Unrivaled Medicine God Chapter 382

Chapter 382 Who Cant Laugh?

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Xiao Rufeng and Tong Wenchang’s match starting to get everyone’s attention.

Naturally, there would not be anybody who noticed Ye Yuan’s fury, which was constrained to the limits in a corner.

The two people started refining. Tong Wenshou’s strength refreshed everyone’s understanding once again!

His movements did not have any areas that were the slightest bit sluggish. He practically completed the medicinal pill’s refinement in one go!

On the other hand, one could see from Xiao Rufeng’s refinement that he was indeed not at his optimal condition. Even so, he still completed the refinement splendidly.

When the two medicinal pills were delivered in front of Yang Xiu, everyone held their breaths once again.

This match was the crucial battle that determined who won and who lost for the two Xiao and Tong families!

The seven great Alchemy King elders evaluated for some time. It was still Yang Xiu who spoke, saying, “What Xiao Rufeng refined is middle-grade. What Tong Wenshou refined is . . . high-grade! This match, the Tong Family wins!”

Xiao Rufeng’s head exploded with a buzz.

Lost just like this?

Xiao Family . . .

“Puhwark!”Xiao Rufeng’s emotions were too agitated which finally brought out his old injuries, spewing out a mouthful of blood.

“Big Brother!”


Xiao Changfeng and Xiao Ruyan hurriedly supported Xiao Rufeng, only to see his complexion ashen white, looking extremely frail.

“Father . . . Ruyan . . . s-sorry . . . I-It’s all . . . my fault!” The self-reproach in Xiao Rufeng’s heart could only be imagined.

“Don’t speak anymore. I’ll send people to bring you back to rest properly!” Xiao Changfeng said.

“Brother, don’t talk anymore. You’ve already done your best!” Xiao Ruyan’s tears streamed down.

But Xiao Rufeng shook his head obstinately and said, “No . . . I’m not going back. I . . . I want to see . . . the conclusion!”

“But . . . but . . .” Xiao Ruyan and her brother’s feelings were evidently very deep. Seeing Xiao Rufeng like this, her heart ached immensely.

Right at this moment, a palm reached out in front of her. A medicinal pill was held in the center of the palm.

Xiao Ruyan turned around to take a look. Who could it be but Ye Yuan?

“Let him eat it,” Ye Yuan said nonchalantly.

Xiao Ruyan lowered her head to take a look and could not help being greatly shocked, saying, “High . . . High-Grade Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill! Where did you get it from, Ji Qing?!”

“Don’t Xiao Family guest retainers have this authority? I went to ask for some medicinal herbs and took some time out these two days to refine it. Quickly let him eat it. If this continues, he’ll die,” Ye Yuan said coolly.

“Oh,okay, okay.” Xiao Ruyan hurried fed the medicinal pill to Xiao Rufeng.

Xiao Changfeng was also very astonished. The Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill was a pill formula held only by his Xiao Family. Moreover, it was not a complete version. How did Ye Yuan know?

Furthermore, this boy could actually refine a High-Grade Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill. This . . .

When the Xiao Family recruited Ye Yuan, what Ye Yuan refined was the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill, while the refining difficulty of the Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill was way greater compared to the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill.

With Xiao Ruyan’s strength, she only barely refined a low-grade. But Ye Yuan could refine a high-grade?

Perhaps . . . the Xiao Family had not reached the end of their ropes yet!

After Xiao Changfeng settled his son down, he came in front of Ye Yuan and said softly, “Little Brother Ji . . .”

But Ye Yuan interrupted his words and said, “No need to promise me anything. This battle, I’ll beat Tong Wenchang until he doesn’t have the confidence to refine pills anymore in the future!”

Ye Yuan’s words were very calm and did not sound like any heroic words. However, Xiao Changfeng felt a chill arise.

He sensed that Ye Yuan was not joking.

Except that . . . Ye Yuan, he was only a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster. Could he beat the Quasi-Alchemy King Tong Wenchang until he had no confidence to refine pills in the future?

This sounded rather comical no matter how one listened to it.

But regardless of what, Xiao Changfeng saw the final trace of hope. This was much better than despair!

To be able to refine a high-grade Vast Tuber Essence Stimulating Pill, maybe this Ji Qing could really contend with Tong Wenchang?

Over on the Xiao Family’s side, it was deathly quiet. Everyone was like a defeated rooster.

Towards Ye Yuan, they completely did not have any confidence at all. A Middle-Rank Alchemy Grandmaster versus a Quasi-Alchemy King. Are you kidding?

While at the Tong Family’s side, there was jubilation all around. Both sides formed a powerful contrasting difference.

“Hahaha!Well done, Wenshou!” Tong Wenchang hugged Tong Wenshou and said happily.

“Haha,just lucky. Fortunately, Xiao Rufeng is not at his optimal condition right now because he failed his assault on the Sea Transformation Realm.” Tong Wenshou was very low-profile.

“Oh,Wenshou, you don’t need to belittle yourself! I’m all too clear about Xiao Rufeng’s level. Even if he’s at his peak condition, he might not be able to beat you. Even if he’s stronger than you, he’s also not much stronger.”

Tong Wenshou nodded and said,“En.Next, it will be up to you, Wenchang!”

Tong Wenchang was delighted when he heard that. He said,“Heh heh,I already can’t wait to get up on stage! I’ve been annoyed at that punk long ago. This time, I’m going to let him know how medicinal pills are refined!”

Tong Wenshou smiled and said, “I heard that that punk is just a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster. With your strength, you can completely crush him! But Wenchang, you still have to be careful. The Xiao Family are not fools. Since they sent him out, he definitely has aspects surpassing others.”

But Tong Wenchang replied unconcernedly, “What aspects surpassing others can there be? I’ve long inquired clearly. This punk can only refine the Jade Dragon Heart Calming Pill. He can at most leap ranks to refine medicinal pills; it’s no big deal. If our realms were similar, I would really need to be a little careful. But he’s just a middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster; he’s too weak!”

Tong Wenshou smiled and did not refute. He knew that what Tong Wenchang said was right. He was also well aware of the degree of Tong Wenchang’s genius. It was impossible to lose to such a young middle-rank Alchemy Grandmaster.

Tong Wenshou’s talent was not poor. It could even be said to be very impressive.

But in the Tong Family, he had always been steadily pressed down a notch by Tong Wenchang who was even younger than him. The disparity between the two could be seen.

If Tong Wenchang could not even take care of a brat like this, then that would really be a joke.

At this time, Tong Fangshuo came over as well and said to Tong Wenchang, “Wenchang, take down that boy in on go, and let the Xiao Family thoroughly scram out of the capital! We’ve prepared for so many years. Today, the day of harvest has finally arrived!”

Tong Wenchang smiled and said, “Rest assured, Father. I’ll be right back!”

As he said, he kicked aside Du Cheng who was beside with one leg and walked into the battle arena.

And this scene similarly landed in Ye Yuan’s eyes!

Ye Yuan was very calm right now. But the calmer he was, the more it showed just how great his rage was at this present moment!

Tong Wenchang came before Ye Yuan and said with a wide grin, “Punk, when we were outside, you probably never even dreamt that your opponent would be me, right?Haha,don’t be afraid. I won’t leave any face for you!”

But Ye Yuan’s expression was calm as he said, “Hope that you can still laugh in a while.”

“I can’t laugh?Hahaha!What a hilarious joke! If you’re just amusing me, congratulations to you; you’ve done it! But I want to see if it’s you who can’t laugh in a while, or me who can’t laugh!” Tong Wenchang said with a proud look.

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