.

Not only did this sort of result fail to let everyone feel his spur, but it also affirmed Tong Wenshou’s might instead!

“The final round. One can tell that Tong Wenshou’s basic skills are very solid. It’s just who knows what will happen when he really refine pills.”

“Looks like all these years, Tong Wenshou has been covered up by Tong Wenchang’s radiance the entire time! The Tong Family’s number two genius actually has such strength. Winning the Xiao Family twice in a row is also something within reason.”

“I feel that Tong Wenshou’s refining strength might not be weak. At the very least, it won’t be much weaker than the peak condition Xiao Rufeng. And now, Xiao Rufeng is not yet fully recovered. The victor is really hard to determine.”

If one said that a match was still luck, after two matches, nobody doubted Tong Wenshou’s strength anymore.

The strength of this fellow who lived in the shadow of the genius Tong Wenchang was so powerful that it was terrifying!

“Hahaha!Those fools from the Xiao Family still thought that they could win our Tong Family like this. What a freaking joke! Before I broke through, Wenshou’s strength was never much weaker than mine. They actually naively believed that they could win Wenshou by relying on an invalid! Too nave!” Tong Wenchang burst into laughter.

“Haha!Big Brother Wenshou is unleashing everything he has after staying low profile. This time, he finally let the people of the capital see his brilliance!” Tong Wenhui did not suffer the effects of a setback and was full of smiles with Tong Wenchang.

“Heh heh,but I also never thought that Xiao Changfeng actually arranged for that punk to fight with me. It really makes me very excited!” Tong Wenchang looked at Ye Yuan in the distance with unfriendly eyes.

He had a feeling of being humiliated previously in front of the gates. This time, he was prepared to vent it out properly and thoroughly shatter Ye Yuan’s confidence.

As he was talking, he beckoned with his finger. Du Chen who was behind with a vacant look carried tea water in front of him.

Tong Wenchang received the tea and savored a sip. He pointed at his knee and said, “Endless World’s trash, quickly give me a massage to loosen up my joints.”

Du Cheng’s divine soul was being controlled and could only be at the mercy of Tong Wenchang. He bent his body to help massage.

Sss. . . You pig, what are you using so much strength for?! Want to die?”

As he spoke, Tong Wenchang stomped a foot on Du Cheng’s chest, kicking him far away.

Du Cheng was directly kicked until he vomited a large mouthful of blood. But he still struggled to his feet and returned to Tong Wenchang’s side to continue helping his loosen his muscles and bones.

Tong Wenchang had an enjoying look this time and groaned, “This strength is more like it.Hur hur.”

“En?Ye Yuan? What wrong with you?” Ever since Xiao Ruyan came back, her attention had been on Ye Yuan all along.

Right then, she suddenly sensed that Ye Yuan’s breathing was slightly disorderly and could not help being very curious.

Ye Yuan’s expression was normal as he turned his head and said to Xiao Ruyan with a smile, “Nothing. It’s just that seeing the final decisive battle, my state of mind is in somewhat of an upsurge; that’s all.”

Tong Wenchang did not know how terrifying of an opponent he had provoked . . .

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